Civil Engineering: Page Under Construction

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering ranks as one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It focuses on planning, designing, and constructing facilities essential to community development and improvement in both the public and private sectors. In developed countries civil engineers work to meet the challenges of pollution, deteriorating infrastructure, traffic congestion, energy demands, floods, earthquakes, urban redevelopment and community planning. In less developed countries civil engineers offer services to meet the challenges of building new infrastructure to supply clean water supply, reliable roads, irrigation of fertile but dry land, sanitary disposal of sewage, buildings for churches, schools, hospitals, orphanages, etc.

Civil engineers can serve to improve the quality of life so that people can hear the good news of Jesus Christ. When people have enough food to eat, have clean water to drink, and are free from common but preventable diseases, the distractions of mere existence subside and they can concentrate on knowing Him and live lives that bless others.

The illustration below summarizes the broad technical areas within civil engineering by the colored bars. The vertical rectangles represent the various functions that cross technical disciplines. The opportunities to serve seem unlimited for using the gifts and personality traits God has given each one.

Photos of projects that illustrate each of the seven major branches of civil engineering follow:


NASA Launch Complex 39, John F. Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida.

One of the largest buildings in the world in terms of its volume.

Water Resources:

Keowee Dam & Hydroelectric Station, Keowee-Toxaway Project, South Carolina.

Such facilities provide not only electricity but also flood control and recreation.


Alaska Pipe Line Project

The geotechnical engineer′s challenge on this project was to provide support for the heated pipeline but not melt the frozen tundra.


The environmental engineer works to provide clean water for drinking as shown here and also works to treat sewage to remove pollutants, to control air pollution, and to manage solid waste disposal.



Seven Mile Bridge, Intercoastal Waterway, Florida Keys

Surveying (now called Geomatics)

Surveyor using a total station to measure the location of control points for construction.