Computer Engineering Courses

CPE 220 Digital Systems (3) Boolean algebra, logic components, combinatorial and sequential system analysis and synthesis, number and coding systems; circuits, structure, and logical design of digital systems. Includes laboratory exercises and a design project using standard integrated circuits. Second semester.

CPE 230 Computer Architecture (3) Hardware configuration and organization of computing systems; functional components, bus systems, memory systems, input/output facilities, operating system support, instruction set design, comparison of RISC and CISC systems, instruction pipelining, hardwired and microprogrammed control. Cross-listed as CSC 230. First semester. Prerequisite: CPE 220.

CPE 303 Microprocessor Systems (3) A study of microprocessors and their peripheral components as central elements in a digital system. Includes machine architectures, instruction sets, peripheral interfacing, data acquisition and control. A semester design project is required. First semester. Prerequisite: CPE 220.

CPE 304 Advanced Digital Logic (3) Design and implementation of complex combinational and sequential digital systems. Topics include the VHDL hardware description language, programmable logic devices, CAD tools for design entry, simulation and synthesis, and rapid prototyping. A semester design project is required. Second semester. Prerequisite: CPE 303.

CPE 306 Software Engineering (3) Software process models, methodologies, tools and techniques to support the workflows of software development and maintenance. Other topics include testing, project management, team organization, reusability, portability, documentation, and planning. Large individual project. Cross-listed as CSC 306. Second semester. Prerequisite: CPE 230 or CSC 230.

CPE 333 Operating Systems (3) Computer operating system; operating system issues related to process management, storage management, I/O systems, distributed systems, protection and security. Cross-listed as CSC 333. First semester. Prerequisite: CPE 230 or CSC 230.

CPE 450 Networks (3) An introduction to data and telecommunication net working. Topics include: analog and digital signals, network topologies, n work protocols (TCP/IP), network operating systems, network hardware, frame types, the OSI model, LANs, WANs, the Internet, and ATM. Cross-listed as CSC 450. Second semester. Prerequisite: CPE 230 or CSC 230.

CPE 452 Computer Security (3) Introduction to security of computer systems and networks. Topics include network and host-based intrusion detection, firewalls, secure web filtering, spyware detection and removal, security vulnerabilities such as configuration management and patching issues, secure support of authorized users such as ID and access management, public key infrastructures (PKI), virtual private networks (VPN) and regulatory compliance issues. Cross-listed as CSC 452. Second semester. Prerequisite: CPE 450 or CSC 450.

CPE 490 Embedded Systems (3) Design and implementation of embedded microprocessor systems. Includes the use of micro-controllers and complex logic devices to implement digital systems. Topics include C++ and assembly language programming, data structures, I/O structures, and real time operating systems. Includes a semester design project. First semester. Prerequisite: CPE 304.

CPE 491 Special Study

CPE 493 Internship

CPE 494 Honors Course

CPE 495 Independent Study

CPE 499 Specialized Summer Course