Danielle Davis (ADP ’07, MSOL ’11) - Geneva College, a Christian College in Pennsylvania (PA)

Danielle Davis (ADP ’07, MSOL ’11)

Danielle Davis

Danielle Davis

Major: Organizational Leadership
Profession: Unknown

Danielle Davis (ADP ’07, MSOL ’11) had a long-time entrepreneurial spirit and drive to start her own business. With the help of a trusted advisor, she realized that she needed some essential skills to bring her best to her business. She chose to complete a degree in Geneva’s Adult Degree Program (ADP) while taking care of her two children and working fulltime.

While a business degree made sense, God led Danielle in another way. “I felt like God was calling me to ministry,” she says. The pursuit of a community ministry degree fit her plans best when she considered that all of her business ventures were in the area of social services, and it would help to fulfill her desire to serve others. She graduated in 2007 hoping to get to work.

But then God presented another clear call when she learned about Geneva’s master’s degree in leadership (previously Master’s in Organizational Leadership and now in Leadership Studies) from which she graduated in 2011. Although intimidated about getting an advanced degree at first, Danielle says that her classmates and caring professors provided the support she needed. During the program she got a new job at the Micro-Business Institute where she could apply the skills and knowledge she was learning to help those in poverty.

Danielle’s career continued to progress through several other social service jobs where her Geneva leadership skills came into play. She reached a point where she was once again able to follow her passions of helping the poor and to be an entrepreneur in re-establishing her own consulting business, Davis Consulting Solutions.

Today, Danielle continues to find joy in her business, in her calling, and in life-long learning. She recently enrolled in a Ph.D. program for business leaders in community engagement, and she believes that Geneva’s ADP and graduate program have prepared her well. She explains that the scriptural foundation and passionate teachers allowed her to grow in her faith while building marketplace skills. “I love Geneva,” she says.