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Why pursue a Criminal Justice major at Geneva?

At Geneva College, Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary experience, drawing from psychology, human services, sociology and political science. It is founded upon a Christian liberal arts core which helps students to think, reason and communicate well with others. Within all courses and teaching is the thread of Christian integration, which provides a caring, Biblical basis for life and justice.

Geneva’s Criminal Justice major uniquely prepares students to serve as experts and leaders in law enforcement and legal professions, with an understanding of compassionate service in a local, regional, or national context.

Based on a Christ-centered redemptive approach, Geneva prepares 

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students to serve their fellow men and women through compassionate service. The aim is for students to develop into community leaders who understand service to God and neighbor, working toward building the Kingdom of God in their local or national context.

Seniors in the Criminal Justice major experience an intensive criminal justice internship at a local agency, as well as participate in a seminar on professional ethics.

As a Christian in law enforcement, I was able to show people that they could live a fruitful life if they took the needed steps. People can grab onto real hope when we offer it. It's very special that at Geneva, we're able to teach a Christ-centered redemptive approach that can make a vast difference when it comes to criminal justice.” - Dr. Millie Johnson, Geneva's Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

What degree would I receive?

B.S. in CRIMINAL JUSTICE — Prepares students to serve as community leaders who understand compassionate service and will holistically work toward building the Kingdom of God in a local or national context.

Academic Organization

Criminal Justice Club

What are some classes I might take at Geneva?

Courses for your Criminal Justice major will include:

  • Criminal Justice Systems
  • Criminal Investigations and Procedures
  • Restorative Justice
  • Community Intervention and Special Populations
  • Personality Psychology
  • Psychology of Prejudice


What can I do with a Criminal Justice degree at Geneva?

Your bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice can help you pursue a number of careers, including:

  • Police Officers
  • Probation officers
  • Behavioral counselors
  • Fraud Examiners
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Security Management Specialists
  • Investigators or officers with the FBI, CIA, DEA, or other government agencies

The outlook is promising for those who graduate from the Criminal Justice program at Geneva, although prospects differ based preference for the public or private sector. In this positional description from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), police officers and detectives earned a median income of $60,270 in 2015. Those working for the federal government earned annual wages of $101,700. Currently, employment prospects in the public sector are most promising in Texas, California, New York and Pennsylvania.

Key Experienced and Accomplished Faculty

Mildred Johnson
Associate Professor
Diana Rice
Stephanie Schindel
Assistant Professor
Terri Williams

What internship opportunities might be available through Geneva?

Some common internship oppurtunities for Geneva students include:

  • Beaver County Rehabilitation Center
  • Local law enforcement
  • Beaver County Jail
  • Allegheny County Coroner's Office
Christian College of Distinction
Geneva is named a Christian College of Distinction, affirming the school's dedication to high-quality academics founded on the inerrant truth of God's word.

of Geneva graduates have jobs or are in graduate school one year after graduation.