Computer and Electrical Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Have you benefited from the use of cell phones, compact disc payers, the internet and computers? Are you fascinated by high definition television, virtual reality systems or global positioning systems? Do you ever wonder how these systems work? All of these, as well as other devices which make our hi-tech world possible are the work of electrical and computer engineers.

The field of electrical engineering covers all aspects of technology dealing with electricity, especially the design and application of circuitry and equipment for power generation and distribution, machine control, communications and data processing. Electrical engineers are involved in a broad spectrum of activities such as the design and development of telecommunication networks, consumer electronics, control systems for space vehicles and robots, power generation and distribution systems and many aspects of the automotive industry. Modern marvels such as fiber optic networks, satellite communications, radar systems, neural networks and cell phones are all in the purview of electrical engineering. Electrical engineers work in the design, manufacture, testing and verification of such products.

Computer engineering specializes in the design, implementation and application of computers and other digital systems. Both hardware and software, as well as the interactions between them, are covered in this field. Computer engineers deal with the development of computing systems from microprocessors to personal computers, to workstations, mainframe computers and supercomputers; the servers and switches which support the internet as well as the implementation of the hardware and protocols for the telecommunications network. They are also involved in the design and implementation of operating systems and other software tools.

The fields of electrical and computer engineering cover a broad range of knowledge. For this reason, almost every industry employs electrical and computer engineers at some level.

Is God Calling Me to Electrical or Computer Engineering?

We cannot presume to discern God′s call for your life, but we can identify some indicators. Has He given you special skills and delight in mathematics? Are you interested in designing practical solutions to real-world needs? Has He given you a fascination and a curiosity for hi-tech systems? If so, you should prayerfully consider electrical or computer engineering.

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