Esther L. Meek


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Disciplines/Field of Instruction

  • Philosophy, Humanities
  • Core Studies (Critical Thinking)

Degrees Received

  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Temple University, 1985 (Dissertation: Contact with Reality: An Examination of Realism in the Work of Michael Polanyi (Joseph Margolis, supervisor))
  • M.A., Humanities/Philosophy, Western Kentucky University, 1976
  • B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies/Philosophy, Cedarville College, 1975

Courses Taught

  • PHI 310 - Christian Understanding of Life
  • HUM 303 - Perspectives: Faith, Culture, Identity (Course Coordinator)
  • PHI 110 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI 100 - Critical Thinking
  • PHI 206 - Aquinas
  • PHI 305 - Contemporary Philosophy: The Analytic Tradition
  • PHI 306 - Post Modern Philosophers
  • PHI 308 - Contemporary Philosophy: The Continental Tradition
  • PHI 353 - Philosophy of Science
  • PHI 355 - Philosophy for Theology
  • PHI 356 - Knowledge and Reality
  • PHI 410 - Senior Seminar
  • PHI 491 - Women Philosophers


  • The Practices of a Healthy Church: Biblical Strategies for Vibrant Church Life and Ministry, Donald J. MacNair with Esther L. Meek. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing Company (1999).
  • Longing to Know: The Philosophy of Knowledge for Ordinary People. Chicago: Brazos Press, 2003.
  • Loving to Know: Introducing Covenant Epistemology. Eugene, OR: Cascade Press, 2011.
  • A Little Manual for Knowing. Eugene, OR: Cascade Press, 2014.
  • Current project: Contact with Reality: Michael Polanyi’s Realism and Why it Matters. Eugene, OR: Cascade Press, forthcoming 2017.

Some Recent Publications

  • “A Reformed View of Life and Learning: Covenant Epistemology.” In Gary W. Jenkins and Jonathan Yonan, eds., Liberal Learning and the Great Christian Traditions. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2015.
  • “Honoring True Otherness in a Still-Antipluralist Culture.” In Scott W. Sondquist and Amos Yong, eds., The Gospel and Pluralism Today: Reassessing Lesslie Newbigin in the 21st Century. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2015.
  • Book Review of Dana Wright, et al., The Logic of the Spirit: Essays on the work of James Loder. Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical XLII: 2 (2015-16), 61-66.
  • “Review of Neil Gascoigne and Tim Thorton, Tacit Knowledge.” Notre Dame Philosophical Review,

Recent Events

  • “A Little Manual for Knowing.” Interview with Ken Myers, Mars Hill Audio, Fall 2014
  •  “A How-To for Knowing (Ad)ventures and Surprising Self-Discovery.” Summer Institute course on my work, at The Seattle School for Theology and Psychology, Seattle, WA, May 21-23, 2015
  • “Culture Care and Covenant Epistemology.” Fujimura Institute Fellow Presentation, Artist Makoto Fujimura’s Culture Care Summit, Cairn University, Philadelphia, PA, June 21-23, 2015
  • “Covenant Realism: The Love at the Core of All Things.” Plenary Speaker for the Annual Meetings of the American Scientific Association, Tulsa, OK, July 24-26, 2015
  •  “Inviting the Real: Epistemology for Artists and other Knowers.” Keynote Lectures for Dallas Theological Seminary’s Arts Conference, October 20-25, 2015. The event also included meeting with a class all week, Q&A with Seminary Faculty, podcast interview, book signings, and multiple personal appointments with students and faculty. Four videos at
  • Podcast Interview with David Peck, Sochangenow, February 2, 2016.
  • “Inviting the Real for Artists and Other Knowers.” Special Lecture, Culture House, Kansas City, KS, September 10, 2016

Current Projects

  • Completion of Contact with Reality

Affiliations, e.g., membership in professional organizations

  • Evangelical Philosophical Society (2004-present)
  • Society of Christian Philosophers (2002-present)
  • Polanyi Society (1990-present; member of Board)

Other Professional and Community Service

  • With Robert Frazier, organizes and hosts the Annual Dr. Byron I. Bitar Memorial Lectures
  • Vice-Chair, Board of Aliquippa Impact, Aliquippa, PA
  • Advisory Council, Uncommon Grounds Café, Aliquippa, PA
  • Visiting Professor of Apologetics, Redeemer Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX
  • Fujimura Institute Fellow