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Degrees Received

  • Ph.D. Social Foundations of Education, 2002, University of Pittsburgh
  • S.T.M. International Christian Studies, 1983, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • M.Div., 1977, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • B.A. Social Science, 1973, Geneva College

Current Projects

  • City House—

    This is an ongoing project launched 10 years ago with colleague Wendy Van Wyhe, Director. The project explores the role of students living in a mixed income, mixed age and mixed race neighborhood. Ten students experience a living/learning community built on principles of the deep tradition of Christian Community.

  • Beaver Falls Community Development Corporation—In 2013 Frey, three former students and a city councilman launched a CDC to try and help with the renovation of the city. Current project include the restoration of the deteriorated News Tribune Building, Neighborhood of Hope and Spaced in Between.
  • The Mill Town Institute—A new initiative of local scholars to try and understand the history and cultures of postindustrial mill towns and their deep connection to local identities and institutions.

Courses Taught

Sociology Department:

  • Society
  • American Culture Studies
  • International Justice
  • Social Change
  • Black Culture in the U.S.

M.A. in Higher Education:

  • History of Higher Education
  • Diversity in Higher Education
  • Sociology of Higher Education


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  • Frey, Bradshaw.  United Presbyterians and Apartheid: A Clash of American Ideologies,@ S.T.M. Thesis, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 1983.

Awards & Distinctions

  • 1986 Peter J. Steen Memorial Award for Excellence in Campus Ministry, Presented by the CCO, Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2004 Excellence in Teaching Award, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA.

Affiliations, e.g., membership in professional organizations, etc.

  • Bread For the World
  • Citizens for Public Justice
  • First Presbyterian Church, Beaver Falls, PA
  • Appalachian Studies Association
  • Christian Community Development Association