Post On-Campus/Work Study Jobs

Please post all your on-campus jobs through the Career Development Center. This is the most non-discriminatory method of hiring while protecting the integrity of the college Work Study program. Career Development will post available job openings in a binderand in a weekly email to the student body.

The employment process is as follows:

  • The Hiring Manager will submit the form below to notify Career Development of the On-Campus/Work Study job opening
  • Students will complete the application and turn a hard copy in to the Department where they want to be employed
  • Determine which applicants you will hire to fill vacant positions. Contact students to fill out any additional information your department may require, interview, etc. at your discretion. Remember, priority must be given to qualified students who are eligible for federal work-study! Questions regarding Work Study Eligible students can be directed to the Financial Aid Office at x6530
  • Once a hiring decision is made, have students fill out necessary paperwork:
    • If you are hiring a student who has PREVIOUSLY worked on campus: If they have not already turned this in to you, have student complete the one page Student Employment Application. The hiring supervisor then fills out the “Supervisor” sections and sends the completed applications to Human Resources.
    • If you are hiring a student who has NEVER worked at Geneva: Have student complete the entire New Hire Packet (available on-line or from HR), which includes the one page Student Employment Application (that may or may not have been turned in already) be sure the Supervisor section is completed and the hiring supervisor or representative has verified and seen original forms of I.D.′s for the I-9 form and attached a copy of the I.D.′s with the completed packet. The completed packet must be sent to Human Resources to process.
  • IMPORTANT: Students cannot work on campus (AT ALL) until the Hiring process is complete. This means completing and turning into HR the Student Employment Application, and the New Hire Packet if applicable.
  • The Hiring Manager will notify Career Development Center when posted positions have been filled so that the information can be pulled from the binder, weekly emails, and the web site.

If this procedure is followed correctly, the hiring process should go smoothly.

To begin the process, complete the On-Campus Job Posting Form below: