Student Ministry Course Descriptions

Student Ministry Course Description
Below we have listed for you course descriptions for the courses that make up the Student Ministry major. If you have questions, you may speak with one of the following professors who primarily teach in the major: Mr. Rich Grassel and Dr. Terry Thomas.

3 hours in Biblical Interpretation:
BIB 200 "How to Read the Bible" (3 hours) This course provides a general overview to the principles of interpretation.

3 hours in Gospel Studies:
BIB 312 "Gospel Studies" (3) In-depth study of one of the gospels. Repeatable. Prerequisite: BIB 112, 113, and 200 or permission of instructor.

3 hours in Old Testament Studies selected from:
BIB 301 "Old Testament Prophecy" (3) Theological and ethical content, with attention to the original life-settings and contemporary relevance of the prophetic literature. Repeatable. Prerequisite: BIB 112, 113, and 200 or permission of instructor.

BIB 302 "Wisdom Literature" (3) The wisdom tradition in Israel and the ancient Near East, with special emphasis on Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. Prerequisite: BIB 112, 113, and 200 or permission of instructor.

BIB 303 "Old Testament Studies" (3) Variable topics in the Old Testament. Gives opportunity to study the book of Psalms or a more in-depth examination of some of the Pentateuch or history books. Prerequisite: BIB 112, 113, 200 or permission of instructor.

3 hours in additional New Testament Studies selected from:
BIB 310 "Pauline Studies" (3) In-depth study of various epistles. Repeatable. Prerequisite: BIB 112, 113, 200 or permission of instructor.

BIB 314 "New Testament Studies" (3) Study various New Testament books not covered in other courses. Includes such courses as Hebrews, Revelation, and Acts. Repeatable. Prerequisite: BIB 112, 113, and 200 or permission of instructor.

3 hours of Adolescent Culture Studies:
MIN 319 "Contemporary Adolescent Culture" (3) A survey of the last forty years of American history investigating social trends and technology that have changed the nature of adolescence and must be considered as we attempt to evangelize teenagers. Prerequisite: BIB 113 or permission of the instructor.

3 hours in Theology selected from:
BIB 320 "Special Topics in Theology" (3) Variable theological topics. Repeatable.

BIB 322 "Calvin's Institutes" (3) A survey of the theological concepts in John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion with an introduction to the life and ministry of John Calvin. Prerequisites: BIB 112, 113, and 200.

BIB 325 "Biblical Theology" (3) Dominant motifs of biblical literature, emphasizing biblical texts, with some review of theological literature and methods. Prerequisite: BIB 112 and 113.

3 hours in Philosophy selected from:
PHI 202 "Augustine" (3) Study of Augustine's major works, including The City of God. First semester, alternate years.

PHI 206 "Aquinas" (3) Study of Aquinas' theory in Summa Theologica. Second semester, alternate years.

12 hours in Methods Studies:
MIN 210 "Evangelism" (3) A study of the Theology, the Theory and the Practice of Evangelism. Prerequisites: BIB 112 and BIB 113.

MIN 240 "Introduction to Student Ministry" (3) Consideration of the Biblical basis for a relational ministry, of the current high school scene, and of the leadership qualities, techniques, and insights required for working with adolescents, both the uncommitted and the church-nourished. First semester. Prerequisite: BIB 113 or permission of instructor.

MIN 241 "Methods of Student Ministry" (3) This course exposes students to the practical foundational elements and methods necessary for Student Ministry. Newsletters, Club Talks, Powerpoint, Field Research, Simulations and Cohort Presentations make up major portions of the class itself.

3 hours in additional Methods Studies selected from:
MIN 205 Christian Education in the Local Church" (3) Emphasis on principles essential for participation. First semester alternate years. Prerequisite: BIB 113 or permission of the instructor.

MIN 215 "Methods of Teaching the Bible" (3) Prerequisite: BIB 112, 113.

PSY 252 "Adolescent Development" (3) Physiological, psychological, social development, and educational aspects from the beginning of puberty to the attainment of maturity. Prerequisite: PSY 201.

3 hours in a Specialization Area:
MIN 244 "Introduction to Urban Ministry" (3) The purpose of this course is to encourage in students a love for God's cities and people of the cities by giving students an introduction to urban youth, culture, dilemmas, and ministry models. Spring semester.

MIN 245 "Christian Community Development" (3) This course is designed to help students learn how to interact with the broader community especially in the attempt to develop resources necessary for ministry to youth.

MIN 250 "Theory and Practice of Experiental Education" (3) The context of retreats, residence camps, conferences, tent camping, and tripping as it relates to youth ministry.

MIN 253 "Challenge Course Facilitation" (3) This class will develop in students the ability to assess a group′s need and design a challenge course experience to facilitate the necessary experience for growth. It will instruct and develop the personal and technical skills necessary to lead experiences that grasp meaning at its depth for various ages and purposes.

16 hours in Ministry Experience:
MIN 430 "Senior Seminar" (3) This course is dedicated to pulling all of the preliminary course work of the prior three years into one cohesive whole. Students will produce their own Student Ministry Manual--as well as complete, in a practical manner, their ability to articulate a wholistic, theoretical and Biblical approach to Student Ministry.

MIN 492 "Student Ministry Practicum" (4)
Note: two hours per course for two semesters; four hours total

MIN 493 "Student Ministry Internship" (9) Mentored student ministry experience in a church or ministry setting taken in one or two semesters.
Note: taken with MIN 430