2009-10 Annual Report - Geneva College, a Christian College in Pennsylvania (PA)

Annual Report 2009-2010

A Message from the President

When the 2008-09 Annual Report was published, I stated that we were looking forward to a strong recovery following the downturn in enrollment in the fall of 2009. God truly is faithful to His followers and we at Geneva place our trust in His promise: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11).

As we present the financial information for the 2009-10 fiscal year, I am pleased to share the news that God blessed our endeavors for the 2010-11 academic year. The enrollment team met the challenges brought by the recession

and Geneva welcomed 478 new students to campus this fall, exceeding our target enrollment of 450. Of those new students, 412 were freshman, making this freshman class what we believe to be the largest in Geneva's 163-year history.

However, this blessing of growth in students is accompanied by the challenges of a proportionate growth in need. While the resultant increase in income from tuition improves the college's financial standing, it is only a portion of what is necessary to meet the increasing demands of a growing student body — maintaining and improving our facilities, offering innovative academic programs, and providing academic and need-based scholarships and grants. Add to that a larger-than-desired student discount rate, and the college continues to face budgeting challenges.

God uses hardships, as well as blessings, to bring about change and shape us according to His will. I praise the Lord for His faithfulness to Geneva.

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything" (James 1:2-4).

I would like to thank you for your commitment to Geneva College. Yours is an essential role in helping realize God's plan for our institution and I pray that you will continue to partner with us in addressing both the challenges and opportunities that God sets before us. May God be glorified and Christ's kingdom be furthered through our effort.


Kenneth A. Smith, Ph.D.

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2010 2009
  Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total
Tuition and fees $35,199,609 - - $35,199,609 $34,258,202 - - $34,258,202
Discretionary discounts (11,013,732) - - (11,013,732) (10,038,952) - - (10,038,952)
Funded scholarships (860,704) - - (860,704) (952,953) - - (952,953)
Net Tuition 23,325,173 - - 23,325,173 23,266,297 - - 23,266,297
Grants 1,051,004 - - 1,051,004 1,303,546 $574,861 - 1,878,407
Contributions 1,766,592 $434,098 $801,242 3,001,932 1,040,778 1,209,895 $985,290 3,235,963
Investment income 148,718 578,786 - 727,504 204,781 461,125 - 665,906
Auxiliary enterprises 7,029,693 - - 7,029,693 6,993,778 - - 6,993,778
Other income 848,019 - - 848,019 734,376 - - 734,376
Total Income 34,169,199 1,012,884 801,242 35,983,325 33,543,556 2,245,881 985,290 36,774,727
Net assets released from restrictions 1,841,959 (1,656,384) (185,575) - 2,008,062 (2,432,830) 424,768 -
Total Income And Releases 36,011,158 (643,500) 615,667 35,983,325 35,551,618 (186,949) 1,410,058 36,774,727
Program services                
Instruction 14,943,001 - - 14,943,001 14,503,647 - - 14,503,647
Academic support 2,613,867 - - 2,613,867 2,580,255 - - 2,580,255
Student services 7,883,121 - - 7,883,121 7,610,943 - - 7,610,943
Auxiliary enterprises 6,372,749 - - 6,372,749 6,471,107 - - 6,471,107
Total Program Services 31,812,738 - - 31,812,738 31,165,952 - - 31,165,952
Supporting services                
Institutional support 2,990,225 - - 2,990,225 2,823,576 - - 2,823,576
Development and communications 1,056,664 - - 1,056,664 1,303,710 - - 1,303,710
Total Supporting Services 4,046,889 - - 4,046,889 4,127,286 - - 4,127,286
Total Expenses 35,859,627 - - 35,859,627 35,293,238 - - 35,293,238
Total Unrestricted Operating Results 151,531 - - 151,531 258,380 - - 258,380
Changes in temporarily restricted and permanently restricted net assets before other changes in net assets - (643,500) 615,667 (27,833) - (186,949) 1,410,058 1,223,109
TOTAL 151,531 (643,500) 615,667 123,698 258,380 (186,949) 1,410,058 1,481,489
Actuarial adjustment on annuities - (82,088) 85,024 2,936 - (336,313) (205,252) (541,565)
Realized and unrealized net gain (loss)
on investments
312,686 2,527,857 - 2,840,543 (842,660) (6,326,526) - (7,169,186)
Total Other Changes In Net Assets 312,686 2,445,769 85,024 2,843,479 (842,660) (6,662,839) (205,252) (7,710,751)
Changes In Net Assets 464,217 1,802,269 700,691 2,967,177 (584,280) (6,849,788) 1,204,806 (6,229,262)
NET ASSETS                
Beginning of year $15,227,592 18,800,113 14,597,907 48,625,612 15,811,872 25,649,901 13,393,101 54,854,874
Adjustment for endowed funds
with deficiencies
(149,318) 149,318 - - - - - -
End of year $15,542,491 $20,751,700 $15,298,598 $51,592,789 $15,227,592 $18,800,113 $14,597,907 $48,625,612
2010 2009
Cash and cash equivalents $3,736,462 $4,563,984
Student accounts receivable, net of allowance of $220,000 and $203,000, respectively 563,092 583,782
Pledges receivable, net of allowance of $170,000 and $24,000, respectively 735,950 869,426
Notes receivable net of allowance of $325,000 for each year 2,619,852 2,497,978
Other receivables 228,434 372,484
Investments 27,425,663 25,430,176
Other assets 848,299 914,048
Land, buildings and equipment, net 36,865,639 37,869,871
Cash surrender value of life insurance 367,503 359,726
Perpetual trusts held by third parties 3,415,833 3,244,024
Total Assets $76,806,727 $76,705,499
Accounts payable and accrued expenses $2,005,786 $3,278,247
Deposits and deferred income 1,601,747 1,980,292
Notes and bonds payable 17,704,397 18,874,787
Refundable federal student loan funds 1,789,656 1,812,546
Annuities and life income trusts payable 1,623,562 1,614,342
Postretirement benefit obligation 488,790 519,673
Total Liabilities 25,213,938 28,079,887
Unrestricted 15,542,491 15,227,592
Temporarily restricted 20,751,700 18,800,113
Permanently restricted 15,298,598 14,597,907
Total Net Assets 51,592,789 48,625,612
Total Liabilities And Net Assets $76,806,727 $76,705,499
2010 2009
Changes in net assets $2,967,177 $(6,229,262)
Adjustments to reconcile changes in net assets to net cash provided by operating activities:  
Depreciation 2,815,060 2,459,654
Contributions restricted for investment in endowment (801,242) (985,290)
Realized and unrealized net (gain) loss on investments (2,840,543) 7,169,186
Perpetual trusts held by third parties (171,809) 1,087,212
Actuarial gain on annuity obligations (544,501) (13,415)
Change in allowance for doubtful accounts 163,217 (149,835)
Changes in assets and liabilities:    
Accounts and notes receivable 323,343 (72,104)
Cash surrender value of life insurance (7,777) 82,353
Pledges receivable 280,345 (112,410)
Other assets 209,799 632,482
Accounts payable and accrued expenses 48,895 598,953
Deposits and deferred income (378,545) (347,331)
Postretirement benefit obligation (30,883) (52,994)
Annuities and life income trust payable 9,220 (478,652)
Refundable federal student loan funds (22,890) (7,252)
Net Cash Provided By Operating Activities 2,018,866 3,581,295
Acquisition of fixed assets (3,132,184) (5,623,461)
Proceeds from sale of investments 13,173,796 29,252,755
Purchases of investments (12,353,980) (27,028,144)
Loans issued to students (485,909) (473,305)
Collection on loans issued to students and others 321,037 332,525
Net Cash Used In Investing Activities (2,477,240) (3,539,630)
Proceeds from contributions restricted for investment in endowment 801,242 985,290
Repayment of principal on notes and bonds payable (1,170,390) (1,115,347)
Net Cash Used In Financing Activities (369,148) (130,057)
Net Decrease In Cash And Cash Equivalents (827,522) (88,392)
Beginning of year 4,563,984 4,652,376
End of year $3,736,462 $4,563,984
Cash paid during the year for interest $852,000 $879,000
There was no interest capitalized for the years ended May 31, 2010 and 2009.
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The John Black Johnston Society

The John Black Johnston Society honors those who have invested at least $500,000 in the promise of Geneva College.


With extraordinary vision and faith, John Black Johnston, a Reformed Presbyterian pastor, founded Geneva College as Geneva Hall on April 20, 1848 in Northwood, Ohio. Geneva opened with two faculty and 42 students, with Johnston serving as the first President.


Having moved to Beaver Falls, Pa., in 1880, Geneva College today flourishes through the remarkable faithfulness and leadership of men and women like President Johnston. God has blessed the faith and work of many people to make Geneva's Christ-centered mission a continuing reality.


To those named here, who have given of their time, talent and treasure at such bold levels, in the spirit that inspired John Black Johnston, we dedicate this tribute with gratitude as an example to all generations of Genevans to come.


Members of the John Black Johnston Society

Anonymous (3)

Ralph B. & Sarah J. Alexander

John & Emma C. Blandford

William E. & Rita L. Conrady

Charles W. & Joanne D. Denko

Paul E. & Dollena K. Drane

Florus W. & Esther B. Gordon

Richard R. Hammond

Eugene F. & Margaret Moltrup Jannuzi

Joseph & Beth R. Lamont

William & Blanche Cook Lushear

Earle R. & Cecil S. MacLaughlin

W. Clair & Melba Brown Merriman

Peirce Family Foundation

Charles W. & Elda V. Perz

William E. & Evelyn P. Rapp

Alfred & Blanche Seraphine

The Lilly Endowment, Inc.

The Pew Charitable Trusts

United States Steel Foundation Inc.

James I. & Marjean W. Wallover

Paul E. & Rachel W. White

Matthew J. & Anne C. Wilson


Tower Society

The Tower Society, founded in 2000 A.D., recognizes and honors those individuals, foundations, businesses, organizations and corporations that have made lifetime gifts of $25,000 or more to Geneva College. Their philanthropic leadership demonstrates a shared commitment to excellence in Christian higher education. On behalf of the many students who have already benefitted from their generosity and for generations of students to come, we express sincere gratitude.

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV)

Anonymous (5)

D. Ross & Clara Adams

Roy M. & Madelyn W. Adams

George H. & Alberta C. Adamson

Aetna Foundation

Donald H. & Donna J. Alben

Alcoa Foundation

Ralph B. & Sarah J. Alexander

William M. & Ruth M. Allison

Charles A. & Marie J. Anderson

James T. & Helen H. Anderson

Applied Energy Services, Inc.

ARCO Foundation

Armco Foundation

Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Robert W. & Hazel M. Auxier

Ayco Charitable Foundation

B. R. A. V. E. Riders

Babcock and Wilcox Company

Barry G. & Virginia H. Badger

Michael Baker Corporation

Michael Baker Corporation Foundation

Dennis W. & Eileen Bakke

Lillie R. Balph

Gerald R. Bartolomucci

Beaver County Corporation

for Economic Development

Joseph M. & Marcia S. Behun

Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania

Ben Franklin Partnership

Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

Todd S. Benning

Andrew M. and Jane A. Bernard

John & Emma C. Blandford

J. Wendell Blevins, M.D.

James L. Bowers

Elizabeth H. Brandon

Dr. & Mrs. Robert I. Brandt

Harry & Esther Park Brayton

Harold T. & Doris J. Bricker

Charles A. Brockmiller

Brooks Foundation

D. & T. Brooks, Inc.

John H. Brooks & Sons, Inc.

J. Douglas & Mildred E. Brooks

Viola M. Brooks

Broomall R. P. Church

Carl Wood Brown

Ida Brownfield

Harold A. & Lucille D. Bruce

Francis S. & Dorothy I. Buck

The Buhl Foundation

Gertrude T. Campbell

Anna-Mary Carpenter

David M. & Margaret W. Carson

Floyd H. & Lucile D. Carson

Norman M. & Beverly M. Carson

John & Virginia K. Carver

G. Reynolds & Linda W. Clark

William E. & Linda L. Clark

Edwin C. & Agnes T. Clarke

Robert T. & Marylynn M. Clarke

John W. & Jane P. Colavincenzo

College Hill R. P. Church

Colt Industries, Inc.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania

William E. & Rita L. Conrady

Consolidated Natural Gas Company Foundation

Earle M. & Margaret Peters Craig Charitable Trust

Louis E. Creighton

David J. Crozier, Sr.

William J. & Susan W. Cutri

Clayton C. & Jane S. Daley

Paul G. & Beatrice J. Daubenspeck

William R. & Lois N. Davie

E. J. Deal

S. J. Deal

S. M. Deal

Carolyn Edgecombe Deming

Charles W. & Joanne D. Denko

Douglas & Katharine McMillan Dennis

DeSanzo Family Foundation

Hattie Dodds DeVries

Blair I. & Ruthalene F. DeYarmin

Fred W. Dixon

Max & Marjorie M. Doriani

John A. & Ruth A. Douds

W. Leslie & Jean Douglas

Paul & Dollena K. Drane

Delos D. & W. Grace Duff

Cedric E. & Martha G. Dunn

Dorothy G. Dunn

James K. & Bessie I. Dunn

Duquesne Light Company

Elizabeth Shade Earney

J. D. & Lucile D. Edgar

John O. & Ida L. Edgar

John P. & Carol M. Edgar

David A. Edgecombe

Charles & Joanna Mae Edie

S. Gertrude Edwards

Dr. Thomas L. & Theresa Love-Edwards

Ellwood Group, Inc.

Telford F. & Mary Elizabeth Eppley

Ernst & Young Foundation

Robert J. Evans

Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh

William E. Feisley

Fellowship Homes, Inc.

William R. Flinn II

Ira M. & Emma L. Flocker

Joan M. Florio

The Ford Foundation

Ford Motor Company

Foundation for Independent Colleges, Inc.

Olga D. Fowler

James L. Gardner, Sr.

Wesley M. & Lillian I. Gault

John M. & Gerline H. Gehr

General Electric Foundation

General Motors Foundation

The Geneva Foundaton

Geneva R. P. Church

Geneva Women

Robert W. & Mildred D. George

Larry W. Gettens

Rochester/Chippewa Giant Eagle

Louise Smart Gibson

Lawrence B. Gilmore

Paul H. Gilmore

J. Howard & Martha H. Gilroy

The Goedeker Foundation

Jane E. Golden

Golden Tornado Organization

John H. & C. Sheila Goodworth

Florus W. & Esther B. Gordon

Margaret S. Graham

Paul R. & Phyllis Graham

Larry K. & Kimberly B. Griffith

Philip L. & Evelyn B. Griffiths

Gulf Oil Corporation Foundation

J. Jane Haggart

Elizabeth M. Hagman

Robert K. & May L. Hanson

The Harmony Society

Joseph W. & Marilyn Y. Harpster

Kenneth E. & Dee A. Hartman

John C. & Ruth Abbott Hecker

H. J. Heinz Company Foundation

Howard Heinz Endowment

Walter J. & Gay S. Helsing

Robert M. & Helen L. Hemphill

Willard E. & Jean L. Hemphill

William D. Hettenbaugh

John H. & Vivian D. Hewitt

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Helen Patterson Hill

The Hillman Foundation, Inc.

Wilbert G. & Louise R. Hoefling

Arthur C. & Dorothy Hoenstine

Joseph M. and Lisa B. Hogan

Wilson E. & Rhoda Holbein

The Hoyt Foundation

Margaret Bell Huddleston

Carl O. & Anna F. Hughes

Paul A. & Martha S. Hughes

Huntington National Bank

C. Harold Hutcheson

Chester T. & Ada M. Hutcheson

Martha L. Hutcheson

IBM International Foundation

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Fred A. Jackson Jr.

George W. Jackson

Eugene F. & Margaret M. Jannuzi

Jendoco Construction Corporation

Johnson & Johnson

Benjamin F. Jones III

Robert T. & Marie M. Jones

Sidney A. Kane

James S. & Debra Kappel

A. Karnavas Foundation

D. William & Pearl W. Kelso

J. Richard & Carole M. Kelso

James N. and Eleanor J. Kennedy

D. Scott & Diane H. Kerr

Lester E. & Gertrude E. Kilpatrick

Elizabeth Slear King

King's Medical Company

Robert D. & Dixie O. Klink

Agnes A. Knowles

Koppel Steel Corporation

The Kresge Foundation, Inc.

William C. & Susan W. Kriner

Joseph & Beth R. Lamont

William J. & Amelia B. Lamont

James G. & Mary A. Larson

Guy J. & Ysleta R. Lateano

Lawnvue Acres

Adella T. Lawson

Gertrude Lee

Stewart M. & Ann G. Lee

Norman Lewis, M.D.

Eli Lilly & Company

The Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Lilly Fellows Program

Charles J. & Elizabeth Lindsay

Mary E. Linton

Elmer R. & Eleanore J. Lipp

Paul D. Liscomb

R. Gene & Virginia I. List

Local Initiatives Support Corporation

John A. and Susan S. Lockley

Los Angeles R. P. Church

Mary V. Louden

Wayne S. & Mary S. Luce

William & Blanche E. Lushear

Gaynelle R. Lyons

Jack R. Lyons

Robert G. & Agnes L. Lyons

Agnes E. Lytle

Ethel M. Lytle

Arthur E. & Rebecca S. Macartney

Clarence E. Macartney

John R. & Lucille E. Macartney

Ronald B. & Emily P. Mackall

Earle R. & Cecil S. MacLaughlin

Andrew J. & Joan N. Marcinko

Victor I. & Dorothy I. Markson

Ruthellen Marshall

Carl W. & Jane S. Martin

William C. & Anna M. Martin

William O. & Elizabeth J. Martin

Donald M. & Janet Mayton

Donald R. & Sharyn E. McBurney

Frederick R. & Virginia B. McCammon

Foster & Muriel P. McCarl

McCarl Family Foundation

Robert K. & Elenore M. McConaughy

Donald C. & Margaret M. McCune

Wilbur J. & Margaret McElroy

William A. & Kathleen C. McIntyre

Robert Forbes McIsaac

David & Mary Elizabeth Gregg McKee

Wilburt S. & L. Verne McKee

Willard G. & Shirley Stewart McMillan

Theodore M. & Margaret Jane McMillion

Ray A. McQueen

R. K. Mellon Family Foundation

Debbie J. Melone

W. Clair & Melba Brown Merriman

William K. & Ruth D. Metcalfe

Richard T. & Pat Metheny

MidWest Athletic Coaches Association

Dale & Holly (Fowlow) Miller

Edith A. Miller

William H. & Illene R. Miller

William N. & Setonia B. Mitchell

Samuel E. & Mary R. Mizener

Carolyn Metcalfe Mollenkopf

Earl A. Moore

Edward J. & Nellie B. Moore

P. M. Moore Foundation

Frank H. & Lillian N. Morrow

David Blair & Shelley Ann Murray

Mustard Seed Foundation

Earle F. Myers

The National Christian Foundation

National City Bank of PA

National Science Foundation

Charlotte W. Newcombe

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation

North Hills R. P. Church

James H. & Jean C. Nye

Charles N. & G. Marilyn O'Data

Beverly J. O'Leary

David C. & Roberta R. O'Leary

Dennis E. & Karen L. Olson

Richard L. Ostrom

Bonna L. Oyer

PNC Charitable Trust Committee

D. Raymond & Ruth Park

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Parris

Peirce Family Foundation

Charles W. & Elda V. Perz

Howard M. & Sally A. Peters

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Pfizer Inc.

James W. Pinkerton

John E. & Janet C. Pinkerton

Pioneer College Caterers, Inc.

Pitcairn Crabbe Foundation

Pittsburgh Tool Steel

Pittsburgh Tube Company

Procter & Gamble Fund

John D. & Dorothy K. Preston

L. G. & Ethel M. Pritz

J. Edwin & Edna C. Purdy

Louis J. Jr. & Shirley A. Radnothy

Eugene W. & Lucille P. Ramsey

Beverly J. Rapp

William E. & Evelyn P. Rapp

Clyde A. & Carabel D. Redpath

Robert W. & Margaret H. Redpath

William C. & Dorothy J. Reed

The John Reeves, Sr. Family

Harry F. & Victoria Reid

Republic Steel Corporation

Ridgefield R. P. Church

J. Merrill & Eleanor Cupp Robb

John M. & Caroline Robinson

Rohm & Haas Company

Ben G. & Susan P. Rooke

Rose Point R. P. Church

Marjory G. Knoll Ross

Russell S. & G. Betsey Rosenberger

Jay & Ruth Roy

Harold M. & Rachel H. Ruhl

John D. & Elsie Russell

William H. & Martha I. Russell

Edward A. & Helen P. Sahli

Marjorie Edith Sanderson

W. Kenneth & Marjorie E. Sanderson

John N. & Mary Louise Sawyer

Scaife Family Foundation

Sarah Scaife Foundation

Michael G. & Cheri Schneider

Seattle R. P. Church

Oscar & Augusta Seidel

Alfred & Blanche Seraphine

Shawnee R. P. Church

Robert & Edna E. Sheehan

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Hazel M. Shiring

Norma A. Shiring

Allen R. & Veronica Siedle

Samuel D. III & Donna L. Siple

Douglas L. Smith

Elwin G. & Inez C. Smith

Gail P. & Martha Smith

Kenneth G. and Floy M. Smith

Richard I. Smith

Vernon C. & Jane R. Smith

Walter L. Smith

Agnes M. & Ellen E. Smyth

Marie E. Snead

Charlotte A. & John R. Snowberger

Daniel R. South

Drs. William & Nancy Story Somers

Robert C. & Lois C. Springer

Standard Specialty Steel Company

Mike F. & Ruth V. Stasko

Staunton Farm Foundation

C. Ray & Barbara B. Steele

Raymond E. Stephens

Charles S. & Dorothy Bash Sterrett

Superior Drawn Steel Company

Synod of The Reformed Presbyterian Church, N. A

Synod Of The Trinity

Synodical Women's Missionary Fellowship of RPCNA

Inez Taggart

Marie Taggart

George E. & Beverly Tannehill

Otis B. & Ruthanna S. Tannehill

The Teagle Foundation, Inc.

William G. & Elaine S. Thomas

Norman D. & Charlotte H. Thomashefsky

Raymon & Ladeine Thompson

3M Company

Time, Inc.

Thomas L. Tindall

M. John Tino

Topeka R. P. Church

Orville T. & Ada R. Torrence

Charles B. & Grace W. Turek

John D. & Sarah J. Turner

The UPS Foundation

Thomas J. & Sandra L. Usher

USX Foundation, Inc.

Marilyn C. Van Dyke

Donna J. Vohar

Edward C. & Muriel S. Wachter

Frances E. Waddle

Mary M. Wade

Dwight E. & Kae B. Wagner

J. Frank & B. Olive Walker

Wallace Genetic Foundation Inc.

James I. & Marjean W. Wallover

Walton R. P. Church

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Westinghouse Foundation

John & Ethel White

John H. & Norma D. White

Paul E. & Rachel W. White

Sophia Polovina White

Arthur V. & Janice T. Whittaker

Florence S. Wiant

Jeffrey & Kathleen Hayes Wildrick

Helen M. Willson

Matthew J. & Anne C. Wilson

Ruth W. Wilson

Roger Alan & Wilma Shaw Windham

Richard L. & Linda M. Witherite

Carl Wolfe

David H. & Ann L. Wollman

Thomas P. & Shirley Woolaway

Frank P. & Kathleen A. Worbs

Thomas M. & Susan Yancy

Duzel D. Yates

Norman G. & Marjorie P. Young

Robert M. & Nell M. Young

Louis & Ruth Zeiden


The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes the valuable contributions of Alumni and Friends who include Geneva in their estate and/or financial plans by gifts made through annuities, charitable trusts, gifts of life estates, undivided partial interests in real estate, or life insurance, and gifts made through their will. Members of the Heritage Society recognize the history of the College, share the mission, and are committed to helping assure Geneva's future. For more information or to join the Heritage Society, contact Mr. Jeffrey A. Jones, Vice President for Advancement at 724-847-6880 or jajones@geneva.edu.

Members of the Heritage Society

Anonymous (15)

Patricia Albaugh '53

Marina Anania

John M. Arthur (Dcsd)

Thomas M. Baldwin '33

Robert Barr

Marcia S. Behun

Babs L. Bengtson '84

Andrew M. Bernard Jr. '83

Jane A. Bernard '85

Evelyn L. Birdsall

David M. Borland '76

Alice R. Bowes '53

James L. Bowes '48

Richard C. Bowes '51

Helen L. Bradford '75

Philip E. Bradford Jr. '77

Robert I. Brandt '56

Dorothy Buck

Francis Buck (Dcsd)

Margaret S. Buck '69

Edward W. Butcher Jr. '67

Ferndetta L. Caldwell '37

Irving D. Caplan '54

Beverly M. Carson '70

Norman M. Carson '47

Joan L. Chadwick

Fleming D. Charlton '64

John E. Charlton

Judith L. Charlton

G. Reynolds Clark '65

Agnes C. Clarke (Dcsd)

Robert T. Clarke '67

Lavada S. Cleis (Dcsd)

Ruth H. Cleland '40

G. Ted Coene '52

Karen M. Coggins '67

Patricia A. Covert '62

David J. Crozier Sr. '48

Susan Cutri

William J. Cutri '71

Lois N. Davie '48

Benjamin P. Davies

David D. Dickey

Alan R. Dodds '73

Marjorie M. Doriani '45

W. Leslie Douglas '35 (Dcsd)

S. Gertrude Edwards '39

Grace Marie Erath '49

W. Dean Esper Jr. '77

Clarence Farmer '36

David N. Fenchel '67

Erna G. Fenchel

George W. Fielding '53

Helen B. Flack

William T. Fleeson '49

Joan Lamont Florio '50

John W. Foester '53

George C. Fugler

Anna B. Fulford '58

Paul E. Gallagher '49

Eleanor H. Gardner

Thomas A. Gardner '48 (Dcsd)

William M. Gardner Sr.

Thomas R. Gault '79

Gerline Gehr

Evanelle I. Geldof '59

Clifford D. Glovier '76

Deborah L. Glovier '79

Wylie T. Graham '50

John Gregory

Joseph C. Hammond Jr. '61

Marilyn J. Hammond '59

Harry J. Hartley '58

Paul W. Haynie '70

Carol L. Hays '69

James H. Hays '71

Walter J. Helsing '42

Alan W. Hemphill '64

Jean E. Hemphill '43

Robert M. Hemphill '38

Vivian D. Hewitt '43

Robert B. Houser '77

Rose V. Hudak '39

C. Harold Hutcheson '51

Jeffrey S. Ingros '90

Eugene F. Jannuzi '36

James W. Kelbaugh '51

Victor R. Kelminskis

J. Richard Kelso '48

Harold E. Kemper ‘43

D. Scott Kerr '71

Diane H. Kerr '71

Charles Kershaw '98

S. Edna King '37

Charlotte E. Kingen '58

Beth R. Lamont '50

Joseph Lamont Jr

Mary A. Larson '36 (Dcsd)

Daniel R. LaRue '76

Gary K. Liebschner '62

Elizabeth Lindsay '30

Paul D. Liscomb '37

Cynthia N. Little '59

Vincent M. Macioge '70

Toni S. Manzetti '71

Andrew J. Marcinko

Joan N. Marcinko

Victor I. Markson '34

E. Gary Marshall

Linda R. Marshall '71

William C. Martin '43 (Dcsd)

William O. Martin '40

Dimitra C. Mathews

Jeffrey C. Mathews '80

Donald R. McBurney '68

Frederick R. McCammon '44

Muriel J. McCarl

Elenore M. McConaughy '39 (Dcsd)

Donald C. McCune '38

Kathleen A. McDaniel '75

Constance P. McElroy '66

John M. McFarland '86

Maribel McKelvy '48

Lynn D. McMaster '59

Margaret J. McMillion '48

Ethel P. Metcalfe '37

John M. Mitchell '57

Samuel E. Mizener

Carolyn M. Mollenkopf '62

Madylon B. Moore

Ronald G. Morris '70

Margaret A. Moser '59

Charles E. Murphy '46

Richard B. Nehrich Jr. '51

Elizabeth E. Niklewicz '40

Dennis M. Norman '67

Rhonda M. Norman

Ronald E. Norman '72 (Dcsd)

V. Lucinda Norman '72

Marianne O'Neill '64

Michael A. Oravitz

Elsie M. Patterson

Elda V. Perz

Louis J. Radnothy Jr. '53

Al Raniero '75

Shelly A. Raniero

Ruth A. Riethmuller

Shirley M. Rittenhouse '53

Melvin R. Roush '60

Harold M. Ruhl

Martha Irons Russell '44

William H. Russell (Dcsd)

Karen A. Sanders '68

Dominic P. Sciaretta '68

Blanche E. Seraphine (Dcsd)

J. David Shaw

B. Jeanne Shelar

Arline R. Siegel '52

Donna Lee Siple '82

Samuel D. Siple '85

Andrew G. Slade '54

Helen Jean Smith

Inez C. Smith

Jane R. Smith '49

John L. Smith Jr. '59

Robert P. Smith '65

Agnes M. Smyth (Dcsd)

Ellen E. Smyth

Nancy S. Somers '74

Ruth V. Stasko '42

James H. Sterrett

Lois K. Stewart

Marcia P. Summers '61

Beverly Tannehill

George E. Tannehill '46

John D. Turner

Thomas J. Usher

Marilyn C. VanDyke '54

Dwight E. Wagner '68

Raymond S. Walker

James I. Wallover

Virginia C. Webster '39 (Dcsd)

Richard B. Weir '47

John H. White '58

Norma D. White '59

Rachel W. White '31

Sophia P. White '39

Florence S. Wiant '29

John B. Wick '78

Robert J. Wilkison '42

Laura Jannuzi Wilson '32

Paul A. Winder '54

Linda M. Witherite '62

Richard L. Witherite '62

L. Arthur Womer Jr. '59

Richard J. Yanessa '62

Elliott A. Young '43

Ralph E. Zinkham '58

R. David Zinkham


President's Council

The President's Council distinguishes a core group of alumni and friends who provides critical resources to enhance the depth and breadth of Geneva College's academic and co-curricular offerings. These annual leadership gifts are instrumental in the advancement of the college.

Pro Christo Society

$25,000 and above

Anonymous (3)

Mrs. Agnes Thorburn Clarke

(Clarke Family Irrevocable Trust)

Dr. Edwin C. Clarke '35 Family Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Clarke '67

Marylynn M.

Mr. John W. Goe '58 Estate

Dr. & Mrs. John H. Goodworth '60

C. Sheila Lynott

Mrs. Cecil Smith MacLaughlin '26 Estate

Mr. Frederick R. McCammon '44

Dr. William K. Metcalfe '35 Estate

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Ostrom

Alice L.

Miss Gwendolyn L. Panner '41 Estate

Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Peirce Jr. '59

Joan C. Weiss

Mrs. Evelyn P. Rapp

Mrs. Blanche B. Seraphine Estate


Mrs. Inez C. Smith Estate

Mr. C. Ray Steele '52

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Tannehill '46

Beverly B. Walley

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight E. Wagner '68

Kae B. Groshong

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. White Estate

Rachel Ward '31


Anonymous (2)

Michael Baker Corporation Foundation

DEW Investments

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Huntington National Bank

Jendoco Construction Corporation

Pioneer College Caterers, Inc.

Ram Acoustical Corporation

Synod of R P Church

College Hill Society


Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Alben '52

Donna J. Foster

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Bernard Jr. '83

Jane A. MacDonald '85

Mrs. Dorothy I. Buck

Mr. & Mrs. W. Leslie Douglas '35

Jean B. Wallace

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Henning

Mary M.

Mr. Karl L. Jackson Estate

Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Kelso '48

Todd C. Meyers

Dr. & Mrs. William O. Martin '40

Virginia L. Reinking

Mr. & Mrs. William A. McIntyre

Kathleen C. Riethmuller '73

Ms. Carolyn M. Mollenkopf '62


Dr. Jeffrey J. Polovina

Mr. Joseph S. Polovina

Ms. Linda V. Polovina

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Turner

Sally J.


The National Christian Foundation

Gold & White Society



Mrs. Leslie U. Bennett


Mr. Todd S. Benning '82

Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Brown '59

Susan Jo Miller

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Buck

Margaret Spooner '69

Mr. & Mrs. G. Reynolds Clark '65

Linda Walker

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Colavincenzo '45

Jane Pitzer '46

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Cummings '67

Kathleen T. McCoy

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Edgar

Carol Martin '70

Dr. & Mrs. William J. Edgar

Gretchen D.

Mr. Francis R. Griffin & Rev. Marjorie M. Griffin

Marjorie Muldoon '45

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Howell '82

Kelly E. Dailey '80

Mr. Fred A. Jackson Jr. '48

Miss S. Edna King '37 Estate

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Kriner

Susan Walker

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Lamont Jr.

Beth Robb '50

Dr. & Mrs. Elmer R. Lipp '47

Eleanore J. Otto '48

Mrs. Muriel J. McCarl


Mr. & Mrs. James W. Pinkerton

Judith K.

Mrs. Carol W. Smith


Miss Marie E. Snead '43

Mr. Earle E. Unger '36 (Dcsd)

Dr. Richard B. Weir '47


McCarl Foundation

Tartan Society



Mr. & Mrs. Roy C. Albert '60

Carol A. Deets

Dr. & Mrs. Barry G. Badger '67

Virginia A. Hoenstine '67

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Bartolomucci '60


Miss Ingrid L. Birdsall '67

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Camp

Debra A.

Mr. & Mrs. Eric W. Davis '72

Martha E. Teapole

Dr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Dennis

Katharine McMillan '72

Mr. Delos D. Duff '33

Miss Frances E. Fischer '77

Mr. C. Harold Hutcheson '51

Mr. George W. Jackson '55

Mr. & Mrs. Justin J. Lambright '05

Randi N. Spaulding '05

Miss L. Hope Mangum '84

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Marcinko

Joan N.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. McBurney '68

Sharyn E. Fenchel '72

Mrs. Shirley I. McMillan '47


Mrs. Valerie R. Mendenhall '86


Mr. & Mrs. R. Paul Robb '52

Marit Mendenhall

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Roy

Ruth H.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Schow '06

Victoria R. Miller '06

Dr. & Mrs. Allen R. Siedle

Veronica E.

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Smith '80

Rebecca A. McIntyre

Dr. William & Dr. Nancy S. Somers

Nancy Story '74

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Tindall CPA '63

Barbara A.

Mr. Frank P. Tronzo

Mrs. Sophia P. White '39


Dr. & Mrs. David H. Wollman

Ann L. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Duzel D. Yates '70

Marjorie S. Curry


Fidelity Investments

The KeySource Group Inc

George Polovina Scholarship

Ridgefield Park R P Church

Seattle R P Church

Servant Leader Society



Mrs. Madelyn I. Adams '44


Dr. Melville W. Adams '69

Col. & Mrs. Bruce R. Alexander '63

Lois M. Edgar '63

Mr. James L. & Dr. Jill L. Andrews '76

Jill Lambert '76

Mr. & Mrs. R. David Ashleigh '77

Sarah H. Birdsall '78

Rev. & Mrs. Bruce R. Backensto '69

Kim L. Bettner

Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Barbato

Patricia N.

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Bartels '60

Connie Y. Dotson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Baumgartner '70

Barbara J. Stewart '69

Ms. Michele A. Bevelhimer '73

Mrs. Gail A. Bitar

Mrs. Ruth P. Bloor '55


Mr. & Mrs. Philip N. Breneman '03

Rebecca A. Eiler '04

Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Bricker '52

Doris J. Smith

Mrs. Mary E. Bricker '57


Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Brosius

Diane M.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Brown '54

Madolyn J. Watterson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Buck '75

Leah Cheng

Mrs. Ann E. Burkhead '91


Dr. James D. Carson '50

Dr. & Mrs. Norman M. Carson '47

Beverly M. Hanson '70

Dr. Craig S. & Dr. May A. Carter '77

May A. Thomas

Rev. & Mrs. David B. Carver '82

Sharon M.

Mr. & Mrs. Kendell A. Chilton '88

Pamela A.

Dr. Mark S. Colella '85

Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Copeland '66

Louise M. Edgar '66

Mr. Wilbur C. Copeland

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Crow '04

Elizabeth M. Smith '04

Miss Viola H. Curtis '50

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cutri '71

Susan Wallover

Mrs. Lois N. Davie '48


Chaplain G. Barry Davis '75

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Harry A. Davis USA Ret. '46

Theda M. Houlette '48

Ms. Linda L. Duell '60


Mrs. Theresa L. Edwards '41


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Ek '85

Wilma Sequeira

Mrs. Lauren K. Evers


Mr. William R. Feasley '70

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Flinn II

Kathi Shook

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin S. Fontaine '78


Mrs. Eleanor H. Gardner

Dr. Thomas A. Gardner '48 (Dcsd)

Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Girardi

Barbara A.

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gockley

Donna L. Geiger '73

Mr. Robert H. Gourley '89 & Dr. Teri L. Gourley

Teri L. Garletts '90

LCDR Peter C. Hakewessell USN '88

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Haynie '70

Elaine J.

Miss Amy R. Hecker

Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Hekman

Doris J.

Mrs. Jean L. Hemphill '43


Dr. Vivian D. Hewitt '43


Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Hilleary '72

Melissa L.Mercedes

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Hines '86

Janet M. Shirley '88

Mr. & Mrs. W. Jerome Holscher

Elizabeth J. Davison '61

Miss Carrie S. Hooper '89

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Hornstein '54

Catherine C.

Mr. Robert B. Houser '77

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Huston

Joye H.

Rev. & Mrs. Ralph E. Joseph '60

Joday Midgely

Mr. Theodore O. Kay '71

Mr. & Mrs. James N. Kennedy '47

Eleanor J. Cable '49

Mr. Philip W. Kennedy '54

Mrs. Fern T. Kerr

Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Keys Jr. '58

Joyce Regier

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Klink '51

Dixie O.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark W. Kuhlman '88

Janet D. Myers '90

Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Lubich

Patti Jo

Mr. Clarence E. Lynn Jr. '52

Miss Joyce E. Lynn '61

Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Magee Sr. '47

Vivienne Bauder

Mr. & Mrs. Neal K. Mann '68

Barbara L. Detrick '67

Mrs. Anna M. Martin

Mr. David R. Martin '99

Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Matsukas '54

Roberta Stewart '55

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. McDaniel

Alice J.

Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. McIntyre

Anna R.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. McKinney '59


Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. McKissick '73

Sharon L. Dickey '73

Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. McMahan

Sheryl D.

Mr. & Mrs. Kim M. Melton

Dorenda L.

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Miller

Leslie M. Smith '96

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Mizener

Mary R. Amos '95

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Morrow '59

Luola L. White

Mr. Daniel B. Mortland '94

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Neiswinger '83

Cynthia A. Lazar '82

Mrs. Margaret R. North '45


Mr. Jason K. O'Neill '05

Ms. Geraldine L. Oehl

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley T. Omland '79

Nanci J.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Overgaard '71

Bonnie Fox

Ms. Bonna L. Oyer '68

Miss Kathryn V. Palmieri

Ms. Patricia J. Palmieri '75


Dr. & Mrs. Jerold Panas '49

Felicity O.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Park '55

Rebecca B.

Mr. Jack D. Patton '67

Dr. & Mrs. Howard M. Peters '62

Sally A. Brown '64

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Phillips

Rebecca J. Carson '85

Rev. & Mrs. Donald W. Piper '65

Bonita F. Verrett '67

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Pockras

Deborah L.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Polce II '67

Diane C.

Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Pupi '62

Barbara L. Pawk '63

Dr. & Mrs. Louis J. Radnothy Jr. '53

Shirley A. Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Al Raniero '75

Shelly A. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Rhodes '78

Victoria Lewis '79

Mrs. Shirley M. Rittenhouse '53


Mr. & Mrs. James R. RossP.E. '53

Elinor J. Parry

Mrs. Laura L. Rush '66


Mrs. Martha I. Russell '44


Dr. Mary-Louise Russell '79

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Schaefer '91

Joy K. Tobias '91

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Schaefer '95

Rachel A. Curtis

Mr. Timothy D. Schaefer '83

Mr. C. Robert '52 & Dr. Betty S. Schaughency

Betty Sue Carter '55

Dr. Michael G. '80 & Dr. Cheri Schneider


Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Shaffer

Rose L. Sovalo '48

Mr. David M. Shaw

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Shaw '85

Deborah L

Dr. Donald E. Sheffield '69

Rev. Andrew G. Slade '54

Dr. & Mrs. Dean R. Smith '65

Nancy I. Falk '66

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Smith '49

Floy Moody

Mr. Robert P. Smith '65

Mr. & Mrs. T. Richard Snedden

Phyllis L. Sahli '51

Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Sofia '64

Shirley A.

Mr. Daniel R. South '87

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Staruszkiewicz '62

Deborah C.

Dr. Raymond E. Stephens '62

Mrs. Dorothy J. Sterrett '42


Ms. Marlene A. Tomasello '68


Dr. & Mrs. Calvin L. Troup '83

Amy L. Spear '83

Rev. Robert E. Ulrich '71

Mrs. Donna L. Underwood

Mr. & Mrs. Edgardo T. Vencio


Miss Amy L. Ward '94

Mr. & Mrs. A. Dale Weaver '77

Wendy Smyth '77

Dr. David A. & Dr. Bonnie E. Weir

Bonnie E. Spear '88

Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Williamson

Victoria F.

Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Wing '79

Claudia McBurney '78

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Witherite '62

Linda Messersmith '62

Mrs. Patricia M. Wolfe '75


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Yancy '60

Susan Sentak

Mr. Elliott A. Young '43



Advanced Communication Systems Apex Sports Software

Ceriani Construction Company


Chippewa Pizza Pub Inc.

College Hill R P Church

Emma Elliott W M F

First R P Church of Beaver Falls

Heritage Valley Health System

Home Savings Charitable Foundation

IHS Foundation

Jendoco Construction Corporation

Los Angeles R P Church

Henry Mancini Musical Theatre Committee

New Brighton Christian Assembly

North Hills R P Church

Omland Engineering Associates Inc.

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Presbyterian Church in America Foundation Inc.

Sheetz Inc.

Tame Inc.

Turner Dairy Farms Inc.

Umbrella Roofing Systems Inc.

Wayne County Community Foundation

Westminster Presbyterian Church of Lancaster


Honor Roll of Classes

Alumni List by Class Year


Dr. John Robertson Macartney (Dcsd)


Mr. Ira M. Flocker (Dcsd)


Mrs. R. Wylie Redpath (Dcsd)

Margaret H. McFerron


Mrs. Melba H. Merriman (Dcsd)


Dr. W. Clair Merriman (Dcsd)


Mrs. Rachel W. White (Dcsd)



Mrs. Harold A. Bruce (Dcsd)

Lucille Dean Henery

Mr. James W. Young (Dcsd)


Mr. Delos D. Duff


Dr. Edwin C. Clarke (Dcsd)

Mr. W. Leslie Douglas

Dr. William K. Metcalfe (Dcsd)

Mrs. Rachael C. Shupe (Dcsd)



Mr. Earle E. Unger (Dcsd)


Miss Ferndetta L. Caldwell

Mrs. Faith L. Gonzalez


Miss S. Edna King (Dcsd)

Miss Lulu K. Zimmerman

Mrs. Anna B. Chotiner


Mrs. Naomi K. Griffiths


Mrs. Jean Kratzert



Dr. Norman Lewis

Mr. Donald C. McCune

Mrs. Ruth H. Mulcahy



Ms. Mary A. Baker Yarnelle


Mr. W. Scott Bliss

Dr. Kenneth A. Kuiken

Rev. Melville W. Martin

Mr. James W. McJunkin Jr.

Mr. Edwin R. Weeber

Mrs. Sophia P. White



Rev. T. Richard Hutcheson

Dr. William O. Martin

Dr. William H. Yanko


Mrs. Velma L. Burrows


Mrs. Theresa L. Edwards


Mrs. M. Ruth Harnack


Mrs. Jean F. Henry


Mr. Claire B. Kelbaugh

Mr. Jack O'Brien

Miss Gwendolyn L. Panner (Dcsd)


Mrs. Ruth E. Ivey


Mrs. Lillian M. Nunheimer


Dr. David G. Schaal

Mr. James C. Shroads

Mrs. Dorothy J. Sterrett


Mr. Walter J. Zuberbuhler


Mrs. Mary A. Crable


Mrs. Jean L. Hemphill


Dr. Vivian D. Hewitt


Dr. Harold E. Kemper

Miss Marie E. Snead

Mr. Ronald H. Somerville

Rev. Malcolm S. Vandevort Jr.

Mr. Elliott A. Young


Mrs. Madelyn I. Adams


Rev. Robert A. Henning

Mr. Raymond H. Loughridge

Mr. Frederick R. McCammon

Mrs. Martha I. Russell


Mrs. Marjorie M. Wilson



Mrs. G. Pauline Bias


Mrs. Marion E. Brooks


Dr. John W. Colavincenzo

Mrs. Ruth T. Dawson


Mrs. Dorothy M. Fatula


Mrs. Muriel J. Frieler Rozmus


Rev. Marjorie M. Griffin


Mrs. Madelyn M. Himes


Mrs. Louise K. Joachim


Mrs. Jean H. Liggitt


Mrs. Beverly J. Loll


Mrs. Ruthe E. Loughridge


Mrs. Bonnie Y. McCormick


Mrs. Margaret R. North


Dr. Andrew A. Palatka

Mrs. Joyce H. Rose


Dr. Bruce C. Stewart

Mrs. Margaret G. Tritt


Mrs. Elaine M. Ulrich



Miss Mildred M. Arbutina

Dr. Esther J. Carrier

Mrs. Jane P. Colavincenzo


Lt. Col. Harry A. Davis

Mrs. Ruth C. Johnston


Dr. Wilbert A. Lyons

Mrs. Margaret C. McKee


Mr. Charles E. Murphy

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Orr


Dr. William H. Pitts

Mr. Barton M. Rumbaugh

Mrs. Ellen L. Smith


Mr. George E. Tannehill


Dr. Norman M. Carson

Mr. William P. Elliott

Mr. Mahlon R. Evans

Dr. Raymond O. Heckerman

Mr. Leland E. Howard

Mr. James N. Kennedy

Mrs. Carolyn B. Kulcyk


Mrs. Ann K. Lee


Mr. Henry J. Lightner

Dr. Elmer R. Lipp

Dr. Donald A. Magee Sr.

Mrs. Loretta W. Marsh


Mr. Fred B. McCormick

Mrs. Shirley I. McMillan


Mrs. Jessie L. Shell


Mrs. Faith H. Smith


Mr. Robert S. Strock

Dr. Richard B. Weir



Mrs. Miriam R. Archibald


Mr. Harold F. Baldwin Jr.

Mrs. Edith E. Beighley


Mr. Jack W. Boggs

Mrs. Lois N. Davie


Dr. Richard O. Davis

Mrs. Theda M. Davis


Dr. Thomas A. Gardner (Dcsd)

Mrs. Eleanor G. Gaudio


Mr. Thomas R. Gault Sr.

Mrs. Lena M. George


Mr. Raymond W. George

Mrs. Helen F. Haddad


Mr. William T. Haddad

Mrs. Marjorie J. Harsh


Mrs. Margaret L. Hayward


Mrs. Fae J. Hirschy


Mr. Philip W. Hirschy

Mr. Edward J. Hum

Mr. Fred A. Jackson Jr.

Mr. J. Richard Kelso

Mr. Elmer C. Kross

Mrs. Eleanore J. Lipp


Mr. John S. McIsaac Jr.

Dr. Maribel McKelvy

Mr. William H. Orr

Mr. Homer S. Portman Jr.

Mr. Warren F. Renner

Mrs. Barbara R. Ride


Mrs. Charlotte E. Rodwell


Dr. Esmond S. Smith

Mr. Martin R. Voyvodich



Mr. Chester M. Anderson

Mrs. Martha A. Beard


Mrs. Martha J. Black


Miss Rebecca J. Blair

Rev. Joseph M. Caskey

Ms. Florence C. Craig


Mr. Robert C. Doerr

Mrs. Grace M. Erath


Mr. William T. Fleeson

Mrs. Anna B. Fox


Mrs. Dorothy E. Gallagher


Mr. Paul E. Gallagher

Mrs. Christine T. Howes


Mr. Richard L. Jarrett

Mrs. Eleanor J. Kennedy


Mr. Franklin G. Leidigh

Mr. A. Dale Musselman

Mr. Edward S. Newman

Mrs. Virginia M. Newman


Dr. Jerold Panas

Dr. Jack J. Roush Ed.D.

Mrs. Sara L. Sheline


Mr. Theodore P. Skacan

Dr. Kenneth G. Smith

Dr. Robert C. Spagnoli

Mr. William D. Speidel Jr.

Mr. John Terlesky

Dr. Arthur V. Whittaker

Mrs. Janet M. Wike




Mrs. Isabel H. Baker


Mrs. Martha M. Baker


Mr. Warren E. Carr

Dr. James D. Carson

Mrs. Marjorie M. Cox


Miss Viola H. Curtis

Mr. Dinos G. Dickos

Mr. Norvan O. Drugmand

Ms. Joan L. Florio


Mr. Charles W. Ford

Mr. Willard M. Harsh

Mrs. Beth R. Lamont


Mr. Robert E. Linn

Mrs. Carolyn O. Miller


Mr. Fred A. Nahas

Dr. William H. O'Shurak D.D.S.

Dr. F. Ann Paton

Mrs. Alice M. Patterson


Mr. John H. Richards

Mr. George W. Rowse

Mr. Roy E. Shoup

Mrs. A. Rosalie Smallwood


Mrs. Betty Snyder


Mr. Harold G. Stang

Mr. Robert T. Steinecke

Mr. Howard M. Swank Jr.

Mr. Alfred M. Tkatch

Mr. Robert R. Wagoner

Mrs. Alma L. Wargetz


Miss Eunice J. Whitford



Mrs. Mary J. Braheny


Dr. Wendell H. Butler

Mrs. Lucille L. Cumbers


Mr. Joseph A. DePaolis

Mrs. Patricia A. Ford


Mrs. Martha J. Freese


Rev. Richard E. Fruit

Dr. Charles R. Fuget

Mr. Raymond D. Gibson

Dr. John D. Guyton

Mrs. Mary E. Hanna


Mr. Carl E. Haught

Dr. Paul L. Holland

Mr. C. Harold Hutcheson

Mr. Thomas A. Joseph

Mr. Paul E. Kaup

Mr. James W. Kelbaugh

Mrs. Roberta L. Kemmler


Mrs. Gail W. Kirchner


Mr. Robert D. Klink

Mrs. Barbara C. Lavash


Dr. Roy H. Marion

Mr. Leonard H. Miller

Mrs. Maxine E. Musselman


Capt. Richard B. Nehrich Jr.

Mrs. Martha J. Powers


Mrs. Joann M. Rice


Mr. Donald I. Robb

Mrs. Phyllis L. Snedden


Mr. C. Dean Strosnider

Mr. William G. Thumm

Mrs. Sally M. Wagoner


Mr. J. Richard Wike


Mr. Donald H. Alben

Mrs. Marjorie F. Anderson


Mr. Daniel C. Baker Jr.

Mrs. Katharine C. Both


Mr. Fred A. Bowie

Mr. Harold T. Bricker

Mrs. Adelaide I. Burry


Mr. James L. Eakin

Mr. John R. Eakin

Mr. John W. Ellefson

Miss Gwendolyn M. Elliott

Miss Rachel George

Mr. Norman L. Giancola

Mr. Henry M. Hanna

Mr. William J. Latimer

Mr. George Lawrence

Mr. Clarence E. Lynn Jr.

Mrs. Emma L. McIsaac


Dr. Robert E. McMillen

Mr. Albert J. Miller

Mr. Kenneth E. Price

Mr. R. Paul Robb

Mr. Charles R. Schaughency

Miss Arline R. Siegel

Miss Lois E. Sivits

Ms. Nellie M. Smyth

Mr. C. Ray Steele

Mr. Henry R. Stoner

Mr. John J. Wyllie

Mr. Michael J. Yorgin


Mrs. Patricia Albaugh


Mr. Thomas G. Alleman

Mrs. Ann M. Angelo


Mrs. Kathryn M. Burger


Mr. Merle R. Byerle

Mrs. Thelma J. Byerle


Mr. Solly C. Ciamacca

Mr. Anthony H. Cimino

Mr. Anthony H. Codespote

Mrs. Jacqueline J. Eakin


Rev. John W. Foester Sr.

Mr. Richard M. George

Mr. William E. Hains

Mr. Glenn T. Koach

Mr. Robert L. Loughhead

Mrs. Ruth N. Lundy


Mrs. Kathleen K. McMillen


Dr. William E. Palmer Jr.

Rev. John D. Patterson

Mr. Stephen E. Pontier

Dr. Louis J. Radnothy Jr.

Mrs. Shirley M. Rittenhouse


Mr. James R. Ross P.E.

Mrs. Barbara S. Scovell


Mr. Calvin C. Sowers

Mr. Donald R. Weisbaker PhD

Miss Ruth White


Mr. Edward D. Banyay

Mr. Ronald W. Brown

Mr. Irving D. Caplan

Miss Mary E. Cleland

Mrs. Twila M. Cunningham


Miss Anna Mary Douglass

Dr. Donald A. Dukelow

Mrs. Ellen L. Fisher


Mrs. Eleanor L. Gache


Mrs. Ruth E. Gross


Mr. Donald L. Hairhoger Sr.

Mr. Donald R. Haswell

Mr. Thomas O. Hornstein

Mr. Norman W. Hutcheson

Mr. Richard W. Jacobs

Mr. Philip W. Kennedy

Mr. Louis J. Koutoulakis

Mr. A. Frederick Kroen

Dr. R. Gene List

Mr. Frank S. Matsukas

Mr. Robert L. Munnell

Mr. Peter A. Napoli

Mr. Armando Ombres

Mr. William H. Onuska

Mrs. Ethel Pasma


Rev. Andrew G. Slade

Mr. Robert E. Sterrett

Mr. Stanley F. Thayer

Mr. Walter C. Yaro

Mrs. M. Irene Yonkee


Mr. William W. Young



Dr. Charles G. Barber

Mrs. Ruth P. Bloor


Mrs. Ellen J. Brierly


Mr. Louis J. Capo

Mr. Robert W. Goehring

Mr. Philip Lee Gross

Dr. William J. Gutch III

Mr. George W. Jackson

Mrs. Mary F. Jarrett


Dr. Tom B. Jones

Mrs. Alice M. Joseph


Mr. Dewayne Kanagy

Mr. Donald G. Kerr

Mr. Nick Koutoulakis

Mrs. Celeste A. LaBate


Mrs. Ruth E. Mann


Dr. Marion L. McFarland

Rev. Robert H. McFarland

Mr. Robert E. McMaster

Mr. John J. Monza

Mr. Thomas R. Park

Mr. Reynold A. Peduzzi Jr.

Mr. Albert W. Poholsky

Dr. Betty S. Schaughency


Mrs. Mary A. Streeter


Mr. Donald F. Taylor

Mrs. Joan W. Wallace


Mr. George E. Westerlund Jr.

Mr. J. Craig White

Mr. Samuel W. Wilson

Mr. Lauren O. Wolcott


Rev. James D. Bigley

Dr. Robert I. Brandt

Mr. Angelo S. Frangopoulos

Mrs. Janice C. Green


Dr. George R. Haddad

Mrs. Frances K. Hanna


Mrs. Kathryn S. Haswell


Dr. Patricia Kerr

Mr. Samuel W. Kohler

Mrs. Mary E. Kroen


Mrs. Janet E. Lank


Mr. Charles J. Mowry

Mr. C. Howard Rice

Mr. August H. Schneider

Mr. Daniel Taddeo

Mrs. Miriam R. Weaver


Mr. Paul D. Weiskopf

Mr. Lyman F. White

Mr. Kenneth W. Woodeshick

Mr. George W. Woodham

Mr. Kenneth H. Yonkee

Dr. Larry M. Younkin

Mr. Stanley M. Yukica


Mrs. Mary E. Bricker


Mr. Patrick F. Cortazzo

Mr. John A. Croud Jr.

Mr. Paul G. Dici

Mr. L. John Gache

Mrs. E. Eleanor Hahn


Mr. Donald Hoffman

Mr. William T. Jackson

Mr. William K. Kester

Dr. Jack G. Kevorkian

Mrs. Doris J. MacKenzie


Mr. Edward G. MacKenzie

Mrs. Georgia A. McFarland


Mr. John M. Mitchell

Mr. Donald H. Mullinnix

Dr. David S. Nelson

Mrs. G. Marilyn O'Data


Dr. Robert A. Patsiga

Rev. James C. Pennington

Mr. Walter Rogan

Dr. Richard L. South

Dr. Wayne R. Spear

Mr. Robert G. Varkony

Mr. Joseph A. Violi

Mr. J. Ellis Walrond

Mr. R. Homer Weaver


Mr. John B. Ague II

Mrs. Janet G. Armstrong


Mr. Anthony S. Bernardi

Mr. William J. Burlingame

Mrs. Georgie A. Butler


Mrs. Katharine M. Casuccio


Mr. Robert Ellis Catloth

Mr. George T. Christine III

Dr. Keith E. Copeland

Mr. Gilbert J. Damico

Mr. Robert W. Daniels

Rev. John C. Dean

Rev. Reynold E. Dempsey

Mr. R. Rex Downie

Mr. John W. Goe (Dcsd)

Dr. Harry J. Hartley

Mrs. Vera J. Ireland Beidler


Mr. Carl N. Jones

Dr. Robert C. Keys Jr.

Dr. Henry P. Kirk III

Dr. Jack J. Klein

Miss Evalin R. Knowles

Mrs. Marjorie M. Lathom


Mr. Bruce A. Leopardi

Mr. Frank J. Mancini Sr.

Mr. Orlando N. Marinaccio

Mrs. Marion J. Marziano


Mrs. Katharine J. McElroy


Ms. Virginia Mountain


Mr. Charles N. O'Data

Mr. Dante Piacesi Jr.

Mrs. Helen M. Pierce


Mrs. Joyce M. Rice


Mrs. Linda J. Richards


Mr. William E. Roberts

Mr. Alexander J. Simko

Mr. Edward S. Smilak

Mrs. Jacquelin Spear


Mrs. Edythe M. Stanislaw


Mrs. Alice E. Stewart


Mrs. Margaret E. Tait


Mr. M. John Tino

Dr. John H. White

Mrs. Mary H. Woodeshick


Mrs. Marleigh P. Zimmerman


Mr. Ralph E. Zinkham


Dr. David R. Armstrong

Mr. Carl Wood Brown

Mr. Donald V. Carugati

Mrs. Barbara G. Catloth


Mrs. Arla Downie


Miss Dorothy S. Elko

Mrs. Alison J. Estermyer


Miss Eleanor A. Feerst

Mrs. Joan M. Fekete


Mr. Charles W. Finley

Dr. Anne L. Forrest

Mr. A. Benjamin Fox

Mr. C. Thomas Galbreath

Mr. Paul H. Gault

Mrs. Evanelle I. Geldof


Mr. William H. Girvan

Mr. Robert S. Gregos

Ms. Lois R. Gross


Mrs. Marilyn J. Hammond


Mrs. Patricia A. Hendry


Dr. Donald C. Jackson PhD

Mrs. Margaret R. Lash


Mrs. Virginia I. List


Mr. Frank R. Lyons

Mrs. Mary E. Marco


Miss E. Louise Marshall

Mr. James W. Marshall

Mrs. Nancy R. McDade


Mr. Robert M. McKinney

Mrs. Lynn D. McMaster


Dr. L. Delyte Morris

Mr. Robert A. Morrow

Mrs. Margaret A. Moser


Mr. Melvin K. Mountain Jr.

Mr. Samuel C. Mullin

Dr. David R. Park Jr.

Mr. David R. Patterson

Mr. Robert N. Peirce Jr.

Mr. Fred A. Perrotta

Mr. Thomas E. Schantz

Mr. Donald A. Schena

Mrs. Marilyn M. Senchyshak


Mrs. Wini A. Simko


Mrs. Marie J. Smilek


Mrs. Marjorie O. South


Mrs. Mary M. Spear


Dr. Gary L. Statton

Mr. Donald H. Stewart Jr.

Mrs. Alice D. Thompson


Dr. Charles H. VanDyke

Mr. G. Glen Wallace

Mr. Melvin L. Weller

Mrs. Norma D. White


Mrs. Sue R. Wilkey


Mr. R. Alan Windham

Mrs. Wilma L. Windham



Mr. Roy C. Albert

Mr. William C. Bartels

Mr. Gerald R. Bartolomucci

Mr. George R. Bird

Mrs. Beverly A. Bonnell


James A. Bonnell

Mr. R. Scott Boyle

Col. Claire E. Brittain Jr.

Mr. William E. Clark

Mr. Melvin T. Cook

Mrs. Carole M. Dainton


Mr. Keith I. DeLuca

Ms. Linda L. Duell


Dr. Richard R. Eakin

Mrs. Janet L. Emerich


Mrs. Grace E. Figley


Mrs. Dorothy A. Fleming


Dr. John H. Goodworth

Mr. Charles M. Hall

Rev. Ralph E. Joseph

Mrs. Sally A. Klink


Mr. Joseph S. Kulcyk

Mr. Paul N. Laughner Jr.

Dr. Elmer F. Litzinger Jr.

Mr. Paul J. Lloyd

Mrs. Frances C. Mann


Dr. Max E. Mann

Dr. Donald H. McBurney

Mrs. Joan F. McBurney


Dr. James E. McClure

Mrs. Phyllis J. Mihalcin


Rev. Jerrold S. Milroy

Mr. John B. Moore

Mr. James L. Muoio

Mr. Paul K. Patterson

Mrs. Alfretta D. Richards


Dr. H. Lawrence Richards

Mr. Melvin R. Roush

Mr. James Shaw

Mr. Walter F. Staruszkiewicz Jr.

Mr. Leroy F. Stewart

Mrs. Janice L. Swauger


Mr. Harry A. Trout Jr.

Rev. George E. Tutwiler

Dr. C. Eugene Walker

Mr. James E. Weigel

Mrs. Judith A. Wenning


Mr. James A. Wick

Mr. Thomas M. Yancy


Mr. Joseph A. Bodnar Sr.

Mr. Duwayne D. Brown

Mrs. Paula A. Burlingame


Mrs. Leutitia A. Copeland


Mr. Albert G. Dainton

Mr. Daniel De La Torres

Mr. Arnold P. DeGeorge

Mr. Robert F. Evans

Mr. Thomas R. Flowers

Rev. Paul N. Frederick

Mr. Thomas E. Grahek

Mr. Joseph C. Hammond Jr.

Mr. Dale E. Hazen

Mrs. L. Gayle Helmick


Mr. James H. Henry

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Holscher


Mrs. Maxine L. Honeyman

Mr. Stanley W. Hosking

Miss W. Carlene Hutcheson

Miss Joyce E. Lynn

Mr. Felix Magnotta

Dr. Francis G. Mannarino

Mr. Pete G. Poulos

Mr. Robert A. Robinson

Mr. Robert J. Schreiner

Dr. Jack D. Sidler Jr.

Dr. Marcia A. Summers


Mr. William B. Teasdale

Mrs. Nancy R. Vincze


Miss Elizabeth P. Wilson

Miss Phyllis A. Wilson

Mrs. Sandra L. Wolcott



Mr. Edward T. Applegate

Ms. E. Betty Beaman

Mr. Albert T. Borovich

Dr. Bruce T. Bowman

Mr. Franklin A. Brown

Mr. Richard A. Brown

Mr. Theodore T. Chao

Mrs. Rachel A. DeLaney


Mr. Leonard Dietrich

Mr. Bernard L. Dixon Jr.

Miss Florence Fattal

Mr. Richard A. Headley

Mrs. Mary A. Hoffman


Mr. George W. Imm

Mr. William H. Jones

Mrs. Doris M. Magnuson


Mr. George R. Mangiarelli

Dr. George O. McDade Jr.

Ms. Carolyn M. Mollenkopf


Mrs. Mary E. Mullinnix


Mrs. Christine L. Musgrave


Dr. Howard M. Peters

Dr. Paul A. Pupi

Mr. Thomas J. Purdie

Mr. Ronald M. Schiftic

Mr. Anthony D. Skufca

Rev. W. Keith Staneart

Mr. William A. Staruszkiewicz

Dr. Raymond E. Stephens

Mr. Dale E. Wentroble

Mrs. Linda M. Witherite


Mr. Richard L. Witherite

Mrs. Margaret A. Zuraw



Col. Bruce R. Alexander

Mrs. Lois M. Alexander


Mrs. Barbara Aultman


Mrs. Glola G. Basler


Dr. Jay C. Basler

Mr. Raymond E. Beatty

Mr. Walter M. Bleakney

Mr. Donald C. Brough

Rev. Robert E. Butcher

Mrs. Susan R. Camberg


Mr. August B. Conte

Mr. C. Richard Cunningham

Dr. Gerald L. Delon

Mrs. JoAnn A. Eakin


Mr. Reed S. Fennell

Mrs. Margaret A. Franke


Mr. J. Edwin Frendberg

Dr. Charles H. Goehring

Mr. Ronald E. Goehring

Mr. Joseph E. Hamilton

Mrs. Bonnie S. Harrison


Dr. Kenneth E. Hartman

Mr. Philip E. Hays

Mr. A. Robert Hohl

Mrs. Kathleen L. Hohl


Mrs. Sue P. Hutcheson


Dr. James O. Jackson III

Mrs. Edith M. Keast


Mr. Robert G. Klitz

Mr. Leonard J. Koczur

Mr. Edwin D. Lindsay

Mr. Eugene M. Margiotti

Mrs. Faith M. Martin


Dr. Fredric W. Martin

Col. Patrick D. McCaslin

Mr. Ralph P. McKelvy

Mrs. Kay H. Mills


Mr. Ronald L. Musgrave

Mr. Gerald L. Partington

Mr. Richard D. Pearson

Mr. Paul J. Powers

Mrs. Barbara L. Pupi


Mrs. Abigail C. Redman


Mrs. Marilyn L. Russell


Mr. Thomas V. Tabinowski

Mr. Thomas L. Tindall

Mrs. Terry S. Tullis


Mr. Louis G. Ulizio

Mrs. Nancy H. Walton


Mr. William F. Wenning

Mr. Danny C. Wigley

Dr. Donald B. Willson

Mr. Donald L. Winegar

Mr. David H. Winkle

Mr. James H. Wirtz

Mr. Wilbert H. Wise III



Dr. David W. Badger

Mr. E. Lee Bowman

Mrs. April L. Brown


Mr. Raymond H. Cegelski

Mr. Fleming D. Charlton

Mr. David G. Cole

Mrs. Nancy S. Conner


Mr. Nicholas I. Cvetnic

Mr. Arthur P. Daily

Mr. William R. Finley

Mrs. Mary E. Fisher


Mr. Ronald C. Fisher

Miss Carole A. Fitzsimmons

Mr. William C. E. Graeser III

Mr. Emmett L. Graham

Mrs. Patricia A. Graham


Mr. Robert S. Hart

Dr. Alan W. Hemphill

Rev. Harry H. Johns III

Mr. Ralph H. Klitz Jr.

Mrs. Linda Krokonko


Mr. John A. Lockley

Mrs. Hedwig Martin


Mr. William J. Mayhew

Mr. P. Keith McElhaney

Mr. Phillip R. Noss

Mr. Nicholas L. Nott

Dr. Gerald L. Opp

Mr. Peter A. Peduzzi

Mrs. Ruth H. Pennington


Mrs. Sally A. Peters


Mrs. Mary A. Petz


Mrs. Marie A. Sakmar


Dr. R. Duane Sofia

Mr. Milan L. Tatala

Mrs. Alice L. Teasdale


Dr. Lewis A. Turlish

Mrs. Georgia A. Voegler


Mrs. Mary J. Voigt


Mr. Bernerd T. Vukelich

Mr. G. Dean Weyman

Mr. Andrew S. White

Mrs. E. Mary Winkle


Mrs. Janet E. Wise


Mr. Richard A. Yockman


Mrs. Barbara K. Allison


Mr. John B. Allison

Mr. Richard P. Bedio

Mr. Robert W. Boyd

Mrs. Nancy L. Braman


Mr. G. Reynolds Clark

Rev. Wilson L. Cummings

Miss Marilyn E. Datt

Dr. Terry L. Dicianna

Mrs. Dorothy Falk


Mrs. Ingeborg Farrell


Mr. Donald G. Figley

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Finley


Mrs. Patricia M. Galbreath


Mrs. Barbara L. Graeser


Mr. Robert G. Harrison

Mrs. Linda K. Heistand


Mr. Raymond A. Heitger

Mr. Donald E. Hesh

Mrs. Bonnie G. Hillyer


Mrs. Naomi K. Horner


Capt. Thomas M. Hutcheson Jr.

Mrs. Carol A. Imm


Ms. Marion P. Krier


Mr. Joseph W. Krokonko

Mr. John R. Mandeville

Mr. Daniel Marchisin

Mrs. Anna K. Martin


Mrs. Frances P. McConahy


Mr. Albert M. Pavese Jr.

Mr. William Petz Jr.

Rev. Donald W. Piper

Mr. Robert T. Puhalla

Mr. Anthony A. Rubino

Mr. Carl W. Schweiger

Mrs. Virginia B. Scott Fleming


Mr. Phillip A. Shafer

Dr. Dean R. Smith

Mr. Robert P. Smith

Mr. R. John Tonder

Mr. Lawrence J. Varga

Mr. Gary L. Watters

Mrs. Patricia I. Watters


Mrs. Lillian F. Wellington


Mr. W. Robert Wells

Dr. Carol E. Westby


Mrs. Bonita K. Willson


Mr. David D. Willson

Mrs. Sarah L. Willson



Mr. Larry R. Ammon

Mr. Carl J. Arbes Esq.

Mr. Walter J. Baney

Mr. Al John Bialek

Mrs. Joy E. Cable


Mr. W. Thomas Chalmers

Mrs. Louise M. Copeland


Dr. Robert M. Copeland

Rev. James A. Cossin

Mr. Arthur L. Dell

Mr. Charles E. Downs

Rev. A. Wayne Duffield

Dr. Robert J. Eells

Dr. Mary A. Eppinger

Rev. Paul W. Finley

Mrs. Ruth A. Fisher


Mr. Russell J. Fleming

Dr. F. Jay Fricker

Mr. Thomas G. Hansen Sr.

Mr. G. Thomas Heep

Mrs. Eleanor L. Hogsett


Dr. James E. Immekus

Mr. Robert J. Ingles

Mr. Ralph A. Kessler Jr.

Mr. Alvin C. Kocher

Mrs. Annetta L. Kronz


Mr. Anthony J. Krukowski

Mrs. L. Marlene Larson


Mr. David L. Martin

Dr. James H. McCartney

Mrs. Victoria L. McCartney


Dr. Joseph W. McKean Jr.

Mr. R. William Mills

Mrs. Saundra J. Milroy


Mr. John A. Nave Jr.

Mrs. Donna F. Neal


Mrs. Barbara A. Parke


Mrs. Paula S. Patterson


Mrs. Shirley M. Patterson


Mr. Maury F. Penn Jr.

Mrs. Betsy J. Price


Mrs. Lois E. Roush


Mrs. Laura L. Rush


Mr. Daniel F. Ryder

Mrs. Karen I. Ryder


Mrs. Elizabeth A. Searfoss


Mrs. Nancy I. Smith


Mr. Charles W. Townsend

Mr. Richard L. Wellendorf

Mr. Larry E. Williams

Dr. Joseph T. Worsham

Dr. Charles H. Zeigler


Dr. Barry G. Badger

Mrs. Virginia A. Badger


Miss Ingrid L. Birdsall

Mrs. Carol J. Bonsall


Mr. Robert T. Clarke

Mrs. A. Eileen Culp


Mr. William R. Cummings

Mrs. June E. Dailey


Mr. Ned E. DiBenedetto

Mrs. Janet R. Downing


Mr. S. Keith Edgar

Dr. John W. Forman

Mrs. Katherine A. Fuller


Mr. W. Eugene Hancock

Mr. L. Melvin Hogsett

Mr. Earl B. Holton

Miss A. Darlene Horner (Dcsd)

Mr. John W. Lang

Mrs. Barbara L. Mann


Mr. Anthony C. Marotti III

Mrs. Vernice J. McChesney


Mr. Dennis J. McClain

Col. Thomas C. Mills

Ms. Carol Y. Mrvosh

Miss Kathleen R. Murphy

Mr. Leonard C. Newman

Mr. Dennis M. Norman

Mr. Jack D. Patton

Mrs. Bonita F. Piper


Mr. Charles T. Polce II

Mrs. Myrna K. Porter


Mr. James D. Reese

Mrs. Margaret V. Reid


Mr. William F. Reid

Dr. David L. Schmolly

Mr. E. Frederick Schoeneweis

Mr. Joseph L. Sokolick Jr.

Mrs. Barbara A. Srail


Miss Dale Stellhorn

Mrs. Delta L. Stoner


Miss Lois A. Stowell

Miss A. Catherine Tack

Mrs. Eunice M. White


Mrs. Virginia L. Williams



Mr. Larry F. Baumgartel

Rev. Robert G. Bedison Jr.

Mrs. Patricia A. Bracy


Mr. Walter M. Brown

Mrs. Eleanor E. Bush


Mrs. Virginia M. Caldwell


Mrs. Bonita J. Chambers


Mr. Roger P. Cook

Mr. Forrest N. Culp

Mr. Obrad J. Cvetovich Jr.

Rev. Ernest A. Dally Jr.

Mr. Alexander K. Davison

Mrs. Esther C. Davison


Mr. David P. Dixon

Rev. Edward A. Eppinger

Mr. John R. Eppinger Jr.

Mrs. Sandra L. Eppinger


Mr. Wilber H. Estermyer Jr.

Mr. George J. Goodwald

Mrs. H. Arlene Hiskey


Mrs. Rose Marie A. James


Mr. Neal A. Keller

Mr. Richard L. Keslar

Mrs. Marguerite A. Kessler


Mr. Neal K. Mann

Mrs. Ruth S. Marshall


Mr. Donald R. McBurney

Ms. Karen S. McKinney

Mrs. Edith B. Metheny


Mr. John B. Nemcek

Mrs. Mary C. Newman


Dr. William E. Nixon

Mrs. Judith A. Noack


Mr. Stephen B. Owen

Ms. Bonna L. Oyer

Mrs. Susan M. Peavy


Mr. Raymond P. Puskar

Pastor Clifford M. Reynolds Jr.

Mrs. Catherine A. Rowe


Mr. Andrew M. Sopirak

Mrs. Patty J. Sumner


Mr. James C. Teapole Jr.

Mr. William A. Thomas

Mr. DeHaven L. Thompson

Ms. Marlene A. Tomasello


Mr. Allan B. Tonda

Mrs. Arlene R. Townsend


Mrs. Susan L. Volk


Mr. Dwight E. Wagner

Mr. Ian D. Welsh

Mr. Roger E. Whitehouse

Mr. J. Robert Willson

Mrs. Jeanne Wilson


Mrs. Carol A. Wilt


Ms. Barbara F. Wogan


Mrs. Kathryn A. Wollin


Mr. Kenneth L. Young


Anonymous (2)

Mr. Thomas J. Abraham

Dr. Melville W. Adams

Mrs. Margaret E. Andrews


Mrs. Cathy L. Ariganello


Mr. Charles A. Artzberger

Rev. Bruce R. Backensto

Mr. Bruce D. Badger

Mrs. Darlene L. Baney


Mrs. Barbara J. Baumgartner


Mrs. Ruth A. Bedison


Mrs. Mary G. Boussios


Mrs. Margaret S. Buck


Mr. Gary D. Buffington

Mr. Edward J. Cable

Mr. Ronald D. Cain

Mr. Thomas L. Cody

Mr. Robert E. Crisci

Dr. John A. Delivuk

Mrs. Mary E. Dodds


Mrs. Alecsandra G. Eckhardt


Mr. Edward L. Floyd

Mr. John J. Foust Jr.

Mrs. Carolyn Harding


Mrs. Dee A. Hartman


Mr. Donald E. Hoffman

Miss S. Amy Hosking

Miss Elizabeth A. Hutcheson

Mr. Victor Ialongo

Mrs. Kathleen M. Lang


Mr. Allen J. Lewarchik

Dr. William R. Lewis

Mr. John S. McCready

Mr. Rodney J. Milanovich

Mr. N. Floyd Montgomery

Mr. Ernest F. Moses Jr.

Mrs. Roberta A. Nixon


Mrs. Sally Northrop


Mr. Robert C. Porter

Mrs. Susan E. Preston


Cmdr. Paul V. Rocereto

Mr. Gary R. Rohrbaugh

Mr. Terry D. Rossman

Mrs. Mary Jane S. Ryan


Dr. Donald E. Sheffield

Dr. John R. Snarey

Dr. David L. Steed Jr.

Mr. John E. Toth Jr.

Mr. Brian E. Tritt

Mr. Thomas R. Vandling

Mr. Marc Walther

Mr. Philip J. Zaluska

Mrs. G. Joanne Ziemer



Dr. Connie S. Anderson

Mr. Robert E. Baumgartner

Mrs. Frances A. Bevan


Mr. Richard A. Binkley

Dr. M. Nanette Boren


Mrs. Beverly M. Carson


Mr. Gail L. Church

Mrs. Patricia M. Coghlan


Mrs. Deborah L. Conner


Mrs. Adren M. Cook


Miss Charlotte W. Cramer

Mr. H. Ray Crissman

Mrs. Sandra S. Crissman


Mrs. Barbara S. Downs


Mr. Joseph C. Downs

Mr. William R. Feasley

Mr. James J. Fiorito

Dr. Pau K. Fong

Mr. Ronald M. Galiffa

Mrs. Linda H. Good


Mrs. Barbara R. Grace


Mr. Paul W. Haynie

Mrs. Nancy J. Hemphill


Mr. Richard M. Hemphill

Mr. Chris R. Henderson

Mr. Allan L. Hesh

Dr. Michael F. Hink

Mrs. Susan Hornack


Dr. Karen L. Hornung

Mr. Donald J. Hoye

Mrs. Irene Kaffenes


Mrs. Carolyn C. Kupperman


Mr. Frederic A. Lingenfelter

Mr. Charles W. Lott

Mr. Douglas F. Lum

Dr. Jeffry A. Metheny

Dr. John P. Michel

Mrs. Stephanie C. Miller


Mr. Louis A. Ramunno

Mrs. Carolyn B. Raney


Mrs. Nancy A. Schmehl


Rev. Lawrence Semel

Mrs. Carol E. Snarey


Ms. L. Jean Strickler

Mr. David A. Sumner

Mr. R. William Swauger

Dr. Louis Terracio

Mrs. Marcia L. Trokhan


Mrs. Joanne L. Willson


Mr. Thomas A. Woodske

Mrs. Donna L. Worsham


Mr. Duzel D. Yates


Mr. R. Jerome Anderson

Mrs. Janet L. Bittner


Mr. James W. Caldwell

Mrs. Paula B. Clark


Mrs. Marilyn S. Cook


Mr. William J. Cutri

Ms. Dana V. Darche


Mrs. Kathy L. Davis


Mrs. Melba G. DeGoines


Miss Lena M. Dixson

Mr. James A. Doyle

Mrs. Lorraine K. Doyle


Miss Susan R. Drummond

Ms. Cynthia M. Field


Mrs. Monica C. Fingerhut


Mr. Ronald J. Harding

Mr. Ralph J. Hegner

Mrs. Marilyn J. Hink


Mrs. Patricia A. Hoffman


Mr. Donald E. Hollerman

Mr. Theodore O. Kay

Mrs. Diane H. Kerr


Mr. D. Scott Kerr

Dr. Paul W. Kilpatrick

Miss Judith A. Kinsinger

Mrs. Constance K. Longenberger


Mrs. Mary A. Lynn


Mr. Henry J. Mahosky Jr.

Ms. Antoinette S. Manzetti

Mr. Joseph A. Maraffi

Dr. Linda R. Marshall


Mrs. Sharon K. Mathews


Mr. Charles C. Milliken

Mrs. Marilyn R. Minner


Mrs. Benetta L. Myers


Rev. Roy C. Myers

Mr. Mark D. Overgaard

Dr. Ralph N. Phillips

Rev. Keith D. Price

Mrs. Kerry L. Ramunno


Mr. James V. Rocco

Mrs. Mary L. Rosemeyer


Mrs. Diana R. Schott


Mr. Walter S. Scott

Mr. Patrick M. Sherin

Mr. William B. Stratton

Mr. Thomas M. Tronzo

Mrs. Constance L. Troxell


Mr. David W. Troxell

Rev. Robert E. Ulrich

Mr. Richard J. Vallecorsa

Mr. John D. Vild

Mrs. Sharon L. Ward


Mrs. G. Christine Welsh


Mr. Charles S. Wicks

Mrs. Donna L. Wilson



Mr. Renwick B. Adams

Rev. William R. Betteridge Jr.

Mrs. Linda F. Brown


Mr. Robert G. Carpenter

Rev. David C. Coon

Mr. Richard L. Cramer

Mrs. Lynda L. Criswell


Mr. Eric W. Davis

Mrs. Katharine M. Dennis


Mr. Samuel M. Dittmar

Ms. Terrance Faye


Mr. Vincent J. Frank

Rev. Wayne A. Frazier

Mr. Lawrence A. Hall

Dr. Christian W. Hallstein

Mrs. Mary V. Hesh


Mr. Christopher J. Hilleary

Mr. Hubert F. Houlette Jr.

Mr. David S. Jack

Mr. William A. Jones

Mrs. Miriam J. Kline


Mr. Edward F. Kopriva

Mr. Darrell R. Longenberger

Mr. William J. Lowe

Mr. James B. Luce

Dr. S. Dale MacMurdo

Mrs. Sharyn E. McBurney


Mrs. Beverly J. McCready


Mrs. Linda A. McGrath


Mr. Charles McShane Jr.

Mr. John T. Milnes

Mr. Herman L. Petti Jr.

Mrs. Sandra K. Phillips


Miss Lucille D. Piechnik

Mr. Robert H. Pinkerton

Mr. William A. Russell

Mr. Frank P. Santangelo

Mrs. Janis L. Sweet


Mrs. Susan D. Tarr


Mrs. Jane A. Taylor


Mr. Robert H. Taylor Jr.

Mr. Terry O. Tebbets

Ms. Marjorie J. Terracio


Mr. W. Michael Tinstman

Mr. David L. Troup

Miss Margaret R. Weimer

Mr. Keith S. Weyman

Mr. Don A. Wilson

Mr. Dennis L. Wing

Mrs. Lynn C. Worster



Mrs. Stephanie A. Albaugh


Mrs. Geraldine L. Babel


Mr. J. Bruce Bauman

Mrs. Eileen M. Beard


Ms. Michele A. Bevelhimer

Mr. LeRoy P. Bosetti

Mr. Jack W. Boyde

Mr. Burton D. Brubaker II

Mrs. Judith A. Carpenter


Ms. Kristen L. Cotter


Mr. Gregory A. Croner

Mr. Dennis R. Dean

Mrs. Susan K. DellaVolle


Mrs. Beth L. Esch


Dr. Bradshaw L. Frey

Mrs. Margaret A. Garber


Mrs. Jean W. Gardner


Mrs. Michele Gillespie


Mrs. Donna L. Gockley


Mr. Lanny K. Guthrie

Mrs. Shirley A. Hallstein


Mrs. Elva J. Harley


Ms. Deborah E. Hayes


Miss Sharon K. Headley

Mr. R. Daryl Heagy

Rev. Robert L. Hemphill

Mrs. Debra Hill


Mr. Gene R. Huggins

Mr. David J. Kinman

Mrs. Marilyn J. Maietta


Dr. Richard D. Mason

Mrs. Kathleen C. McIntyre


Mrs. Dawn A. McKelvy


Dr. Robert A. McKissick

Mrs. Sharon L. McKissick


Mrs. Mary J. Meeder


Mrs. Catherine H. Mellen


Mrs. Marjorie S. Milliken


Mrs. Beth A. Morrison


Mrs. Susan C. Murphy


Mrs. Donna J. Perretta


Mrs. Jane H. Ramsey


Mr. Thomas O. Rice

Mr. Walter F. Rutkowski

Mrs. Lesesne E. Shafer


Mrs. Lynn A. Stewart


Mr. Larry A. Stoner

Dr. Richard E. Taggart

Mr. John C. Teleha

Dr. Darla J. Twale

Mr. Dominic F. Viletto

Mrs. Connie J. Wearley


Mr. William J. Weir

Mrs. Kathy W. Woodske



Mr. Thomas E. Andre

Mr. Mark S. Begley

Mrs. Patricia A. Boots


Mrs. Catherine W. Boyd


Mrs. Carol A. Braum


Mr. James D. Braum

Rev. Mark R. Brown

Mrs. Wendy S. Calvo


Mrs. Lillian Christian


Mr. Thomas D. Clark

Mrs. Carleen J. Dinello


Mrs. Eleanor L. Duguid


Mrs. Donna J. Feehan


Mr. David W. Frengel

Mrs. Bonnie Gibeson


Mr. Dennis P. Gibeson

Mrs. Idamae F. Gower


Mr. L. Dale Gower

Mrs. Nancy H. Hall


Mrs. Judith A. Heinzl


Mr. Donnie L. Hicks

Mrs. Karen L. Hicks


Mrs. Marlene A. Holland


Mrs. Francine L. Keenan


Dr. Shirley J. Kilpatrick


Mr. Michael F. P. Kovacevic

Mr. Charles J. Matrazzo

Mr. Dennis L. McFarland

Mrs. Nancy L. McFarland


Mrs. Bonnie O. Meyer


Dr. Terry L. Norris

Mrs. Susan L. Piscator


Mrs. Martha M. Raak


Mrs. Shirley A. Roberts


Mrs. N. Sue Sanfelice


Mrs. Sharon L. Senge


Dr. Nancy S. Somers


Mrs. Bonnie J. Stonesifer


Mrs. Sara A. Swaney


Mrs. Johnna C. Taggart


Mr. William C. Vache

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Webb


Mrs. Marilyn Y. White


Mrs. Nancy O. Wright


Mr. Dale W. Zeh


Dr. Adel G. Aiken


Mr. Richard K. Bates

Mrs. Joyce A. Bender


Rev. Thomas J. Bennett

Mr. James N. Black

Dr. Peggy L. Black


Mrs. Helen L. Bradford


Mr. Richard A. Buck

Mrs. Deborah R. Budenholzer


Mr. Douglas J. Carson

Dr. Lutitia A. Clipper


Mrs. Carol L. Collins


Mr. Bernard B. Davis Jr.

Mrs. Christine A. Davis


Chaplain G. Barry Davis

Mrs. Janice K. DuBois


Miss Barbara E. Faris

Mr. Paul W. Fields

Mr. Michael P. Foyle

Mr. James A. Grant

Mrs. Diane T. Guthrie


Miss Joella R. Hammond

Mrs. Susan G. Harrison


Miss Marilyn R. Karam

Mr. Steven D. Landis

Mr. David B. Maine

Mr. John A. Manley Jr.

Mr. H. Dean McCoy

Ms. Susan K. McCreary

Miss Kathleen A. McDaniel

Dr. Philip M. Meneely

Mrs. Nancy R. Metkler


Mr. Paul A. Morrison

Mrs. Kimberly E. North


Ms. Patricia J. Palmieri


Mrs. Colleen E. Pearson


Mr. Al Raniero

Rev. Stephen C. Rhodes

Mrs. Diane D. Roeber


Ms. Christine R. Shelton


Mrs. Karen L. Sollenberger


Dr. Barbara A. Tocco Ed.D.

Mr. Edward L. S. Tullis

Mr. James D. Washington

Mrs. Rose R. Weir


Mrs. Evelyn A. Wilson


Mrs. Roberta L. Wilson


Mrs. Debora A. Wing


Mrs. Patricia M. Wolfe


Miss Arleen L. Woodring

Dr. Jonathan Wright M.D.

Mrs. Martha E. Wright



Mr. James L. Andrews

Dr. Jill L. Andrews


Mrs. Katheryn M. Bliton


Mr. David A. Boyer

Mr. William S. Boyle

Ms. Jane E. Calhoun


Mrs. Carol L. Clark


Mr. James R. Crozier

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Dalbey


Mr. Richard B. DeBoer

Mr. Philip C. Duguid

Mrs. Kathy L. Durham


Mr. Robert V. Durham

Dr. Thomas M. Futrell

Dr. Steven S. Garber

Mrs. Donna R. Gardner


Mr. Mark L. Gerner

Mrs. Holly J. Groom


Dr. Douglas V. Hathaway

Mrs. Susan E. Hays


Mrs. Nanci A. Jahnke


Mrs. Sandra A. Kelly


Mr. Edward R. Klicker

Mrs. Deborah A. Koch


Mr. Donald M. Lamont

Mrs. Ann E. Leahy


Mr. Robert J. Lingenfelter

Mrs. Patricia A. Maine


Mrs. Roberta L. Manley


Mrs. Debra Medley


Dr. R. Michael Medley

Mrs. Nancy Miller


Mrs. Deborah J. Muller


Dr. Peter J. Muller

Mrs. Gay L. O'Hara


Mrs. Susan A. Porter


Mr. Kent P. Rowe

Mr. James J. Ruozzo

Mrs. Kathryn S. B. Sampson


Mr. Richard A. Schumacher

Mr. R. Craig Sipe

Ms. Barbara J. Smith

Mrs. Susan K. Snyder


Mr. Stephen R. Stewart

Mrs. Alice J. Vache


Mr. Keith L. Wehr

Mrs. Elaine A. Wise



Mrs. Suzanne E. Alesius


Mr. Charles A. Archer

Mr. R. David Ashleigh

Mr. Garth D. Bishop

Mrs. Carol E. Boyle


Mr. Philip E. Bradford Jr.

Dr. Brian E. Burgess

Mrs. Barbara L. Campbell


Dr. Craig S. Carter

Mrs. Cheryl L. DeFrain


Mr. W. Dean Esper Jr.

Mr. David R. Farver

Mrs. Kim L. Fields


Miss Frances E. Fischer

Mrs. Louise A. Flick


Mrs. Diane Gennaro


Rev. Ronald L. Graham

Mrs. Michele Greene


Mr. Reid G. Greene

Mr. Robert C. Groom

Mr. John M. Hays III

Mrs. Cheryl D. Hemphill


Mr. Lon F. Hogue

Mr. Robert B. Houser

Mr. John R. Huffman Jr.

Mrs. Brenda J. Hurne


Mr. Robert O. Keys

Mrs. Elsie M. Knappenberger


Mrs. Karen S. Lamont


Mrs. Rita A. Lyon


Mr. William J. McFarland

Mr. Richard F. McKinney II

Mr. Bruce C. McKissick

Mr. Thomas K. McMahon

Mrs. Sally A. Moldovan


Mr. Terry L. Moldovan

Mr. Robert A. Peters

Mrs. Constance J. Raver


Mrs. Tamar A. Richko


Mrs. Diann L. Ruozzo


Miss Mary J. Russo

Mrs. Barbara E. Schumacher


Dr. John W. Seth

Mrs. Leslie E. Shaw


Mr. Dennis W. Stoner

Ms. Priscilla A. Streightoff


Mrs. Rebecca M. Veith


Mr. A. Dale Weaver

Mrs. Wendy Weaver


Mr. Thomas A. Young


Mr. Dwight B. Adams

Dr. Charles R. Aley

Mrs. Sarah H. Ashleigh


Mr. Roger L. Atkinson

Mrs. Jean A. Carson


Mr. Ernest E. Clipper

Ms. Mary E. Cole

Dr. D. Gayle Copeland

Mrs. Marilyn L. Deans


Mr. David S. DeWall

Miss Anna M. DiCerbo

Rev. H. Wayne Eppehimer

Mrs. Janet Estella


Mrs. Joan E. Evans


Mr. Keith R. Fletcher

Mr. Edwin S. Fontaine

Mr. William C. Fontaine

Miss Ruby J. Forrester

Mr. Anthony P. Funari

Mr. Thomas E. Garrisi

Mrs. Trudy A. Gill


Mrs. Patti J. Golden


Dr. Susan B. Griffith


Mr. Elmer R. Hancock Jr.

Ms. Frances M. Hays

Mrs. Sandra L. Hegner


Mr. G. Franklin Heinicke

Dr. Barbara J. Henry

Mr. Steven C. Hibshman

Rev. Louis R. James Jr.

Mr. R. Brian Joseph

Mr. David A. Kaylor

Mrs. Sonia E. Kaylor


Mrs. Frances L. Keller


Mr. Dale B. Knepper Jr.

Mr. Kelly J. Knowlden

Rev. Lawrence J. Lalama

Mrs. Sallie A. Matko


Mr. Terry J. Meeneghan

Mrs. Teresa B. Milne


Mr. Steven L. Miske

Mr. Robert D. Neill

Mrs. Susan A. Newton


Mr. John L. Piccinini

Mr. Daniel H. Raver

Mr. Richard L. Rhodes

Mrs. Susan M. Ruffley


Dr. Kevin L. Sams

Mrs. Susan J. Seth


Mr. Herbert S. Skuba

Cmdr. David M. Smith

Ms. Diane L. Stevens

Mrs. Jean E. Stewart


Mrs. Lynelle S. Stoner


Mrs. Elizabeth Tobin


Mr. Timothy J. Tomcik

Mr. John Ungham

Mrs. Leslie J. VanNewkirk


Mr. Bruce F. Vaughn

Mr. Jonathan H. Wallace

Mrs. Cheryl E. Weidley


Mr. Stephen C. Wick

Mrs. Marilyn A. Wilt


Mrs. Claudia M. Wing


Mrs. Audrey S. Wright


Mr. Robert D. Wright


Mrs. Cheryl L. Archer


Mrs. Judy L. Bardsley


Mrs. Linda C. Bomberger


Mrs. Mary F. Brock


Mrs. Tammie M. Buckwalter


Mrs. Sheila R. Bussey


Mr. John A. Capasso

Dr. Kenneth P. Carson

Mr. John R. Darak Jr.

Rev. I. Douglas Estella

Rev. Howard P. D. Fischer

Mrs. Nadine M. Harrison


Dr. Gary J. Havranek

Dr. John M. Hill

Mrs. Anne V. Lalama


Miss Diane L. Lamont

Mrs. Carol R. Market


Mrs. Cheryl M. McKelvey


Mr. William E. Merrill

Mrs. Vera A. Mytinger


Mr. Daniel A. Nahas

Mr. Stanley T. Omland

Mr. R. Thomas Passaro

Mrs. Victoria L. Rhodes


Mr. Daniel B. Richardson

Mr. Randy D. Roeber

Mrs. Joann R. Ross


Dr. Mary Louise Russell

Mr. Joseph B. Serbin

Mrs. Debra K. Shope


Rev. Ward W. Shope

Mr. Kenneth R. Skill

Rev. Brian W. Smith

Dr. John W. Stahl

Mr. Bradley D. Stewart

Dr. Susan D. Stranahan

Mrs. Sally A. Tomcik


Mr. Mark D. Tronzo

Mrs. Pamela J. Vohar


Rev. Michael L. Ward

Mr. Kenneth R. Weidley

Mr. Dwaine Whitley

Mr. Keith M. Wing

Mrs. Donna R. Wisler


Mr. Theodore M. Wurster


Dr. Joel C. Adams

Mr. Mark C. Antalosky

Mr. Dennis R. Baughman

Mr. Joseph Bilko III

Mrs. Deborah E. Brewer


Mr. Randolph C. Buckwalter

Mrs. Jane A. Carugati


Mr. Daniel G. Curtis

Mrs. Jane S. D'Arcy


Dr. Jeffrey D. Ediger

Mrs. Martha A. Frendberg


Mr. Gregory Lee Hardy

Mr. Steven C. Heimbrook

Mrs. Kelly E. Howell


Mr. Philip D. Joseph

Mrs. Kathy A. Keys


Mr. Jeffrey Mathews

Mr. Matthew W. Mawhinney

Mr. Blake A. McKim

Mrs. Lorrie J. Meneely


Mr. Timothy K. Meneely

Mr. Edward N. Meyers

Mrs. Janet L. Newman


Mr. Thomas D. Oakley

Rev. Lawrence B. Oldaker

Dr. Michael G. Schneider

Miss Judith E. Shay

Dr. Kenneth A. Smith

Mr. Frank C. Steri

Mrs. JoAnne K. Swick


Mr. Marc W. Thayer

Mrs. Wanda S. Thayne


Mr. Keith J. Thomas

Mrs. Donna J. Thornton


Mr. J. Michael Tierney

Mr. Mark J. Tomcik

Mr. Thomas C. Tommelleo III

Mrs. Vicki L. Versprille


Mrs. Brenda M. Wallace (Dcsd)


Mrs. Olga M. Waters


Mr. Stanley H. Wisler


Mr. Richard J. Bayus

Mrs. Carolyn H. Capasso


Mr. Bret A. Carothers

Mr. David C. Carson

Mr. Steven C. Cunningham

Mr. R. Kirk Dietzman

Mr. James L. Edwardson

Mrs. Corine L. Elliott


Mr. Larry E. Gladfelter

Mrs. Yvonne F. Glas


Mr. Donald F. Happ

Mrs. Cheryl A. Hardy


Mrs. Janet M. Harwick


Mrs. Sharon E. Joseph


Mr. Darrel D. Kanagy

Mr. Brian R. Larson

Mr. William M. Lloyd

Mr. Robert T. Long Jr.

Mr. Howard A. Megill

Mr. David R. Rice

Mrs. Martha Rowe


Mr. David R. Shedd

Mrs. Lisa A. Shedd


Mrs. Elizabeth A. Stewart


Mr. John R. Thomas

Mrs. Kristi L. Tomcik


Mr. Cecil L. Walker Jr.

Dr. Robin Ware

Mrs. Debra S. Youngquist



Mr. Todd S. Benning

Mr. James A. Brown

Rev. Ronald E. Brown

Rev. David B. Carver

Dr. Lila J. Comalli


Mrs. Pamela J. Cooper


Miss Clara D. Cox

Dr. Pamela J. Durham Belland


Mr. Paul L. Dzugan

Mrs. Barbara A. Eyster


Mrs. Karen M. Forgette


Mr. Garry L. Goss

Mr. Thomas J. Hanrahan

Mr. David A. Howell

Mrs. Pamela A. Kovacevic


Mrs. Sharon E. Leaming


Capt. David A. Lemmon

Mrs. Cynthia A. Neiswinger


Mrs. Janice K. Nelson


Mrs. Valerie K. Paikin


Mrs. Dottiann I. Pino


Mrs. Judith A. Pockras


Mrs. Marijane Post


Mrs. Marybeth B. Prather


Dr. Elizabeth M. Prence


Mr. Walter A. Reyle

Mrs. Polly A. Thayer


Mrs. Linda G. Trimble


Mr. Robert L. Wilson

Mrs. Loren A. Yatsko



Mrs. Karen E. Augustyn


Mr. Andrew M. Bernard Jr.

Mrs. Debra L. Bianchi


Mrs. Amy S. Brown


Hon. Charles A. Camp

Mr. Lincoln Clark

Mr. Arthur D. Cooper

Mrs. Diane M. Demarest


Mrs. Ruth E. Falk


Mrs. Patricia A. Farnelli


Mr. Jay C. Gallagher

Mrs. Katherine J. Gladfelter


Mr. John H. Grosh Jr.

Mr. Jeffrey L. Hall

Mr. Mark E. Hindman

Mrs. Jacqueline G. Horbey


Mr. Paul C. Horner

Mr. Charles E. Jackson

Mrs. Linda R. Jackson


Ms. Christie T. Jordan


Mrs. Megan J. Kanagy


Miss Elizabeth S. Kennedy

Rev. Daniel S. Kiehl

Mrs. Suzanne E. Kiehl


Mrs. Donna S. Larson


Rev. Douglas K. Lauffer

Mrs. Shirley B. Megill


Mr. Thomas C. Meyers

Mr. Michael J. Neiswinger

Mrs. Eugenia E. Olson


Dr. Evelyn Parish

Mrs. Rebecca J. Potter


Miss Catherine G. Sapp

Mr. Timothy D. Schaefer

Dr. David W. Shaw

Mrs. Valerie A. Shaw


Mrs. Carolee Skinkle


Mr. Gregory G. Smith

Mrs. Jane S. Tatum


Mrs. Amy L. Troup


Dr. Calvin L. Troup

Mr. Stuart B. Tweed

Rev. Timothy J. VanderMey

Mrs. Susan A. Vilga


Mrs. Carol B. Walsh


Mr. Timothy L. Williamson

Mrs. Cynthia J. Wilson



Mrs. Kristen D. Alexander


Mrs. Judith L. Badger


Mr. Joseph C. Barrows

Dr. Babs L. Bengtson


Mrs. Kathleen Buth


Mr. Timothy R. Calkins

Mrs. Harriet J. Dilly


Mrs. Glory A. Dunleavy


Mr. Edward J. Dwyer

Mr. Daniel Eisenreich

Mr. Damon K. Fogal

Mr. Ronald K. Hoehne

Mrs. Adele M. Keul


Mr. James M. Locke Jr.

Miss L. Hope Mangum

Mr. J. Darryl Martin

Mr. Herbert P. McCracken Sr.

Mrs. Patricia F. McCracken


Mr. Jeffrey A. Mostrando

Mrs. Mary E. Ramage


Mrs. Barbara A. Roberts


Mr. Jeffrey L. Robinson

Mrs. Laura L. Tweed


Mrs. Karen E. VanderMey


Mrs. Diana L. Warden


Mr. Mark A. Warden

Mrs. Elizabeth F. Wilson




Mr. Glenn C. Aley

Mr. Robert K. Anderson

Mrs. Jane A. Bernard


Dr. Mark S. Colella

Mr. Jeffrey W. Derrick

Mr. David S. Dougherty

Mr. Thomas P. Ek

Mr. Michael P. Gendrue

Mr. Ross J. Giglio

Mr. David B. Gorrell

Mrs. Rita J. Grove


Mrs. Tacy L. Horner


Ms. Denise R. Houser


Mr. Stephen H. Keul

Mrs. Theva L. Knight


Mr. Dennis E. Lake

Mrs. Jacquelyn S. Lockard


Mrs. Barbara E. Mann


Mr. Kurt J. Matscherz

Mr. Scott K. McBurney

Dr. Annette E. Merlino


Mr. David K. Pech

Mr. Louis R. Petolicchio

Mrs. Rebecca J. Phillips


Mrs. Sharie L. Pillsbury


Mrs. Anne L. Robinson


Mrs. Pamela J. Russell


Mr. Robert E. Shaw

Mr. Alan Wayne Sumner

Miss Annette L. Townley

Mrs. Michelle R. Trent


Mr. Mark V. Ware

Mrs. Cathy R. Wood



Mrs. Deborah W. Bennett


Rev. Lori A. Cotten MDiv


Mrs. Susan T. Ford


Dr. Joseph D. Hines

Mrs. Andrea L. Jaros


Mrs. Amy L. Kreiger


Mr. Richard L. Kreiger P.E.

Rev. Wade R. Mann

Mrs. Valerie R. Mendenhall


Mr. Nathan H. Pillsbury

Mrs. Jean L. Ruhlen


Mr. Robert J. Rusnak Jr.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Shaw

Mr. Ronald F. Snyder

Mrs. Eva M. Trombulak

Mrs. Leila L. Wallace

Mrs. Denise K. Wilson


Mr. Larry R. Wingard

Mrs. Dawn W. Witherspoon


Mr. Jeffery R. Wolfgong



Dr. George A. Auger

Mr. Eric E. Bennett

Dr. Rodney D. Brandt

Mr. Jeffrey M. Brodnick

Mr. Shawn R. Corliss

Mr. Mark A. Cowley

Mrs. Jodi Fogal


Mr. James L. Ford

Mr. Timothy D. Kunes

Mrs. Deanna J. Mascari


Rev. Andrew R. McCracken

Cmdr. Howard J. Nudi USN

Rev. R. Bruce Parnell

Mrs. Victoria L. Parnell


Mrs. Christine A. Pollick


Mr. Daniel R. South

Mr. John R. Taylor

Mrs. Shari L. Vetica


Mr. David R. Yuen


Mrs. Theresa A. Arin


Mrs. Judith E. Boggs


Mr. Thomas A. Brice

Mr. Kendell A. Chilton

Mr. John E. Cournan

Mrs. Diane E. Crone


Mr. Gary A. Darstein

Mrs. Pamela S. Darstein


Mr. Michael L. Decious

Mrs. Laura M. Decker


Mr. Scott G. Decker

Mr. John G. Fishburn

Mrs. Julia F. Gilpin


Dr. Derek P. Grieco

LCDR Peter C. Hakewessell

Mrs. Janet M. Hines


Mrs. Kathleen S. Huff


Dr. John G. Inman

Mr. Brian C. Johnson

Mr. Mark W. Kuhlman

Mr. David B. Layton

Mrs. Susan L. Layton


Mrs. Sara M. Locke


Mr. Howard J. Lodge III

Mr. A. Scott MacLeod

Mr. Robert V. Market

Mrs. Shana C. Milroy


Mr. John A. Morrow Jr.

Mrs. Rebecca J. Musser


Mrs. Jill D. Ruzich


Mr. Timothy R. Schoeneweis

Mrs. Mary T. Stahley Ed.D.


Mr. Dean A. Stoneback

Mr. Barry G. Thomas

Mr. Charles R. Van Der Eems

Mr. Mark A. Watson

Mr. John W. Watt

Dr. Bonnie E. Weir


Mrs. Diana M. Yoder



Mrs. Shawn M. Brower


Ms. Olga L. Cowley


Mrs. Catherine A. Decious


Mr. David A. Franklin

Mrs. Joy A. Gaffney


Miss Debbie R. Genz

Mr. Robert H. Gourley Jr.

Mr. Christopher G. Green

Miss Carrie S. Hooper

Mr. John Y. Ma

Mr. Richard P. Malingowski

Mrs. Rebecca A. Mills


Mr. Daryl L. Pitzer

Mr. Jeffrey C. Schindel

Mrs. Maryetta Shiring


Mrs. Christina R. Simback


Mr. Daniel E. Stalnecker

Mr. Ron L. Swartzentruber

Mr. Brent A. Thomas


Mr. Brian K. Allman

Dr. Denise L. Bortree


Mr. Peter D. Carcaise

Mrs. Georgette H. Corliss


Mrs. Yvonne E. Douglas


Mrs. Greta S. Dowell


Miss Veronica Fields

Rev. June Anne Garber

Dr. Teri L. Gourley


Mrs. Sheri L. Guerrieri


Mr. Mark S. Henry

Mr. James A. Hindman P.E.

Mrs. Carol F. Holewski


Mrs. Elizabeth J. Iben


Mr. Jeffrey S. Ingros

Mrs. Janet D. Kuhlman


Mr. Timothy P. Mills

Miss Dorothy L. Ruch

Mrs. Stephanie A. Schindel


Mrs. Earlene J. Searight

Mr. Douglas E. Shirk

Mrs. Brenda J. Van Der Eems


Rev. Nancy G. Zahn



Mrs. Wendy M. Allman


Mr. Dwaine J. Armentrout

Mrs. Ruth A. Armentrout


Dr. Edward D. Brandner

Mrs. Ann E. Burkhead


Miss Carolyn J. Cajka

Dr. Thomas E. Copeland

Mrs. Lisa M. Dardes


Mr. Christopher E. Delposen

Dr. Margaret G. Delposen


Mr. Marc A. Dobson

Mr. David M. Harris

Mr. Thomas A. Hart Sr.

Mrs. Melissa K. Hindman


Miss Amy T. Kellner

Mr. Glenn A. Neiport

Dr. Jeffrey L. Newswanger

Mr. David J. Schaefer

Mrs. Joy K. Schaefer


Mr. Samuel N. Spear

Mrs. Linda Sumner


Mrs. Christina C. Townsend


Mr. William C. Townsend

Mr. J. Douglas Works


Mrs. Patricia M. Andrews MTASCP

Mr. John C. Baker

Dr. Melissa P. Carrasco


Mr. Romao R. Carrasco

Mrs. Ava D. Copeland


Miss Amy L. Dawson

Dr. Eileen J. Dietrich

Mr. Mark E. Ditmer

Mrs. Cindy L. Ferrucci


Mr. Brian J. Finley

Mrs. Maria L. Finley


Mrs. Angela E. Kinney


Mr. Harold Leroy Kinter

Mrs. Susan M. Kinter


Dr. David Liang

Mrs. Natacha Z. Liang


Mrs. Donna J. Lucas


Mrs. Susan G. McCracken


Mr. Craig W. Milroy

Mrs. Pamela L. Scott


Mrs. Alicia L. Shirk


Mr. Brent A. Shrawder

Mr. Robert D. Steffen

Mr. Jeremiah B. Stonefield

Mr. David M. Yingst


Dr. Shawn M. Brower

Ms. Deborah J. Delano

Mrs. Shirley J. Estright

Mrs. Catherine J. Gatian

Mrs. Sharon L. Huggins


Mr. Michael B. Knepper

Mrs. Deborah S. Lorentz

Mrs. Margaret R. Spear



Mr. Timothy S. Baker

Mr. Chad E. Baumgartner

Mr. Gary M. Blackburn

Mr. Jon S. Dibble

Mr. Walter R. Healey

Mr. Christopher G. Huggins

Miss Marianne Kuchta

Mr. Daniel B. Mortland

Mr. Daniel J. Tillett

Miss Marjory C. Tobias

Miss Amy L. Ward


Mrs. Patricia S. Barnett

Mrs. Carrie M. Blawas


Mrs. Christina S. Hitchcock


Mrs. Mary R. Mizener


Mr. Mark S. Schaefer

Mr. Steven P. Sinka

Mrs. Sarah J. Thompson


Mrs. Jessica R. Twardzik


Mrs. Cheryl A. Vlasach


Mr. William H. Woolsey


Mr. James A. Carbone

Dr. J. Robert Chenet

Mrs. Robyn L. Davis


Mr. Robert C. Dennison

Mrs. Evniki S. Edgar


Dr. James L. Gardner III

Mrs. Heather E. Hunter


Mrs. Jennifer L. Jewett


Mr. Philip M. Jorgensen

Mr. Eugene C. Leis

Mrs. Melanie L. Lloyd


Mrs. Leslie M. Miller


Mr. Christopher R. Pugh

Mrs. Melissa A. Sharr


Mr. W. Calvin Smith

Mrs. Donna J. Stamoolis

Mrs. Margaret S. Steele


Mr. James B. Tweed

Mr. Andrew A. Young


Miss Meg E. Anderson

Rev. Douglas B. Barnes

Mrs. Grace A. Barnes


Rev. Charles A. Brown

Miss Shannon M. Chevalier

Mr. Andrew Dennison

Mrs. Heidi M. Dorn


Mr. Benjamin L. Hanna

Ms. Laura R. Herrmann

Mr. John W. Kubichek

Mr. Michael W. Lloyd

Mr. Leslie S. Samila

Mr. Richard C. Sattler

Mrs. Wendy S. Schultz


Mrs. Julie A. Smith



Mrs. Rebecca J. Black


Mr. Darrick A. Dean

Mrs. M. Annette Dean


Ms. Dee Dee M. Edwards


Mrs. Melissa N. Gardner


Mr. Timothy A. Habecker

Mrs. Jennifer E. Lewis


Mr. Lance M. Lewis

Mrs. Carla R. McCandless


Mr. Frederick J. Pasquine III

Dr. Theodore B. Smith

Miss Ruth Turner


Mrs. Rebecca L. Adams


Ms. Trudi A. Dunlap

Mrs. Marcia A. Hammann


Mrs. Janet A. King


Mr. David R. Martin

Mr. Kevin L. Miracle

Mrs. Carrie E. Schultz


Mr. Nathaniel T. Schultz

Mrs. Connie S. Troyer


Mr. Wayne E. Unks

Mrs. Heidi L. Van Ee


Mr. Joshua J. Van Ee


Anonymous (2)

Mr. Douglas E. Bailey

Mr. Timothy R. Baird

Mr. Benjamin J. Becze

Mrs. Connie S. Burd


Mrs. Amanda M. Creason


Ms. Jennifer R. George


Miss Juliana C. Hall

Miss Jill E. Kirkwood

Mr. C. Paul Klingensmith

Mrs. Emily A. Lamont


Mr. Joshua R. Lamont

Mr. E. John Lieb

Mrs. Nancy A. O'Brien


Mr. Edwin D. Pope

Mrs. Judy K. Stein


Mrs. Adela L. Tsai



MSGT. Jeffery M. Barnes

Mrs. Elisa M. Becze


Miss Susan J. Bohall

Mrs. Darcy L. Casey

Mr. Kevin A. Coulter

Miss Mandee J. Craft

Mrs. Allison M. Dennison


Mrs. Allison I. Pasquine


Mrs. Rachel L. Richardson


Ms. June M. Schaut

Mrs. Kim S. Turner



Mrs. Denise M. Baird


Mr. Joseph V. Charlton

Mrs. Alicia M. Hemphill


Mrs. Danielle M. Kirsch


Ms. Patricia M. Murray


Mrs. Andrea D. Pogany


Mr. Andrew T. Warner


Mr. Philip N. Breneman

Mr. Emiliano A. Cresta

Mr. Aaron T. Dawson

Mr. Lee R. Foltz

Mr. Luke H. Hertel

Mrs. Heidi T. Manfred


Mr. Matthew J. Manfred

Mrs. Sarah K. Warner


Mr. Kenneth R. Wheeler Jr.


Mr. Walter A. Bates

Miss Allyson D. Bentz

Mrs. Rebecca A. Breneman


Mr. John J. Chrobak

Mrs. Erica C. Cresta


Mrs. Elizabeth M. Crow


Mr. Jonathan M. Crow

Mr. Curtis A. Garmen

Mrs. Anne K. Modro


Mr. Charles A. Modro

Miss April D. Mottern


Mrs. Allison N. Christman


Mrs. Joy E. Doyle


Mrs. Theresa L. Hendrickson


Mr. Justin J. Lambright

Mrs. Randi N. Lambright


Mr. Joshua D. McKivigan

Mr. Matthew C. Nowaczynski

Mr. Jason K. O'Neill

Mr. Joseph C. Oliver

Mrs. Jenny R. Pichura


Miss Dawn C. Sell

Mrs. Susan A. Snow


Mr. Jeffrey D. Winkle

Mrs. Lindsay M. Young



Mrs. Susan L. Bell


Miss Patricia J. Gladfelter

Mr. Eric R. Holland

Mrs. Holly L. Oliver


Mr. Michael S. Pichura

Mr. Mark E. Schow

Mrs. Victoria R. Schow


Miss Susan E. Wilderman


Mr. Andre M. Chubb

Mr. Gabriel C. Graffius

Miss Lauren B. Howell

Miss Heather F. Pinkerton

Miss Kaitlin M. Rhodes


Miss Stacy L. Beagle

Mr. Mark P. Bibby

Mr. Seth A. Bowman

Mrs. Laura B. Cerbus


Mrs. Amber E. Friend


Mr. Joel P. Friend

Mr. Joshua M. Gmys

Mr. Stephen M. Kester

Miss Kerri L. Landes

Miss Lauren M. Sarvis

Mrs. Jessica J. Texter



Mrs. Ashley J. Burns


Mrs. Kathleen E. Gmys


Miss Adrienne N. Hays

Mr. Jeremy D. Hustead

Mr. Garrett R. Marvich

Mr. Antonis P. Mastris

Mrs. Rebekah M. Mastris


Miss Amy G. Pearce

Miss Tara A. Puro

Miss Kimberly J. Slater

Miss Rebecca L. VanRegenmorter


Mr. Nicholas J. Bloom

Miss Carolyn A. Bolton

Miss Kathleen C. Bolton

Mr. Alexander C. Cowden

Mr. Andrew D. Crawford

Miss Theresa M. Gazo

Miss Jamie M. Gessner

Ms. Jill E. Hanson

Mr. David W. Ketter

Ms. Keturah L. Kneuss

Ms. Rachel A. Long

Ms. Sandra L. Moller

Ms. Lauren E. Parks

Ms. Alexandra L. Sahady

Ms. Stefanie R. Strosko

Miss Caitlin N. Zeiset

Mr. Lucas J. Zimmerman


Miss Kathleen M. Harmon

Miss Jennifer M. Provenza


Miss Lauren M. Holmes


Alumni Estates

Edwin C. Clarke '35 Estate

Dollena K. Chandler Drane '40 Estate

Ira M. & Emma L. Flocker 1899 Estate

John W. Goe '58 Estate

Sara Edna King '37 Estate

John R. Macartney 1891 Trust

Cecil Smith MacLaughlin '26 Estate

Melba Brown Merriman '29 Estate

W. Clair Merriman '29 Estate

William K. Metcalfe '35 Estate

Gwendolyn L. Panner '41 Estate

Beverly J. Rapp '73 Estate

Margaret H. McFerron Redpath '15 Estate

Friends Estates

Agnes Thorburn Clarke

(Clarke Family Irrevocable Trust)

William E. & Rita L. Conrady Estate

William E. Feisley Estate

Alfred Udell Gallagher Estate

Karl L. Jackson Estate

Marjory G. Knoll Ross Estate

John P. Schaefer Estate

Blanche B. Seraphine Estate

Inez C. Smith Estate

Paul E White Estate

Graduate Alumni

Ms. Janet A. Barlett

Ms. Tessa A. Begley


Mrs. Jerryn S. Carson


Miss Rebekah J. Case

Mrs. Cristine M. Clark

Mr. E. James Cole

Mr. Ronald D. Hackett

Mrs. Lucinda J Hammond

Mr. Darrell L. King

Mrs. Mary T. Knight


Mrs. Stephanie L. Martinez


Miss Susan E. Moody

Mr. Dominic Paccapaniccia

Mrs. Janet L. Podnar


Mr. Brian M. Powell

Mr. Charles C. Raeford Jr.

Mr. Phillip C. Rine

Ms. Deana L. Rugh

Mrs. Sandra E. Scott


Mrs. Natalie L. Thomas

Mrs. Vincetta L. Tsouris


Mrs. Mildred L. Wicks

Rev. Barry C. Witt

Mrs. Kristina R. Graham



Anonymous (5)

Dr. & Mrs. Joel C. Adams '80

Barbara A. Van Horn

Mr. & Mrs. R. Mark Adams


Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Adels

Patricia A.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Allums

Jennifer J.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Allums

Helen G.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Amsler

Julia T.

Mr. & Mrs. Loren R. Andersen

Barbara J.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Anderson

D. Wendy

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Anderson

Betty J.

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Andrea

Susan L.

General & Mrs. James E. Andrews

Margaret E. Robb '69

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Antonich

Madelyn M. Gibson

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Armstrong

Sandra Shepard

Mr. & Mrs. Ronn R. Bagge

Karen A.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Bainbridge III

Mary Jane

Miss Abigail S. Baird

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Baity Jr.

Gail A.

Mr. & Mrs. Barry D. Balliet

Diane K.

Ms. Joanna P. Barlow

Mrs. Peggy J. Barneclo

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Barnhart

Nancy M.

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Barrett

Faye I.

Mrs. Denise L. Bastianini


Mr. & Mrs. Frank C. Bauer

Linda K.

Mr. & Mrs. L. Fred Baum

Loretta A.

Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Baybutt

Vickie A.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Beavin

Janet L.

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Beisel

Deborah L.

Dr. Richard M. Belcastro & Dr. Elizabeth G. Belcastro

Rev. & Mrs. Thomas J. Bennett '75

Bonita J.

Mrs. Leslie U. Bennett


Mrs. Roberta M. Bergin

Mr. & Mrs. Al J. Bialek Jr. '66

Ellen S. O'Rourke

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Bishop

Wendy Brooks

Ms. Stephanie L. Blain

Dr. & Mrs. David A. Blandino

Barbara Y.

Mr. & Mrs. G. William Blank

Katheryn Thalmann

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Blinn

Kathryn W.

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Blissell

Arlene J.

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Bloom

Donna Lee

Ms. Mary L. Bloom

Honorable & Mrs. Karl L. Boak

Jean S.

Mr. & Mrs. Dale L. Bolton

Lola L.

Ms. Joyce F. Book

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Borland


Mr. & Mrs. John B. Boryschuk Jr.

Arlene P.

Mr. & Mrs. Rodney M. Bowen

Nancy L.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Brady

Louise M.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Braxton


Mr. & Mrs. Dan W. Bredbenner

Kathryn W.

Mr. & Mrs. Lee P. Bredbenner

Katherine W.

Mrs. Mary Ann C. Breslin

Mr. Robert A. Bricks

Mr. W. Joseph Brockinton

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Brosius

Diane M.

Ms. Wanda J. Brothers

Mr. & Mrs. William I. Brownfield

Patricia D.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Buckley

Erica M.

Mrs. Deborah W. Burns

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Bush

Beulah H.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Cain '69

Cynthia J.

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Calabria

Michele P.

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Carbone Jr.

Beth M.

Dr. & Mrs. James M. Carrier

Denise A.

Miss Rebekah J. Case

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Casey

Darcy L. '01

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Caskey

Bertha L.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. Cathers

Michele A.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Cavanagh

Charlotte M.

Mr. & Mrs. G. Ryan Cerbus

Laura B. Zimmovan '08

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Chambers

Bonita J. Burrows '68

Mr. & Mrs. Louis K. Chang

Jeannie Hee

Mr. & Mrs. Fleming D. Charlton '64

Judith L.

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard A. Chavis

Mila L.

Mr. & Mrs. Glen A. Chin

Jewel V. Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Clack

Leah C.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Clark

Margaret R.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Clarke '67

Marylynn M.

Mr. John Cloud

Mrs. Betty J. Coker

Mr. & Mrs. E. James Cole

Cathy L. Nicholas

Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Cole

Christine M.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Cook

Janice A.

Mr. & Mrs. Legarde K. Cook

Helen C.

Mrs. Jean P. Cooper

Ms. Megan M. Corwin

Dr. & Mrs. James L. Cox

Janet L.

Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Craft

Barbara L.

Mrs. Linda J. Craymer

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Crea


Mr. & Mrs. David C. Creason

Amanda M. Kurz '00

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Critelli


Mrs. Judith D. Croft

Mr. & Mrs. Karl E. Cunningham

Joan E.

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew E. Curran

Terrill S.

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cutri '71

Susan Wallover

Mrs. Marion R. Cynkar


Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Cyr


Mrs. Josephine E. Dalbey


Rev. & Mrs. Robert M. Daniels

Regina R. Kingsley

Rev. & Mrs. Craig P. Davis

Robyn L. Rosemeyer '96

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Davis

Barbara A.

Miss Melissa J. Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Sequoyah L. Dawes

Marilyn F.

Mr. & Mrs. Forest C. Deal Jr.

Doris A.

Mrs. Toni DeDominicis

Mr. & Mrs. Nikos DeMaria

Brielle L.

Dr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Dennis

Katharine McMillan '72

Mrs. Barbara J. Detwiler

Rev. John B. Dickey

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Dietrick

Annette M.

Mr. Craig S. Dillman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Dilly

Harriet J.Savot '84

Mrs. Marion G. Dinsmore

Ms. Dorothy A. Dixon

Mr. & Mrs. Jurgen Dodenhoff


Mr. & Mrs. Mark M. Doherty

Carol S.

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent C. Dolch

Rebecca C.

Mr. & Mrs. Craig P. Donnan

Diane L.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Donovan

Martha W.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Dore

Pamela A.

Miss Donna M. Douglas

Mr. & Mrs. W. Leslie Douglas '35

Jean B. Wallace

Attorney & Mrs. Gregory K. Douglass

Janice M. Tronzo

Ms. Muriel S. Dowden

Dr. & Mrs. Sean M. Doyle

Joy Entwistle '05

Mr. Blair R. Drummond

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Dudt

Margaret J.

Rev. & Mrs. A. Wayne Duffield '66

Nancy R.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Duppstadt

Lois M.

Mrs. Helen Dwyer


Mr. & Mrs. Jesse G. Eaton

Joyce M.

Mr. & Mrs. H. Laverne Eby

Susan L.

Mr. & Mrs. S. Keith Edgar '67

Betsy A. Porch

Rev. & Mrs. John D. Edgar

Evniki Sterrett '96

Dr. & Mrs. William Edgar

Barbara S.

Mrs. Donna M. Eicher

Mrs. Madge M. Eicher

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Emanuele

Virginia M.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Emerick '71

Barbara K. Miller

Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Engle

Janet M.

Mr. & Mrs. Steve E. Eshbaugh

Deanne M.

Dr. & Mrs. Randolph R. Evans

Joan E. Bates '78

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Everhard

Sarah J.

Mrs. Lauren K. Evers


Mr. & Mrs. George T. Evertz

Michele A.

Dr. Frances E. Ewbank


Ms. Wilma L. Falk

Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Faris

Margaret E.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Farrell

Ingeborg Guentert '65

Mrs. Sylvia M. Faust


Ms. Glenna A. Fearing

Mr. & Mrs. Olin K. Fearing

Lisa A.

Ms. Jane A. Fields

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew T. Filbert


Mr. & Mrs. James L. Fink

Rita C.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Fisher

Martha R.

Mr. & Mrs. Steven K. Fleming

Tammey A.

Dr. Arthur F. Fleser

Ms. Kristin L. Fletcher

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Flick

Shirley D. McWilliams

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Flint

Sandra I.

Ms. Judy A. Forsythe

Miss Rebecca J. Frieler

Miss Phyllis A. Fusco

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Futrell '76

Esther J. Meyer

Dr. & Mrs. C. Ronald Galbreath

Patricia M. Donnelly '65

Dr. Kimerly R. Gall

Mrs. Marie L. Gall


Mrs. Eleanor H. Gardner

Mr. Vincent G. Gebhart

Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. Gerner '76

Janet E.

Dr. & Mrs. James S. Gidley

Betsy L. Stone

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis B. Gilpin

Julia F. Mason '88

Mr. Louis H. Ginn

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley R. Gipe

Carol A.

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Glessner

Shirley B.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert T. Glover

Sharon L. Pander

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gockley

Donna L. Geiger '73

Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Goehring '63

Joyann Bilger

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Gomola

Nancy C.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Gonzalez

Joanne G.

Mrs. Joanne Z. Gordon


Mr. & Mrs. Steven K. Gottlieb

Deborah J.

Rev. & Mrs. Earl F. Grabey

Lois B.

Rev. & Mrs. Scott E. Graham

Kristina R. Woodson

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Green

Billie L.

Mr. & Mrs. C. Scot Greenidge

A. Sonnette

Mr. David J. Greenwood

Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Griffin

Marjorie Muldoon '45

Ms. Janet K. Griffith

Mr. & Mrs. Rees A. Griffiths

Susan M.

Mrs. Shirley L. Grimes


Mrs. Nancy J. Grisnik


Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Grove

Shirley A.

Mrs. Tanya A. Guseman

Dr. & Mrs. David S. Guthrie

Cindy L.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Hackett

Deborah L.

Mrs. Helen F. Hale

Rev. & Mrs. Gregory S. Hammond

Lucinda J.

Mrs. Ann E. Harris


Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Hartman

Johanna M.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Hartzell

Linda K.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Haynie '70

Elaine J.

Mr. Herbert A. Hays

Mr. & Mrs. Harold P. Hazen


Miss Amy R. Hecker

Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Hekman

Doris J.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Hemminger

Martha A.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Hemminger

Wendy L.

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Henderson

Deborah D. Shakespeare

Rev. & Mrs. Robert A. Henning '44

Esther R. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Henning

Mary M.

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hess Jr.

Lila B.

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Hitchcock

Patricia A.

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Hitt

Ann E.

Mrs. Kathleen A. Hoffman

Miss Ann Marie Hohenberger

Mrs. Rhoda A. Holbein

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Hollis

Heidi L.

Mr. & Mrs. W. Jerome Holscher

Elizabeth J. Davison '61

Mr. & Mrs. Charles I. Homan

Nancy J.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hooper

Teresa A.

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin H. Horn

Lynn M.

Mr. & Mrs. W. Merle Horner

Naomi K. Ivey '65

Mrs. Pauline V. Hughes


Mr. & Mrs. John A. Humphrey

Phyllis A.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Hunt

Gina Jo

Ms. Georganna Hunter

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis R. Hurst

Mary L.

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Hurwitz

Betty G.

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Huston

Joye H.

Dr. & Mrs. John G. Inman '88

Janice E.

Mrs. Doris A. Irons


Mr. Karl L. Jackson (Dcsd)

Ms. Pauline A. Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Woody Johnson

Nancy Hofstra

Mrs. Cheryl L. Johnston


Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Josephson

Marianne S.

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Kaney

Kathleen F.

Mrs. Maureen J. Kanfoush

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Karl

Theresa M.

Mrs. Elsa E. Kasunick

Mr. & Mrs. Leo W. Keller

Vida M.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Kelso

Todd C. Meyers

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Kennedy

Grace M.

Mr. & Mrs. Spencer A. Key Sr.

Jean J.

Mrs. Lorena E. Keys

Mr. & Mrs. Quentin D. Kilgore

D. Irena

Mr. & Mrs. Darrell L. King

Janet Ayers '99

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. King

Diane L.

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Kirch

Elizabeth K.

Dr. & Mrs. Michael L. Kisner

Deborah J.

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Knab

Christine L.

Mrs. Mary T. Knight


Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Knox Jr.

Ellen J.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Knox Jr.

Margaret E.

Dr. & Mrs. David G. Kuntz

Elizabeth S.

Mr. & Mrs. Allen K. Kwiatkowski


Mr. & Mrs. David T. Lam

Stacy L.

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Lamont

Mary L.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Lasse

Dorothy N.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lattanzi

Debra L.

Mr. Paul R. Lauderbaugh

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Lavash

Barbara Cleland '51

Mr. & Mrs. Guy H. Lawhead III

Lauren C.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Legler

Mildred M.

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd T. Lepper

Marilyn J.

Mrs. Marjorie L. Lewis

Ms. Sheila R. Lindholm

Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Locher

Margaret M.

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Lombardi

Christine E.

Mrs. Lois A. Long

Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Lubich

Dorothy J.

Mr. James B. Luce & Dr. Carol A. Luce '72

Carol A. Bringman

Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Luikart

Christine B.

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Magee

Evelyn W.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Magnuson

Doris M. Dagen '62

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Mahosky Jr. '71

Nancy L. Melani

Mr. E. Gary Marshall & Dr. Linda R. Marshall

Linda R. Breuninger '71

Ms. Katherine S. Marshall

Mrs. Anna M. Martin

Ms. Ruth A. Martin

Mrs. Stephanie L. Martinez


Dr. Brandi B. Mathers

Ms. Patty L. Maxwell

Mr. & Mrs. David C. Maymer

Elizabeth E.

Mrs. Mary F. McAllister

Ms. Cynthia J. McBurney

Mr. & Mrs. William L. McCall Jr.

Jeanette T.

Mr. Brian B. McCarl

Mrs. Muriel J. McCarl


Mrs. Beatrice D. McClure

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. McCune '38

Margaret M.

Mr. Paul D. McElhinney (Dcsd)

Dr. & Mrs. W. Joseph McFarland

M. Roberta Dill

Mrs. Geraldine L. McGinn

Mrs. Kathryn L. McGraw


Mr. & Mrs. Alan R. McIntyre

Anna R.

Mrs. Lois B. McKissick


Mr. & Mrs. James B. McLaughlin Jr.

Diane C.

Mrs. Margaret McNaughton

Mr. Gary C. Mead

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Meyer

Bonnie O'Neill '74

Ms. Dorothy I. Miller

Miss Sandra L. Miller

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Miller

Leslie M. Smith '96

Mrs. Janet E. Millican

Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Milligan


Mrs. B. Helen Milliron

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel E. Mizener

Mary R. Amos '95

Miss Susan E. Moody

Mr. & Mrs. John C. More

Carolyn S.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Morgan

Mary R.

Mrs. Gretchen L. Morgan


Mrs. Christa E. Morrison

Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Morrison

Priscilla J.

Ms. Susan A. Mountcastle

Mr. & Mrs. Stephan E. Mouring

Barbara R.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Mrva

Cynthia J.

Mr. Andrew J. Muha Jr.

Mrs. Lois C. Mulrain


Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Muntean

Darlene R.

Mrs. Denise C. Murphy-Gerber

Mrs. Maralee K. Murray

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Musser

Kerry L.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Musser

Rebecca J. Turner '88

Mr. & Mrs. P. Melville Nafziger

Esther S.

Mrs. Sandra J. Nail

Mr. & Mrs. Guy L. Natale

Carol A.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Nederveld

Marilyn K.

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Nelson

L. Ann

Dr. & Mrs. David S. Nelson '57

Patricia A.

Mr. & Mrs. A. William Nerone

Laurie R.

Ms. Patricia A. Nester

Miss Doris E. Nevin

Mr. & Mrs. Vien Q. Nguyen

Laura J.

Rev. & Mrs. Ronald W. Nickerson

Mary Anne

Mr. & Mrs. Ward B. Nickisch

Ardeen D.

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Niemann

Ann K.

Mr. & Mrs. Millard D. Noell

Edith H.

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Norman '67

Rhonda M. Ferrara

Mr. & Mrs. John W. North

Kimberly E. Hinkle '75

Mr. & Mrs. David C. O'Leary

Roberta K. Reader

Ms. Cynthia Oatman

Mr. Robert P. Oravetz

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Oravitz


Mrs. Bettie Anne G. Osborne


Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Ostrom

Alice L.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Ours

Darlene F.

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Paccapaniccia

Diana M.

Miss Kathryn V. Palmieri

Dr. & Mrs. Jerold Panas '49

Felicity O.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Pasqualino

Elisa A.

Mrs. Elsie C. Passavant

Mrs. Mary Lou Patterson

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip L. Payne

Carolyn S.

Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Pearlman

Eleanor L.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Emerson Peckman

Joyce E.

Mr. & Mrs. Reynold A. Peduzzi Jr.'55

Bibiana A.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Penner

Carla M.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Perkins

Patricia S.

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Peters

Nancy R.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Phillips

Rebecca J. Carson '85

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Pinkerton

Judith K.

Mr. & Mrs. Hector C. Pino

Dottiann I. Buck '82

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Pishioneri

Cassandra L.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Pockras

Deborah L.

Mrs. Janet L. Podnar


Dr. Jeffrey J. Polovina

Mr. Joseph S. Polovina

Ms. Linda V. Polovina

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Pontoli

Heather M.

Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Powell

Doreen S.

Mr. Steve Prettyman

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel I. Prodonovich

Pamela S.

Mrs. Bernice H. Quay

Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Radford


Mr. Charles C. Raeford Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Al Raniero '75

Shelly A. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Ranucci

Caroline S.

Ms. Janet R. Ranucci

Miss Beth L. Raver

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Reith

Celestia R.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Reymann

Lois M.

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Rindo

Linda S.

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip C. Rine

Diane C.

Mrs. Margaret Robinson

Mrs. Sharen L. Romanowski

Mrs. Holly M. V. Romine

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Ross


Mr. & Mrs. James D. Roy

Ruth H.

Mr. & Mrs. Randal B. Ruscio

Sheila F.

Mr. & Mrs. Hartley Russell

Marilyn L. Harrington '63

Mrs. Jane B. Russell


Mr. & Mrs. William A. Russell '72

Karen H.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Sackett

Carolyn M.

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Sadar

Diane C.

Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Sandifer

Samara M.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Santillo


Dr. & Mrs. Daryl F. Sas

M. Jane Wagoner

Mrs. Marilyn A. Sauder


Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Schaub

Marlene F.

Ms. Nora B. Scheib

Mr. Lonnie P. Scheiderer

Dr. Michael G. & Dr. Cheri Schneider '80


Mr. & Mrs. Dale I. Schofer

Tracey P.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Schrader

Nancy M.

Mrs. Sandra E. Scott


Mr. & Mrs. Stan T. Scott

C. Melinda

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Scrofani

Lori E.

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Searight

Earlene J. '90

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sedlak

Jo Ann

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Seligman


Mrs. Blanche B. Seraphine (Dcsd)

Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Shaffer

Joann A.

Mr. & Mrs. Harry D. Shane

Pamela S.

Ms. Karen R. Shannon

Mr. David M. Shaw

Mrs. Luverne B. Shaw

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sheeler

Tamela G.

Mrs. Christina T. Sheran

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Shoemaker Jr.

Monique B.

Mrs. Connie L. Shroyer


Dr. & Mrs. Allen R. Siedle

Veronica E.

Mr. & Mrs. Joel L. Silverman

Sharmayne L.

Miss Ruby Sinclair

Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Singer

Mildred M.

Mr. Robert R. Singo

Dr. Andrea J. Smidt-Sittema

Mrs. Carol W. Smith


Dr. & Mrs. David K. Smith

Marie Libal

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Smith

Lenora D.

Mrs. Inez C. Smith (Dscd)

Ms. Nancy J. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. V. Paul Smith


Mr. & Mrs. Nelson P. Smolter

Mary C.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Snare

Nancy J.

Mr. & Mrs. T. Richard Snedden

Phyllis L. Sahli '51

Dr. & Mrs. Diehl M. Snyder

Susan K. Sechrist '76

Dr. William & Dr. Nancy S. Somers

Nancy Story '74

Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Speerhas & Family

Julie E.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Spitler

Melody J.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Stafford

Molly M.

Mrs. Susan N. Stafford

Dr. & Mrs. David L. Steed Jr. '69

Linda D.

Dr. James H. Sterrett

Mrs. Rachel D. Sterrett


Mrs. Denee D. Stevenson

Mrs. Lois K. Stewart


Rev. & Mrs. Reid Stewart Ph.D

Alice E. McKelvy '58

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Stone

Donna M.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Strock

Sharon R.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Sullivan

Beatrice C.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Szarko

Kathryn P.

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Tannehill '46

Beverly B. Walley

Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Tatum

Jane S. Tatnall '83

Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Tejan

Annemarie B.

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Tepsic

Rosalie A.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Thaw

Barbara C.

Mr. & Mrs. William Thomas


Mrs. Irene T. Timmins (Dcsd)

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Torpy

Carole H.

Mrs. Barbara S. Trenis

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Tress

Lynette S.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Trexler

Donna S.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Trn

Donna J.

Mr. Frank P. Tronzo

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Troyer

Connie S. Lora '99

Mrs. Vincetta L. Tsouris


Mr. & Mrs. John D. Turner

Sally J.

Mr. Roy W. Turney

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Turyan

Denise E.

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Twomey

Therese A.

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Uhl

Patricia Miller

Mrs. Donna L. Underwood


Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Van Husen

Ella Mae

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Vance

Barbara J.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Vanderlinden

Lorri C.

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Vassmer

Elaine C.

Mr. & Mrs. Edgardo T. Vencio


Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Veon

Donna L.

Mrs. Beth A. Verone

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Vetica

Shari L. Graham '87

Ms. Mildred Vojnovich

Mr. James A. Wahl

Mr. Douglas E. Walls

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Walters

Norma J.

Ms. Ruth E. Weber

Mr. Dayne G. Webster

Dr. David A. & Dr. Bonnie E. Weir

Bonnie E. Spear '88

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Wellard

Molly L.

Mrs. Kimberlee C. Wescher


Mr. Tim R. & Dr. Carol E. Westby

Carol E. Emrick '65

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Westerlund Jr.'55

Lois E. Hofmann

Mr. & Mrs. Chester C. Whelpley

Sherry L.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. White

Rosemarie S.

Mr. Paul E. White (Dcsd)

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy L. White

Karin J.

Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Whitehouse '68

Deborah C.

Mrs. Mildred L. Wicks

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Wilcox

Janet L.

Mr. & Mrs. David K. Williams

Theresa B.

Mr. & Mrs. Galen R. Wilson

Elizabeth F. Carson '84

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Wilt

Janice L.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald N. Winning

Bonnie J.

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Witherspoon Jr.

Dawn Waddell '86

Dr. & Mrs. David H. Wollman

Ann L. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Wood

Cathy Richter '85

Dr. Richard A. Woods

Rev. & Mrs. Barry S. Woolner

Kathleen D.

Mr. & Mrs. Barry N. Worster

Lynn C. Gunderson '72

Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Wunz Jr.

Jane Kyle

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Yancy '60

Susan Sentak

Mr. & Mrs. John Yarbro


Mr. Larry J. Yeager

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Zahn

Cassie J.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Zimmerman

Jodell J.

Ms. Sue S. Zirkle

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Zirkle

Amy L.

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Zych

Susan V.


A. K. Nahas Shopping Center Inc

Absolute Primary Care UPMC

Advanced Communication Systems Apex Sports Software

Allegheny Ludlum Midland Plant Prep Line Crews

Andino Eye Care Inc

Approved Fire Company

Association of Specialty Physicians Inc

Atcheson Oral Surgery LLC

Auger Family Chiropractic P C

Bender Consulting Services Inc

Blank Concrete & Supply

Bowser Hyundai of Chippewa

Brighton Health Mart Pharmacy

CAD/Mapping Services Inc

Castle Hills Farm LLC

Caton Chiropractic Inc

Ceriani Construction Company

Chavis Enterprises LLC


Chippewa Pizza Pub Inc

ComDoc OEM Supply Co Inc

Custom Corners

Darlene's Cake Kitchen

DeAngelis Brothers Inc

Dennis Newbry Agency LLC

Dew Investments

Dr. Bradley J. Brown DDS PC

Dr. Pau K. Fong MD Inc

Duguid Construction

Eaton Cutler Hammer Corp

Em Brook Farms

ESB Bank

Ferrante Upholstering

G C Supply Inc

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Howard Swank Agency Inc

Indust Systems

Jendoco Construction Corporation

Jennison Corporation

Kenmar Engineering

Landis Trucking

Layton Crate & Basket

Lennon Smith Souleret Engineering Inc

Littell Steel Company

Louise School of Dance

Luxenberg, Garbett, Kelly & George, PC

McCarl's Inc

McCarter Transit Inc

Michael Baker Corporation

Michael Baker Jr Inc - Billing Department, Beaver, PA

Michael Baker Jr Inc Alaska

Michael Baker Jr Inc AZ

Michael Baker Jr Inc CO

Michael Baker Jr Inc Harrisburg PA

Michael Baker Jr Inc MS

Michael Baker Jr Inc NC

Michael Baker Jr Inc Phoenix AZ

Michael Baker Jr Inc VA

New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Old World Molding Company

Omland Engineering Associates Inc

Pioneer College Caterers Inc

Preston Motors Inc

Price Thompson II Inc

Ram Acoustical Corporation

Sheetz Inc

Sporting Goods Inc

St. Jude Medical Inc

Tame Inc

Tegrant Corporation

Tejan Chiropractic Inc

Terry L. Norris DMD

The KeySource Group Inc

Townsend Construction & Engineering

Turner Dairy Farms Inc

Turney Electric Inc

U S Airways Management Staff

Umbrella Roofing Systems Inc

William L. Hoch DMD PC



Anonymous (1)

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Aberle

Ernestine W.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Adams

Patty J.

Mrs. Dorothy S. Anderson


Mrs. Gloria S. Anderson


Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Anthony

Charlene F.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Arata

Martha G.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Archer '77

Cheryl L. Copeland '79

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Armour

Lois L.

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Askey

Lisa M.

Mr. Robert W. Bachstein

Rev. & Mrs. Bruce R. Backensto '69

Kim L. Bettner

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Balzer

Jane F.

Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Barbato

Patricia N.

Ms. Janet A. Barlett

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Barnett

Jane R.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Bartolomeo

Judith H.

Mrs. Linda L. Beaver

Ms. Tessa A. Begley


Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus G. Beisel

Ann M.

Mrs. Evelyn L. Birdsall

Mrs. Gail A. Bitar

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Bloom

Sharon E.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Blythe

Carol B.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Bohall

Margaret E.

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Book

Nancy A.

Mr. & Mrs. Joel C. Bowman

Dawn Murphy

Dr. & Mrs. Robert I. Brandt '56

Ruth A. Funkhouser

Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Bricker '52

Doris J. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Broderick

Kathleen B.

Rev. & Mrs. Earl M. Brooks

Betty R.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Brown

Linda J.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Brown

Nellie H.

Mr. & Mrs. Luke E. Brown

Mrs. Jean S. Bryan

Mrs. Dorothy I. Buck

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Buck '75

Leah Cheng

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Burrows

Velma L. Heineman '41

Mr. & Mrs. Gary P. Bushmire

Kathy A.

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Camp

Debra A.

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Carson '75

Jerryn Svendsen

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Clapper

Lori A.

Mrs. Cristine M. Clark

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Clark

Aimee L.

Mrs. Agnes T. Clarke (Dcsd)


Mr. & Mrs. Kevin C. Clarke

Cynthia H.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary N. Clouser

Mr. & Mrs. Randy N. Colbert

Linda S.

Dr. & Mrs. Barton L. Comstock

Marilyn L.

Mr. & Mrs. Larry W. Copeland

Karen S.

Major & Mrs. Stanley R. Copeland RET

Marilyn E.

Mr. Wilbur C. Copeland

Mr. & Mrs. Victor M. Csellar

Katherine M.

Mr. & Mrs. Karl E. Cunningham

Joan E.

Rev. & Mrs. Mark L. Dalbey

Elizabeth Perrin '76

Mr. & Mrs. Eric W. Davis '72

Martha E. Teapole

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Delivuk '69

Debra Turk

Rev. & Mrs. Eugene F. DeMarco Sr.

Norma A.

Mrs. Clara DePaul

Mr. & Mrs. John E. DeTroye

Mrs. Sonya K. DiGiorno


Mr. & Mrs. Jack W. Dix

Sherryl A.

Mr. & Mrs. H. Lee Dixon

Dorothy A.

Mr. & Mrs. Craig P. Donnan

Diane L.

Mr. & Mrs. John Dorozowski


Mrs. Elnora K. Dougherty.

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Douglas


Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Edelman


Mr. & Mrs. John P. Edgar

Carol Martin '70

Dr. & Mrs. William J. Edgar

Gretchen D.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Eisnor

Susan L.

Mr. & Mrs. Alvie Emerick

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Fabricatore

Barbara J.

Mr. & Mrs. Martin A. Farnelli

Patricia A. Houser '83

Mrs. Gloria A. Fausneaucht


Mr. & Mrs. James R. Fisher

Pamela J.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Flick

Louise A. Dolph '77

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Flinn II

Kathi Shook

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Fong Sr.

Mary Ly

Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Frazier

Marina S.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Fulk

Ellen L.

Mr. & Mrs. Brian S. Gall

Patricia M.

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Gallo Sr.


Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Gamble

Janice G.

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony S. Gazo

Natalie G.

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Gideon

Margaret G.

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Gilbert Jr.

Dorothy K.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Girardi

Barbara A.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Graffius

Linda B.

Rev. & Mrs. George B. Greene

Shirley L.

Dr. & Mrs. Suhail Hanna

Mahera Awwad

Dr. & Mrs. Keith J. Hardman II

Jean J.

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne W. Harley

Elva J. Housholder '73

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin O. Heran

Barbara N.

Ms. Barbara J. Hillyer

Mr. & Mrs. Reed Hindman

Carol Edgar

Mr. & Mrs. Efren U. Hipolito

Elena E.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Hodell Sr.

Colleen M.

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Honhold

Tina M.

Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Horn

Margaret C. Thaddeus

Mr. & Mrs. C. Bruce Houck

Anne T.

Dr. & Mrs. Peter E. Howe

Joanne P.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard R. Huizing

Irene Marie

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Huston

Joye H.

Mr. & Mrs. Gaylen Jarrard

Dorothy Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Jaskolka

Catherine I.

Mr. & Mrs. Norman R. Jones

Donna L.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jones

Suzanne C.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Karczewski Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Kauffman


Rev. & Mrs. George Kaufinger

Loretta E.

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Kautzmann

Janet M.

Mrs. Yvonne I. Keim

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Kelly Sr.

Carole A.

Mrs. Lillian S. Kennedy


Mrs. Fern T. Kerr

Mr. & Mrs. Quentin D. Kilgore

D. Irena

Mrs. Annette L. Knepper

Dr. & Mrs. Robb T. Koether

Cynthia H.

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Kohler '56


Mr. & Mrs. William C. Kriner

Susan Walker

Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Kubichek


Mr. & Mrs. Allan J. Kuenzel

Nancy F.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Kuriger

Mary Jane Habbyshaw

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Kurz

Mary Frances

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Lamont Jr.

Beth Robb '50

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Alan D. Lane

Y. Jane

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lash


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Law

Melody W.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Lohmann

Susan H.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Lubich

Patti Jo

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Lyon

Rita A. O'Neill '77

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Magnotta Sr.


Mr. & Mrs. John L. Mansor

Karen R.

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Marcinko

Joan N.

Rev. & Mrs. Wallace W. Marshall Jr.

Gabriele Rosenau

Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Mason '73

Patricia A. Tullis

Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Mathews

Sharon K. Duguid '71

Mr. & Mrs. Edgar W. Matthews

Sylvia V.

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Maze


Mrs. Margaret McBurney

Mr. & Mrs. William J. McChesney

Vernice Jones '67

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. McClain

Bonnie D.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. McCormack

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. McDaniel

Alice J.

Dr. & Mrs. James P. McDonald

Anne B.

Rev. & Mrs. David P. McDowell

Gloria J.

Mr. & Mrs. James E. McIlvain

Doris J.

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. McKay


Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. McKinney


Mrs. Ruth H. McKissick


Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. McMahan

Sheryl D.

Rev. & Mrs. John M. McMillan

Marion E. Adams

Mr. & Mrs. Kim M. Melton

Dorenda L.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Merrick Jr.

Kristine L.

Mr. & Mrs. Dale T. Metler

Patricia L.

Mr. Anton E. Mickelsen

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Miller

Susan P.

Mr. Robert E. Miller

Mr. Allen J. Moore

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Moran

Emily Wilson

Attorney & Mrs. David A. Murdoch

Joan W.

Mr. John D. Murphy

Ms. Laura M. Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Murray


Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Murray


Mr. & Mrs. Geary Myers

Dr. & Mrs. F. Richard Neikirk

Anne D.

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Nienhuis


Mr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Noack

Judith A. Hays '68

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Norman

Christine A.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary O'Data


Ms. Geraldine L. Oehl

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Oliver Sr.

Marge L.

Mr. Eldrid W. Page

Dr. & Mrs. Darrell R. Parnell

Esther M.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Pinkerton '72

Belinda A.

Rev. & Mrs. Philip H. Pockras

Judith A. Wilson '82

Mrs. Winifred W. Price

Rev. & Mrs. Louis Prontnicki

Lynn M.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Provenza

Kimberly M.

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Ramsey

Jane Helman '73

Mrs. Evelyn P. Rapp

Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. E. Raver

Marion N.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Ray

Tina Bosshart

Mr. Robert P. Reno

Mrs. Ruth A. Riethmuller

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Ritenour

Lavonne K.

Ms. Lois Ritenour

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Roperti

Nancy A. Cipolla

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Roth

Linda E.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Russin

Christine M.

Mr. & Mrs. Larry N. Schmidt

Cheryl L.

Dr. & Mrs. David L. Schmolly '67

Paula Stitt

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley T. Scott

Verna R.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Seewald

Rose M.

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil J. Shaffer

A. Marie

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Shaw

Mary L.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Shuster

Candace L.

Ms. Carol F. Simonovich

Ms. Barbara L. Singer

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Skok

Bonne B.

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Smith '49

Floy Moody

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy B. Smith

Beatrice S.

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Smith

Marianne S.

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Smith '80

Rebecca A. McIntyre

Dr. & Mrs. Pierce Soffronoff

Strachelle B.

Dr. & Mrs. Gene W. Spear

Ruth A.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Speckhard

Marci Wendland

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Stahl '79

Jacque A. Russell

Dr. & Mrs. John W. Stein

Judy K. Bromley '00

Mrs. Ann C. Sumner

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Taylor

Suzan M.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stanford Terhune

Cheryl A.

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Terpening


Mr. & Mrs. Ralph N. Thayer


Dr. & Mrs. D. Terry Thomas

Natalie L.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Thompson

Dianne E.

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Tokarcik

Bonnie L.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Troxell

Jean Holiday

Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. Turner

M. Jane

Rev. & Mrs. James C. Valentine

Vickie L.

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Vallozzi


Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. VanderWagen

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Veon

Mary M. Knepp

Capt. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Verbrugge

Judith C.

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Vickery

Patricia L.

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Vincent

Carol A.

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Vincze Jr.

Nancy R. Elder '61

Mr. & Mrs. Vlade Vucelich

Dr. James E. Warden (Dcsd)

Mrs. Jane E. Warden


Mr. & Mrs. James W. Weaver

Noami R.

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Webb

Pamela K.

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Weir

Janice M.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Weise

Virginia N.

Mrs. Arlene M. Wiersum

Mr. & Mrs. David B. Wiley

Patricia A.

Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Williamson

Victoria F.

Rev. & Mrs. Martin J. Wilsey

Barbara A.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Bradley Wise

Elaine A. Hoeckele '76

Rev. & Mrs. Barry C. Witt

Junann M.

Rev. & Mrs. Geary B. Witt


Mr. & Mrs. John Wojciech

Joey R.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Woodring

Mary L.

Dr. J. Renwick Wright (Dcsd)

Mrs. Maureen H. Wright


Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Zbyszewski


Dr. & Mrs. Glen W. Zewe

Monica C.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Zurick

Rita Ann


Reformed Presbyterian Churches

Bloomington R P Church

College Hill R P Church

First R P Church of Beaver Falls

Grace R P Church

Hebron R P Church

Los Angeles R P Church

North Hills R P Church

Oswego R P Church

Ridgefield Park R P Church

Rose Point R P Church

San Diego R P Church

Seattle R P Church

Sharon R P Church & School

Shawnee R P Church

Stillwater R P Church

Sycamore Fellowship R P Church

Synod of R P Church

Syracuse R P Church

Other Churches

Ballston Center Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Barbee Memorial Presbyterian Church

Berean Presbyterian Church in America

Bessemer Presbyterian Church

Bible Baptist Church

Castlewood Alliance Church

Church of the Nazarene

Covenant O P C

Covenant O P C of Amsterdam

Cranberry Community United Presbyterian Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Prince of Peace

Fairland Brethren in Chist Church

Fairview R P Church (PCA)

First Christian Church of Minerva

First Presbyterian Church of Beaver

Grace Episcopal Church

Hanover Presbyterian Church

Hickory United Presbyterian Church

Marion Presbyterian Church

New Brighton Christian Assembly

New Covenant Presbyterian Church & School

New Life Presbyterian Church

Newtown Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Ortega Presbyterian Church

Pilgrim Presbyterian Church

Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Beaver Creek

Roxbury Trinity United Church of Christ

St. Martin's Lutheran Church

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

The Church of the Covenant

Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian Church of Lancaster

White Lake Covenanter Camp


American Society of Civil Engineers Pittsburgh PA Section

Beaver County PA Society of Professional Engineers

Beaver Valley Musicians Local 82-545, American Federation of Musicians

Geneva College Degree Completion Staff

George Polovina Scholarship

Go To Camp Committee

Henry Mancini Musical Theatre Committee

Heritage Valley Health System

Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry & Applied Spectroscopy

Pittsburgh Tennis League

Spanik/Amadio for Commissioner

Wolves Club Den #7Aliquippa

Religious Affiliates

Atlantic & St. Lawrence Women's Presbyterial

Emma Elliott W M F

Synodical W M F


Anonymous (2)

Albaugh & Wherry Charitable Foundation

Michael Baker Corporation Foundation

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund

Home Savings Charitable Foundation

Huntington National Bank

IHS Foundation

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

Koret Foundation

McCarl Foundation

The National Christian Foundation

Peirce Family Foundation

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Presbyterian Church in America Foundation Inc

United Way of Rhode Island

Wayne County Community Foundation

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Gift Match Companies

3M Company

Aerojet Gift Match Program

Air Products & Chemicals Matching Gift Program

Alcoa Foundation

Alliant Techsystems Inc.

American Refining Group Inc

Analog Devices, Inc.

Applied Energy Services Inc. Gift Match Program

Bechtel Foundation

Boeing Company

Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund

Caterpillar Foundation


Dominion Foundation Matching Gift Program

Eaton Corporation

Eli Lilly & Company

Ernst & Young Foundation

ExxonMobil Education Foundation

ExxonMobil Foundation

FirstEnergy Foundation

Follett Corporation

General Electric Foundation

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Kennametal Foundation

KPMG Foundation

Macy's Foundation

Merck Company Foundation

Metropolitan Life Foundation

Michael Baker Corporation Gift Match Program

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Motorola Foundation

Nationwide Foundation

Northrop Grumman Foundation

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company

Pfizer Inc.

Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.

Procter & Gamble Fund

Prudential Foundation

Shell Oil Company Foundation

State Farm Companies Foundation

The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership

Tyco Electronics Corporation

Unum Corporation

Verizon Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Xerox Foundation


Gifts In Kind

Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Barbato

Patricia N.

Blank Concrete & Supply

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Casey

Darcy L. '01

Ceriani Construction Company

Mr. & Mrs. Kendell A. Chilton '88

Pamela Ann

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Copeland '91

Ava D. Horn '92

Chaplain G. Barry Davis '75

Mrs. Toni DeDominicis

Attorney & Mrs. Gregory K. Douglass

Janice M. Tronzo

Geneva College Degree Completion Staff

Dr. & Mrs. David S. Guthrie

Cindy L.

Miss Kathleen M. Harmon '11

Henry Mancini Musical Theatre Committee

Mrs. Kathleen A. Hoffman

Miss Lauren M. Holmes '12

Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Kerr '71

Diane Heinz '71

Dr. & Dr. Paul W. Kilpatrick '71

Shirley J. Langford '74

Mrs. Ann K. Lee '47


Mr. James B. Luce '72 & Dr. Carol A. Luce

Carol A. Bringman

Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. McCune '38

Margaret M.

Mrs. Valerie R. Mendenhall '86


Ms. Virginia Mountain '58

Ms. Cynthia Oatman

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Park '55

Rebecca B.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Raver '78

Constance J. Scheel '77

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Sadar

Diane C.

Dr. & Mrs. David W. Shaw '83

Valerie A. Arnold '83

Sheetz Inc

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Snarey '69

Carol E. Dunn '70

Mr. & Mrs. William Thomas


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Tommelleo III '80

Lynn M.

Dr. & Mrs. John H. White '58

Norma D. Woods '59

Gifts In Honor Of

Sarah L. Brooks Colbert '09

Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry & Applied Spectroscopy


Dr. Thomas E. Copeland '91

Miss Carolyn A. Bolton'10


Theresa Love Edwards '41

Mrs. Donna L. Underwood



Dr. Suhail Hanna

Miss Carolyn A. Bolton '10


Gregory A. Holland '10

Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry & Applied Spectroscopy


Dr. Gene W. Manzetti '68

Dr. & Mrs. Pierce Soffronoff

Strachelle B.


Dr. M. Howard Mattsson-Boze

Dr. & Mrs. Bradshaw L. Frey '73

Susan Gibson


Dr. Frederick R. (Jay) Neikirk

Miss Carolyn A. Bolton '10


Charles N. O'Data '58

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Flick

Louise A. Dolph '77


Connie L. Sanders Shroyer

Koret Foundation


Rachael Chaffee Shupe '35

Mrs. Mary Ann C. Breslin


Dr. Richard L. South '57

Mr. Daniel R. South '87


Dr. John H. White '58

Rev. & Mrs. Roy C. Myers '71

Benetta L. Bates '71

In Memory Of

Dr. Roy M. Adams

Mrs. Madelyn I. Adams '44


Dr. & Mrs. William O. Martin '40

Virginia L. Reinking

Mr. Daniel R. South '87


Thomas G. Anderson '54

Mrs. Gloria S. Anderson



Karen L. Frumen Bates

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Reid '67

Margaret V. Bachman '67


Dr. Byron I. Bitar

Mrs. Gail A. Bitar

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Kriner

Susan Walker


Dorothy J. Mersereau Carson '54

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Phillips

Rebecca J. Carson '85

San Diego R P Church


Darlene R. Bowman Caskey '79

Mrs. Cheryl M. McKelvey '79


Agnes Thorburn Clarke

Mrs. Madelyn I. Adams '44


Dr. M. Nanette Boren '70


Dr. James D. Carson '50

Dr. & Mrs. Norman M. Carson '47

Beverly M. Hanson '70

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Clarke '67

Marylynn M.

College Hill R P Church

Mrs. Ann E. Harris


Mrs. Jean L. Hemphill '43


Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Hurwitz

Betty G.

Mrs. Shirley I. McMillan '47


New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Pittsburgh Tennis League

Dr. & Mrs. Dean R. Smith '65

Nancy I. Falk '66

Mr. & Mrs. V. Paul Smith


Dr. & Mrs. John H. White '58

Norma D. Woods '59

Mr. & Mrs. John Yarbro



Dr. Edwin C. Clarke '35

Dr. Edwin C. Clarke '35 Family Trust


Marcel G. Connor '68

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Dixon '68

Amy H.


Dr. John Cruzan

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. P. Kovacevic '74

Pamela A. Snedeker '82


Theodore E. Dalbey Jr. '52

Mrs. Josephine E. Dalbey



Jessica J. Vojnovich DeMarco '06

Absolute Primary Care - UPMC - Human Resource Dept.

Ms. Linda Adams

Allegheny Ludium - Midland Plant - Prep Line Crews

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Antonich

Madelyn M. Gibson

Donald A. Arata Family

Donald, Martha, Michael, Kimberly & Sarah

Atcheson Oral Surgery LLC

Michael Baker Corporation

Michael Baker Corporation Foundation

Michael Baker Jr Inc - Alaska

Michael Baker Jr Inc - AZ

Michael Baker Jr Inc - Billing Department, Beaver, PA

Michael Baker Jr Inc - CO

Michael Baker Jr Inc - Harrisburg, PA

Michael Baker Jr Inc - MS

Michael Baker Jr Inc - NC

Michael Baker Jr Inc - Phoenix AZ

Michael Baker Jr Inc - VA

Ms. Santina Balestreire

Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Barnett

Patricia S. Barnett '95

Mr. Richard Bartley

Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Bastianini

Denise L. Grantz

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Baughman P.E. '80

Vickie J.

Beaver County PA Society of Professional Engineers

Mr. Joe Beck

Ms. Jill Bell

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Bishop

Wendy Brooks

Mrs. Geraldine L. Blissell

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Blissell

Arlene J.

Mrs. Ashley J. Burns '09


Mr. & Mrs. Chad Calabria

Michele P.

Mr. & Mrs. Randy N. Colbert

Linda S.

Ms. Felicia Corbett

Ms. Megan M. Corwin

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Critelli


Mr. & Mrs. Sydney F. Croft

Judith D.

Ms. Kathy Cromer

Ms. Beth Cummings

Mr. David Dawson

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Dietrick

Annette M.

Mr. Craig S. Dillman

Mr. & Mrs. Craig P. Donnan

Diane L.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Emanuele

Virginia M.

Ms. Janell Felbaum

Bruce Garrett Family

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Gomola

Nancy C.

Mr. David J. Greenwood

Mr. Greg Guinto

Mr. Will Harman

Miss Adrienne N. Hays '09

Mr. George Heron

Mr. David Higie

Ms. Susan Hillen

Mr. & Mrs. Charles I. Homan

Nancy J.

Mr. W. S. "Bill" Hood

Ms. Kristine Jeckel

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Kanfoush

Maureen J.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Karl

Theresa M.

Mr. Jim Kempton

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Kirch

Elizabeth K.

Mr. Sam Knoch

Ms. Brandy Kovac

Mr. Tony Machi

Mr. & Mrs. Duane D. Maietta

Marilyn J. Miller '73

Ms. Lisaann Mascellino

Mrs. Mary F. McAllister

McCarl's, Inc.

Mrs. Geraldine L. McGinn

Mr. & Mrs. Dale T. Metler

Patricia L.

Mr. & Mrs. R. William Mills '66

Kay Haggart '63

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Moran

Emily Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Marc D. Morrison

Christa E.

Mr. Andrew J. Muha Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Muntean

Darlene R.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Musser

Kerry L.

Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. Nail

Sandra J.

Neighbors on Red Bud Drive

Neighbors on Sunview Drive

Mr. & Mrs. A. William Nerone

Laurie R.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Ours

Darlene F.

Ms. Jocelyn Patten

Miss Amy G. Pearce '09

Mr. Doug Plasencia

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel I. Prodonovich

Pamela S.

Mr. Tom Reilly

Mr. Albert Romano

Mrs. Sharen L. Romanowski

Mr. Rob Ross

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Roth

Linda E.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Santillo


Mr. Josh Schidlmeier

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Schow '06

Victoria R. Miller '06

Miss Kimberly J. Slater '09

Mr. Grey Smay

Ms. Pattie Smith

Brian K. Speerhas Family

Brian, Julie, Lauren & Mallory

Ms. Carol Steinacker

Tom, Joyce & Dave Stroyls

Tegrant Corporation

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Tepsic

Rosalie A.

Mr. Vince Thompson

Ms. Silvana Travanti

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Turyan

Denise E.

Mr. Kevin Tweedy

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Twomey

Therese A.

Ms. Suzanne Unger Young

U S Airways - Management Staff

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew A. Verone

Beth A.

Ms. Mary Vojnovich

Ms. Mildred Vojnovich

Mr. James A. Wahl

Ms. Ruth E. Weber

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Wellard

Molly L.

Ms. Anne Wilkinson

Mr. & Mrs. David K. Williams

Theresa B.

Mr. & Mrs. Steven F. Wilson

Roberta L. Garland '75

Rev. & Mrs. Barry S. Woolner

Kathleen D.

Mr. Mike Ziemianski

Mr. Mike Zugay


Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Douglas '29

Kathryn I. Boyle '32

Miss Donna M. Douglas

Mr. & Mrs. W. Leslie Douglas '35

Jean B. Wallace

Mrs. Janet R. Downing '67



Winifred Grace Abbott Duff '34

Mr. Delos D. Duff '33


Elizabeth A. Bloor Edminster '81

Mrs. Ruth P. Bloor '55


Mr. & Mrs. W. Jerome Holscher

Elizabeth J. Davison '61


Rudolph P. Fatula '41

Dr. & Mrs. Brian E. Burgess '77

Theresa M. Torpi


Vivian E. Campbell Fugler '55

Mrs. Margaret R. Lash '59



James C. & Mary F. Gardner

Mrs. Eleanor H. Gardner

Dr. Thomas A. Gardner '48 (Dcsd)


Edward E. Grimes '64

Mrs. Shirley L. Grimes


Dr. & Mrs. John C. Hecker Sr '30

Ruth R. Abbott '30

Miss Amy R. Hecker


Col. William E. Hughes '46

Mrs. Pauline V. Hughes



Dr. L. Thomas Keim Jr.

Mrs. Yvonne I. Keim


John D. Lathom

Mrs. Marjorie M. Lathom '58



Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Lee

Alice H. Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Smith

Ellen Lee '46


Charles J. Loll '50

Mr. & Mrs. Chester C. Whelpley

Sherry L.


Byron B. Luce '39

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Weeber '39

Sylvia L. Biship


Elizabeth J. Huebner Martin '42

Dr. & Mrs. William O. Martin '40

Virginia L. Reinking


William C. Martin '43

Mrs. Anna Mae Martin


Mrs. R. D. Matthews '16

Eunice Tyrrell

Dr. R. D. Matthews (Dcsd)


Dr. Willard G. McMillan '47

Dr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Dennis

Katharine McMillan '72

Mrs. Shirley I. McMillan '47



Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. McPherson

Edna E. Kramer '27

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Reymann

Lois M.


Dr. & Mrs. William K. Metcalfe '35

Ruth A. Dresser

Ms. Carolyn M. Mollenkopf '62



Thomas E. Miller '23

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Uhl

Patricia Miller


Elaine E. Jannuzi Moyer '40

Mrs. Elsa E. Kasunick


Virginia M. Davis Napoli '50

Mr. Peter A. Napoli '54


Nathan H. O'Neill '06

Dr. & Mrs. Norman M. Carson '47

Beverly M. Hanson '70


Dr. John E. Pinkerton '60

Mr. & Mrs. Walter A. Bates '04

Jayne S.

Dr. & Mrs. Norman M. Carson '47

Beverly M. Hanson '70

Ms. Muriel S. Dowden

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Hines '86

Janet M. Shirley '88

Miss Diane L. Lamont '79

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Pinkerton

Judith K.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Pinkerton '72

Belinda A.

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Raver '78

Constance J. Scheel '77

Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Van Husen

Ella Mae

Dr. & Mrs. John H. White '58

Norma D. Woods '59


Beverly J. Rapp '73

Mrs. Evelyn P. Rapp


William E. Rapp Jr.

Mrs. Evelyn P. Rapp


Charles N. Rosemeyer '66

Mrs. Mary L. Rosemeyer '71



Dr. William H. Russell

Dr. & Mrs. Norman M. Carson '47

Beverly M. Hanson '70

Miss Florence Fattal '62

Dr. Arthur F. Fleser

Mrs. Shirley I. McMillan '47


Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Raver '78

Constance J. Scheel '77

Dr. & Mrs. John H. White '58

Norma D. Woods '59


William E. Shaw '41

Mr. David M. Shaw


Rachel Chaffee Shupe '35

Mrs. Mary Ann C. Breslin

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Hartman

Johanna M.

Ms. Karen R. Shannon


Howard S. Stewart '54

Mrs. Lois K. Stewart



Dr. William M. Tinstman '43

Mr. & Mrs. W. Michael Tinstman '72

Karen A. Smith


Dr. Robert B. Tweed '48

Dr. & Mrs. Norman M. Carson '47

Beverly M. Hanson '70

Dr. & Mrs. R. Michael Medley '76

Debra Lewis '76

Dr. & Mrs. Dean R. Smith '65

Nancy I. Falk '66


Earle E. Unger '36

Mrs. Leslie U. Bennett


Earle E. Unger '36 Estate


Charles & Elizabeth VanDyke

Ms. Caryn VanDyke

Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. VanDyke '59

Edythe Mills


Dr. James E. Warden

Mrs. Roberta M. Bergin

Dr. & Mrs. Norman M. Carson '47

Beverly M. Hanson '70


Carolyn G. Weeber '35

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Weeber '39

Sylvia L. Biship


Rev. J. Paul Wilson '34

Miss Phyllis A. Wilson '61


Dr. J. Renwick Wright

Dr. & Mrs. R. Michael Medley '76

Debra Lewis '76


James Renwick Wylie Sr. 1887

Mrs. Carol W. Smith



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A Message from the Vice President of Advancement

Though I have only recently come to Geneva, I have enjoyed meeting many of the alumni, supporters and friends of the college and hearing their common testimony of a deep and abiding love for Geneva. As we share the 2009-10 Annual Report, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the generous financial supporters of Geneva and express my gratitude for keeping the school in your prayers.

One of the distinctions of Geneva that drew me here was its commitment to a Christian worldview that acknowledges God's sovereignty over every area of creation. This includes every field of study, every athletic program and every extracurricular pursuit. Being on campus and seeing the student body's contagious passion for Christ encourages our work in raising the resources required for continuing this mission.

Geneva is blessed to have such a strong community of alumni and friends. I look forward to meeting you, hearing about how God is working in your lives and sharing ways for you to invest in the future of Christian education at Geneva.

Your gifts and generous support are vitally important in the lives of our students and in the mission of building Christ's kingdom here on earth. I sincerely thank you for your contributions. Geneva would not be able to provide such a high quality, biblically-based education without them.

In Christ,

Jeff Jones
Vice President of Advancement

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