Accounting Course Descriptions

ACC 251, 252 Accounting I, II (3,3) A two semester introduction to accounting. Economic events are examined from both an external financial reporting perspective and an internal management decision-making perspective. The role of accounting systems in organizations is emphasized. Prerequisite: BUS 110.

ACC 256 Managerial Accounting (3) Industrial accounting fundamentals with a managerial emphasis; process; job order; standard costs and direct costing; cost reports and control; budgets; cost analysis; profit planning; and the uses of cost accounting by management. Prerequisites: ACC 251 and BUS 241.

ACC 260 Accounting Systems (3) Develops an understanding of accounting as a system approach and the cycle of accounting. Topics include GAAP, concept of quality, procedures, standards, practices, and how the financial system channels and coordinates the flow of funds. Prerequisites: BUS 110, ACC 251, ACC 252.

ACC 357 Taxation (3) Underlying principles and concepts of income taxation as they relate to the preparation of federal income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, and corporations. Prerequisite: 12 hours in accounting.

ACC 361, 362 Intermediate Accounting (3, 3) Preparation of financial statements, inventory valuation, problems connected with plant assets, bonds, stocks, and cash flow with attention given to professional pronouncements. Prerequisite: ACC 260.

ACC 457 Auditing (3) Independent audit examinations and reports with emphasis on educational and moral qualifications of professional accountants. Includes introduction to management advisory services and statistical sampling. Prerequisites: eighteen hours in Accounting and BUS 241.

ACC 463 Advanced Accounting (3) Partnerships, consolidated statements, multinational accounting, bankruptcy, and other topics. Prerequisite: ACC 362.