Stephanie Poe, PhD '06

Stephanie Poe, PhD '06

Stephanie Poe

Stephanie Poe, PhD '06

Major: Biology and Chemistry
Immunologist & Nonprofit Founder

Stephanie Poe (’06) graduated magna cum laude from Geneva College earning bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Chemistry and was admitted directly into a doctoral program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, where she earned her Ph.D. in Biomedical Research.  

Today, Stephanie is making her impact as an immunologist and as a founder and the clinical director of the High Reliability Organization Council (HROC), a healthcare nonprofit. She is also a business owner, wife and mother. She credits her Geneva experience with preparing her for success. 

“My education at Geneva prepared me in a number of ways,” she explains. “It definitely prepared me well for grad school and for life. All of the professors profess faith; they love the Lord and that comes through in their teaching. They taught me to think about how to problem-solve. And that is something that I carried with me in graduate school.”

Stephanie’s time at Geneva was not all work and no play. She was also a two-sport athlete and built long-lasting relationships with fellow students and also with engaged professors.  At Geneva, she learned to see the beauty and order of the Creator in every aspect of the world and how her faith and science worked perfectly together.

“At Geneva, faith is everything,” Stephanie declares. “If I didn’t think that the way a cell develops is consistent and has a purpose, I couldn’t perform my experiments the way that I do.” 

Geneva has had an impact on Stephanie and now she is able to make an impact on the world.

She summarizes, “Geneva is where you can get a quality education; where the professors are going to push you and teach you to learn, not just teach you information. It’s where everyone works together in your best interest.”