Biblical Studies Minor

Why Minor in Biblical Studies?
Students pick up a minor in Biblical Studies for a variety of reasons. Some do so as a complement to another major in the department (Student Ministry, Christian Ministries, Philosophy). Other students pick up a minor in Biblical Studies because they want to be prepared to think "Biblically" about their chosen discipline that is outside the Bible Department (Chemistry, Business, Education, etc.). Still other students pick up a minor in Biblical Studies because they want to be better prepared to serve in the church as an educated layperson.

Overview of the Minor in Biblical Studies
18 hours (not including the three Bible courses required in the Core: BIB 112, 113, and 300)

3 hours of Biblical Studies courses selected from:
BIB 301 "Old Testament Prophecy" (3 hours)
BIB 302 "The Wisdom Literature" (3)
BIB 303 "Old Testament Studies" (3)
BIB 310 "Pauline Epistles" (3)
BIB 312 "Gospel Studies" (3)
BIB 314 "New Testament Studies" (3)
Or approved substitute

3 hours of Ministry Studies selected from:
MIN 205 "Christian Education in the Local Church" (3)
MIN 210 "Evangelism" (3)
MIN 215 "Methods of Teaching the Bible" (3)
MIN 219 "World Christian Movements" (3)

3 hours in Theology selected from:
BIB 325 "Biblical Theology" (3)
BIB 320 "Special Topics in Theology" (3)

3 hours in Church History:
BIB 350 "History of Christian Church" (3)

3 hours of Logic:
PHI 350 "Logic" (3)

3 hours of Philosophy selected from:
PHI 310 "Christian Understanding of Life" (3)
Any other Philosophy course approved by the department