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Why choose to start with an undeclared major at Geneva?

You don’t have to come in with a major in mind to get off to a good start at Geneva College. Whether you’ve chosen a major or not, we encourage students to engage in focused academic exploration, programs and support services. Services for students who have not declared a major can begin the moment they consider Geneva College as a potential college choice. 

I originally came into Geneva as an undeclared freshman. I ended up taking a COM 101 class and it really piqued my interest. I didn’t know what Public Relations was at the time, but I knew God would be able to use me in any major. So, I wasn’t afraid to try my hand at new skills, hobbies and interests.” Jocelyn, Public Relations and Independent Spanish Graduate


What opportunities for exploration are offered at Geneva?

  • Career Development Center
  • Career assessment
  • Professional organizations
  • On- and off-campus work
  • Study abroad programs
  • Electives
  • Independent study
  • Alumni networking
  • Volunteering
  • Campus organizations
  • Internships
It’s a privilege to help students discover their gifts and calling, along the exciting journey of their life. We use a number of resources in this process, and continually refine what we’re doing.” Cara Fulton, Director of Career Development Center

What programs and services are available for undeclared majors at Geneva?

At Geneva College, we know students are eager to discover God’s will for their lives, spiritually, educationally and for their career futures. That’s why we offer a number of advising services and programs to help undeclared majors explore their options, from help with homework to career development opportunities.

Academic Advising—Meet with faculty advisors who work specifically with undeclared students in exploring courses compatible with their interests.

Upon enrollment, more focused advising and support services are available. Undeclared students meet with advisors for intentional academic advising. Advisors seek to engage undeclared students in exploration courses compatible with their interests. This advising process is often available during preview weekends, campus visits and orientation week.

Learning and Transition—Take a course with a calling and vocation curriculum to help first-year students assess their gifts, talents and abilities while connecting them with academic and vocational options.

Our Learning and Transition (L&T) course for first-year students also addresses issues related to adjusting and transitioning into college life. Students are grouped according to major. Undeclared students are intentionally placed with specific faculty advisors that serve undeclared students. This L&T course offers a calling and vocation curriculum helping students assess their gifts, talents and abilities while connecting them with academic and vocational options. Identity formation, vocation exploration & decision-making will be stressed throughout the freshmen year in this program.

Career Development Center—Services provided by the career development office include personalized career counseling and career assessment.

The Career Development Center also offers many programs and services to help students in their exploration. Some of the services include personalized career counseling, an in-depth career assessment, occupational information, internship information, job search assistance, and graduate school preparation. Programs are offered throughout the year focusing on helping students to explore, be equipped, and follow their vocational calling and life pursuits.

Am I the only one without a major?

No. Many Geneva College students arrive undecided. As a matter of fact, about 10% of our students enroll without declaring a major. Of those who do have a major when they start, more than half will change programs at some point during their college careers. Geneva encourages all students to engage in focused academic exploration. And we come alongside you with programs and support services to help you discover God’s calling.

There’s absolutely no pressure to select a major right away. For many majors, you can wait until the end of your sophomore year before declaring a major and still have the opportunity to complete your degree in four years. Plus, you have the option of designing and pursuing an Independent major if you discover a unique calling through the exploration process.

Key Experienced and Accomplished Faculty

Susan Layton
Assistant Professor of Communication and Communication Disorders, Communication Department Chair
Jonathan Watt
Professor of Biblical Studies and Chair, Department of Bible Christian Ministries and Philosophy
Byron Curtis
Professor of Biblical Studies
Richard Talbert
Associate Professor, Integrated Media
Daniel Williams
Professor of English

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