Finance Minor Course Descriptions

ACC 251, 252 Accounting I, II (3,3) A two semester introduction to accounting. Economic events are examined from both an external financial reporting perspective and an internal management decision making
perspective. The role of accounting systems in organizations is emphasized. Prerequisite: BUS 110.

BUS 330 Principles of Finance (3) Principles of financial management. Course topics include ratio analysis, cash flow forecasting, leverage, working capital management, cost of capital, capital budgeting, and security types. Prerequisites: ACC 151, BUS 310, ECO 201.

BUS 331 Investments (3) Basic principles of investment suitable for the individual and for the various types of business organizations. Prerequisite: Junior standing. Course in Economics recommended.

ECO 201, 202 Principles of Economics (3, 3) Value and price, national income analysis, production, exchange, distribution and consumption, and an introduction to comparative economic systems. Includes both the micro- and macro-economic approaches. 201 every Fall, 202 every spring.

ECO 311 Money, Credit & Banking (3) Monetary system of the United States, the Federal Reserve System, and commercial banking. Second semester, alternate years. Prerequisite: ECO 201 or 100.