Electrical Engineering Courses

ELE 213 Linear Systems (3) Characterization of linear systems in terms of differential and difference equations, superposition, convolution, transfer function and frequency response. Emphasis on continuous-time signals and systems. Specific topics include Fourier series and transforms, Laplace transforms and their application to electrical systems, sampling theory and aliasing. Second semester. Prerequisite: EGR 212.

ELE 305 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (4) Such topics as Coulomb′s Law, Gauss′s Law, energy and potential. Poisson′s and Laplace′s equations, the steady magnetic field, time-varying fields, and Maxwell′s equations. First semester. Prerequisites: PHY 202, MAT 405. Corequisite: MAT 261.

ELE 309 Electronic Devices and Circuits I (4) Introduction to the characteristics and circuit applications of diodes, field-effect and bipolar junction transistors and vacuum tubes. Includes energy band theory, graphical analysis, biasing, small-signal equivalent circuits, device modeling and computer simulation. Emphasis is on analysis and design of power supplies, small-signal amplifiers, power amplifiers, oscillators, and switching circuits. Laboratory exercises in design, simulation, and construction of circuits and measurements of their properties. First semester. Prerequisite: PHY 202 or EGR 212.

ELE 324 Electrical Machines (3) Energy, power transfer devices, magnetic circuits, transformer analysis, introduction to rotating machinery. Second semester. Prerequisite: EGR 212.

ELE 402 Communications Engineering (4) Amplitude, phase and frequency modulation, Fourier analysis and spectra, transmission and reception circuits, transmission line and antenna theory. Laboratory exercises in spectral analysis of modulated signals, communications circuits, and transmission line and antenna properties. Second semester. Prerequisite: ELE 305, EGR 316.

ELE 410 Electronic Devices and Circuits II (4) Continuation of ELE 309.

Topics include feedback theory, linear integrated circuits with emphasis on

operational amplifiers and their applications, SCR and Triac theory and applications,

tunnel diodes, optoelectronic devices, and switching power supplies.

Laboratory exercises in design, simulation, construction and measurement of

circuits. Second semester. Prerequisites: ELE 309, EGR 316.

ELE 440 Digital Signal Processing (3) Introduction to discrete signals and systems. Includes convolution, correlation, and Fourier transforms: sampling theorems and digital filters. Second semester. Prerequisite: EGR 316.

ELE 491 Special Study

ELE 493 Internship

ELE 494 Honors Course

ELE 495 Independent Study

ELE 499 Specialized Summer Course