Engineering Enthusiasm Contest

Back in March, we had our first "Sophomore Engineering Enthusiasm Contest." Contestants were given an hour to solve a really nasty problem. They were only allowed to report answers, and they were graded on the basis of how close they came to the right answers.

Hard at work
Why are you smiling, Trevor? This is hard!
Deep in thought

Why go through that pain? There was a $1,000 prize for the winner.

It took us a while, but we got around to having an award presentation on April 27. Dr. Kenneth Smith, President of Geneva College, dropped in to make presentations.

Dr. Ken Smith, President of Geneva College, presenting the award to David Bacon, 1st prize winner (David had picked up the $1,000 check earlier.)
Benjamin Roberts came so close to winning the contest that the Engineering Department decided to award him a 2nd prize of $200. Dr. James Gidley, Chair of the Engineering Department, presents the check to Benjamin, with Dr. Smith in the background.

For a look at the problem, try the link below: