Mechanical Engineering Courses

MEE 321 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies (3) A review and continuation of the deformable body topics of EGR 211. Bending, torsion, direct stress and transverse shear in beams; curved members; thin-walled members; combined stresses; experimental stress analysis using strain gauges; theories of failure; deflection of beams; statically indeterminate problems; elastic stability of columns; energy methods; introduction to plasticity. First semester. Prerequisites: MAT 261, EGR 211.

MEE 324 Kinematics of Mechanisms (3) Displacement, velocity, and acceleration analysis of linkage and cam mechanisms by graphical and analytical methods. Synthesis of mechanisms. gears and gear trains. First semester, alternate years (next offered fall 2007). Prerequisites: MAT 261, EGR 214.

fatigue, and wear failure. Applications to the design of shafting, bearings, gears, springs, and fasteners. Design optimization. First semester. Prerequisite: MEE 321.

MEE 405 Finite Element Methods (3) Formulation of discrete elements for structural and stress analysis. Variational theorems. Isoparametric elements. Heat conduction, elastic stability, vibration, fluid flow, magnetics, and optimization problems solved using professional software. Second semester. Prerequisite: MEE 321 or consent of the instructor.

MEE 410 Mechanical Vibration (3) Steady state and transient analysis of systems with a single or multiple degrees of freedom. Modal analysis and dynamic response of structures and machines. Introduction to the dynamics of continuous systems. Second semester. Prerequisites: MAT 261, MAT 405, EGR 214.

MEE 416 Design of Thermal Systems (4) Applications of thermodynamics. fluid dynamics, and heat transfer to the design of thermal systems such as power plants, solar energy systems, and HVAC systems. Extension to complex cycles, heat exchangers, and radiation heat transfer. Includes individual and team design problems as a major component. Second semester. Prerequisites: (EGR 314, 315) or (PHY 307, EGR 315) or (CHM 307, EGR 315).

MEE 417 Fluid Mechanics (4) Fluid propertiies and hydrostatics. Open Channel flow, compressible flow, pipe flow and pipe networks, pumps and turbomachinery, boundary layers, dimensional analysis, similitude, lift, and drag. First semester. Prerequisite: EGR 315.

MEE 418 Reacting Systems (3) Equilibrium and kinetics of reacting flows. Techniques involved in choosing a reactor to produce a desired product. Possible applications include chemical synthesis, combustion systems, incineration, and pollution control systems. Taught concurrently with CHE 401. First semester. Prerequisites: (CHM 221, EGR 314) or (CHM 221, CHM 307) or (CHM 221, PHY 307).

MEE 491 Special Study

MEE 493 Internship

MEE 494 Honors Course

MEE 495 Independent Study

MEE 499 Specialized Summer Course