Geneva College COVID-19 Update (May 2020)

Geneva College COVID-19 Update (May 2020)

Geneva College COVID-19 Update for Current Students

Last updated: 5/8/2020

From the Office of the President

MAY 2020

When Geneva College suspended on-campus operations in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to return as soon as possible. Since then, the conditions for education have changed dramatically, and are projected to continue to impact the 2020-21 school year. Nevertheless, we anticipate a fruitful year ahead. Our goal is to make Geneva the safest place we can be away from home.

Fall Semester Prep: Plans to Resume Education On Campus

The College is preparing to welcome students back to campus for the fall semester. The strength of a Geneva education stands on “life-on-life” instruction with the faculty, conversation in the dining hall, participation in student activities—living together pro Christo et patria in community. We do not know what course COVID-19 might take, but we are preparing to begin together, in person, on campus.

Instructional Flexibility

To ensure educational continuity, the College Faculty is working to deliver a strong academic curriculum through flexible course design. We plan to follow the established academic calendar emphasizing real-time, personal instruction on campus or remote as conditions permit. Our plans will secure a stable academic platform, built to adapt as conditions change. Flexible courses will permit at-risk students and faculty to continue in the academic community, even if conditions call for “hybrid” operation.

Technology Upgrades

The College is remodeling our technological architecture and infrastructure. We are investing in next generation hardware, software, and cybersecurity for faculty and staff to offer better digital support across the ministry of education. We will also specify hardware, software, and networking requirements for students to optimize their personal educational technology. Alumni and friends of the College have donated funds to support students who need assistance to obtain necessary upgrades.

Student Activities and Athletics

The College is preparing for the fall athletic season with the Presidents’ Athletic Conference. Sports, music ensembles, and other student gatherings present the greatest challenges for COVID-19 safety measures. We want to offer these activities to the greatest degree possible. We expect that they will look and feel quite different than in our pre-COVID-19 experience.

Standards for Campus Protocols

To make Geneva the safest place we can be away from home will require all of us to change our expectations for how to live together on campus. Some protocols will demand more than others, but we will all need to be vigilant and charitable toward one another. We will need to follow our Lord Jesus Christ with great care; thinking of others as more significant than ourselves; seeking the good of others, not our own good; and outdoing one another in demonstrating honor. As a real school, we will have varied opinions on how best to proceed. But we will follow a course together that relies on established guidelines of health and safety to prepare campus facilities and protocols for COVID-19 conditions. *

Commonwealth COVID-19 Code: Red-Yellow-Green

Pennsylvania Governor Wolf ultimately will determine whether COVID-19 conditions permit classroom instruction. The College must be within a “Green” COVID-19 zone within the state for school to proceed on campus. We also recognize that, depending on COVID-19 conditions in their own regions, some students may not have the option to return to campus for the start of the fall semester. Our contingency plan for instructional flexibility is designed to accommodate and support students in such situations.

An Information Session to Address COVID-19 Update Questions

We know that you may have questions about this information, so we are holding a virtual COVID-19 Update Session for returning students and parents on Thursday, May 14 from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. We will address all of the questions submitted personally. In the meeting, we will give priority to the most commonly-asked questions.

The Information Session will be a ZOOM meeting, with prior registration necessary. You can sign up for the meeting at

Please submit questions on the COVID-19 Update to:

* COVID-19 Guidelines for Colleges & Universities:

PA Stages for Opening


American College Health Association (ACHA)


Centers for Disease Control—Higher Education Guidelines


National Athletic Trainers Association