2011-12 Annual Report - Geneva College, a Christian College in Pennsylvania (PA)

2011-12 GENEVA COLLEGE Annual Report

A Message from the President

The Geneva community has much to be thankful for as we look at the ways the Lord blessed us during fiscal year 2010-11. "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19). Thanks to His generous provision and the continued support you, our faithful donors, provide, Geneva experienced a financially strong year.

Most notably, the college had a $520,000 increase in cash during 2010-11, which allowed us to increase our capital budget by that amount to $1.8 million. The results of this blessing are many vital improvements made to Geneva's campus.

The most striking renovations were made to the Student Center, which hadn't seen much change since opening in 1965. The exterior of the building received a more modern paint scheme, and the entranceway was dramatically improved with a new ceiling, lights, and a beautiful wood-paneled decor. A new conference room was added, and Skye Lounge received fresh paint, carpet, furniture, and a new air conditioning unit. Additionally, $75,000 was invested in Geneva's Fitness Center, adding equipment and greatly improving this facility for our students, faculty, and staff.

Improvements were also made in the residence halls, Old Main and Rapp Technical Design Center classrooms, Alumni Hall, and other buildings across campus. All of these updates and repairs have had a positive impact on the quality of life for our current students, and Geneva College has become much more welcoming to prospective students and campus visitors.

Additionally, the Lord blessed us with the means to balance our budget, despite a soft enrollment this academic year. For this, we are most thankful; but we know challenges lie ahead. Please continue to provide your steadfast support, which is so important in accomplishing our mission. And please pray that God will bless our efforts, bringing more students to Geneva to pursue high quality scholarship founded on God's truth.


Kenneth A. Smith, Ph.D.

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2012 2011
  Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Total
Tuition and fees $39,064,512 - - $39,064,512 $38,852,608 - - $38,852,608
Discretionary discounts (12,743,160) - - (12,743,160) (12,849,698) - - (12,849,698)
Funded scholarships (697,962) - - (697,962) (703,736) - - (703,736)
Net Tuition 25,623,390 - - 25,623,390 25,299,174 - - 25,299,174
Grants 861,347 $31,250 - 892,597 991,666 - - 991,666
Contributions 1,488,186 106,811 $488,624 2,083,621 1,693,703 $201,701 $676,937 2,572,341
Investment income 219,034 1,019,793 - 1,238,827 188,246 607,303 24,404 819,953
Auxiliary enterprises 7,677,897 - - 7,677,897 8,053,536 - - 8,053,536
Other income 912,346 10,880 - 923,226 963,818 15,121 - 978,939
Total Income 36,782,200 1,168,734 488,624 38,439,558 37,190,143 824,125 701,341 38,715,609
Net assets released from restrictions 1,419,288 (1,562,300) 143,012 - 1,554,413 (1,509,082) (45,331) -
Total Income And Releases 38,201,488 (393,566) 631,636 38,439,558 38,744,556 (684,957) 656,010 38,715,609
Program services                
Instruction 16,503,346 - - 16,503,346 15,423,068 - - 15,423,068
Academic support 2,740,857 - - 2,740,857 2,826,674 - - 2,826,674
Student services 7,774,961 - - 7,774,961 7,675,086 - - 7,675,086
Auxiliary enterprises 6,531,722 - - 6,531,722 6,644,806 - - 6,644,806
Total Program Services 33,550,886 - - 33,550,886 32,569,634 - - 32,569,634
Supporting services                
Institutional support 3,244,146 - - 3,244,146 3,028,306 - - 3,028,306
Development and communications 1,307,806 - - 1,307,806 1,146,931 - - 1,146,931
Total Supporting Services 4,551,952 - - 4,551,952 4,175,237 - - 4,175,237
Total Expenses 38,102,838 - - 38,102,838 36,744,871 - - 36,744,871
Increase in net assets from operating activity 98,650 - -
1,999,685 - - 1,999,685
Changes in temporarily restricted and permanently restricted net assets before other changes in net assets - (393,566) 631,636 238,070 - (684,957) 656,010 (28,947)
TOTAL 98,650 (393,566) 631,636 336,720 1,999,685 (684,957) 656,010 1,970,738
Changes in annuities and life income trusts - 116,628 (114,058) 2,570 - (60,345) 172,268 111,923
Realized and unrealized net gain (loss)
on investments
(198,160) (2,514,949) - (2,713,109) 412,401 4,408,475 - 4,820,876
Changes In Net Assets (99,510) (2,791,887) 517,578 (2,373,819) 2,412,086 3,663,173 828,278 6,903,537
NET ASSETS                
Beginning of year 17,954,577 24,414,873 16,126,876 58,496,326 15,542,491 20,751,700 15,298,598 51,592,789
End of year $17,855,067 $21,622,986 $16,644,454 $56,122,507 $17,954,577 $24,414,873 $16,126,876 $58,496,326
2012 2011
Cash and cash equivalents $2,144,909 $4,257,015
Student accounts receivable, net of allowance of $42,000 and $220,000, respectively 551,812 885,946
Pledges receivable, net of allowance of $244,000 and $170,000, respectively 31,588,824 568,322
Notes receivable net of allowance of $325,000 for each year 584,988 2,447,608
Other receivables 2,321,094 140,640
Investments 137,706 32,931,719
Other assets 1,530,879 1,351,368
Land, buildings and equipment, net 34,850,288 35,529,802
Cash surrender value of life insurance 454,266 450,274
Perpetual trusts held by third parties 3,411,043 3,742,415
Total Assets $77,575,809 $82,305,109
Accounts payable and accrued expenses $1,721,890 $2,005,786
Deposits and deferred income 1,278,997 1,601,747
Notes and bonds payable 14,997,082 17,704,397
Refundable federal student loan funds 1,760,776 1,789,656
Annuities and life income trusts payable 1,240,331 1,623,562
Postretirement benefit obligation 454,226 488,790
Total Liabilities 21,453,302 25,213,938
Unrestricted 13,564,346 14,384,350
Temporarily restricted 21,622,986 24,414,873
Permanently restricted 16,644,454 16,126,876
Total Net Assets 51,831,786 54,926,099
Total Liabilities And Net Assets $73,285,088 $78,734,882
2011 2010
Changes in net assets $(2,373,819) $6,903,537
Adjustments to reconcile changes in net assets to net cash provided by operating activities:  
Depreciation 2,700,017 2,691,400
Contributions restricted for investment in endowment (488,624) (676,937)
Realized and unrealized net gain on investments 2,713,109 (4,820,876)
Actuarial gain on annuity obligations (2,570) (111,923)
Change in allowance for doubtful accounts (13,324) (104,740)
Changes in assets and liabilities:    
Accounts and notes receivable 315,611 65,740
Cash surrender value of life insurance (3,992) (24,620)
Pledges receivable 38,634 94,328
Other receivables and assets (176,577) (473,426)
Accounts payable and accrued expenses (232,187) (51,709)
Deposits and deferred income (378,987) 56,237
Postretirement benefit obligation 9,202 (43,766)
Annuities and life income trust payable (352,622) (30,609)
Refundable federal student loan funds (6,292) (22,588)
Net Cash Provided By Operating Activities 1,747,579 3,450,048
Acquisition of land, building and equipment (2,020,503) (1,355,563)
Proceeds from sale of investments 10,294,779 10,242,215
Purchases of investments (11,331,052) (11,142,053)
Loans issued to students (261,500) (374,241)
Collection on loans issued to students 364,562 335,930
Net Cash Used In Investing Activities (2,953,714) (2,293,712)
Proceeds from contributions restricted for investment in endowment 488,624 676,937
Repayment of principal on notes and bonds payable (1,394,595) (1,312,720)
Net Cash Used In Financing Activities (905,971) (635,783)
Net Increase (Decrease) In Cash And Cash Equivalents (2,112,106) 520,553
Beginning of year 4,257,015 3,736,462
End of year $2,144,909 $4,257,015
Cash paid during the year for interest $612,000 $709,000
There was no interest capitalized for the years ended May 31, 2012 and 2011.
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The John Black Johnston Society

The John Black Johnston Society honors those who have invested at least $500,000 in the promise of Geneva College.

With extraordinary vision and faith, John Black Johnston, a Reformed Presbyterian pastor, founded Geneva College as Geneva Hall on April 20, 1848 in Northwood, Ohio. Geneva opened with two faculty and 42 students, with Johnston serving as the first President.

Having moved to Beaver Falls, Pa., in 1880, Geneva College today flourishes through the remarkable faithfulness and leadership of men and women like President Johnston. God has blessed the faith and work of many people to make Geneva’s Christ-centered mission a continuing reality.

To those named here, who have given of their time, talent and treasure at such bold levels, in the spirit that inspired John Black Johnston, we dedicate this tribute with gratitude as an example to all generations of Genevans to come.

Members of the John Black Johnston Society

Anonymous (3)
Ralph B. & Sarah J. Alexander
John & Emma C. Blandford
Robert E. & Lavada S. Cleis
William E. & Rita L. Conrady
Charles W. & Joanne D. Denko
W. Leslie & Jean Douglas
Paul E. & Dollena K. Drane
Florus W. & Esther B. Gordon
Richard R. Hammond
Eugene F. & Margaret Moltrup Jannuzi
Joseph & Beth R. Lamont
William & Blanche Cook Lushear
Earle R. & Cecil S. MacLaughlin
W. Clair & Melba Brown Merriman
Peirce Family Foundation
Charles W. & Elda V. Perz
William E. & Evelyn P. Rapp
Alfred & Blanche Seraphine
The Lilly Endowment, Inc.
The Pew Charitable Trusts
United States Steel Foundation Inc.
James I. & Marjean W. Wallover
Paul E. & Rachel W. White
Matthew J. & Anne C. Wilson

Tower Society

The Tower Society, founded in 2000 A.D., recognizes and honors those individuals, foundations, businesses, organizations and corporations that have made lifetime gifts of $25,000 or more to Geneva College. Their philanthropic leadership demonstrates a shared commitment to excellence in Christian higher education. On behalf of the many students who have already benefitted from their generosity and for generations of students to come, we express sincere gratitude.

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."
2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV)

Members of the Heritage Society

Anonymous (18)
D. Ross & Clara Adams
Roy M. & Madelyn W. Adams
George H. & Alberta C. Adamson
Aetna Foundation
Donald H. & Donna J. Alben
Alcoa Foundation
Ralph B. & Sarah J. Alexander
William M. & Ruth M. Allison
Charles A. & Marie J. Anderson
James T. & Helen H. Anderson
Applied Energy Services, Inc.
Walter J. & Gwendolyn McCain Arbutina
ARCO Foundation
Armco Foundation
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
Robert W. & Hazel M. Auxier
Ayco Charitable Foundation
B. R. A. V. E. Riders
Babcock and Wilcox Company
Barry G. & Virginia H. Badger
Michael Baker Corporation
Michael Baker Corporation Foundation
Dennis W. & Eileen Bakke
Lillie R. Balph
William C. Bartels
Gerald R. Bartolomucci
Beaver County Corporation
for Economic Development
Joseph M. & Marcia S. Behun
Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania
Ben Franklin Partnership
Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
Todd S. Benning
Andrew M. and Jane A. Bernard
Ingrid L. Birdsall
Byron I. & Gail A. Bitar
John & Emma C. Blandford
J. Wendell Blevins, M.D.
James L. Bowers
Elizabeth H. Brandon
Dr. & Mrs. Robert I. Brandt
Harry & Esther Park Brayton
Harold T. & Doris J. Bricker
Ronald L. & Mary E. Bricker
Charles A. Brockmiller
Brooks Foundation
D. & T. Brooks, Inc.
John H. Brooks & Sons, Inc.
J. Douglas & Mildred E. Brooks
Viola M. Brooks
Broomall R. P. Church
Carl Wood Brown
Ida Brownfield
Harold A. & Lucille D. Bruce
Francis S. & Dorothy I. Buck
The Buhl Foundation
Gertrude T. Campbell
Anna-Mary Carpenter
David M. & Margaret W. Carson
Floyd H. & Lucile D. Carson
Kenneth P. & Jean A. Carson
Norman M. & Beverly M. Carson
John & Virginia K. Carver
Albert E. & Jane R. Chadwick
G. Reynolds & Linda W. Clark
William E. & Linda L. Clark
Edwin C. & Agnes T. Clarke
Robert T. & Marylynn M. Clarke
Robert E. & Lavada S. Cleis
John W. & Jane P. Colavincenzo
College Hill R. P. Church
Colt Industries, Inc.
Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
William E. & Rita L. Conrady
Consolidated Natural Gas Company Foundation
Robert M. & Louise E. Copeland
Earle M. & Margaret Peters Craig Charitable Trust
Louis E. Creighton
David J. Crozier, Sr.
William J. & Susan W. Cutri
Clayton C. & Jane S. Daley
Paul G. & Beatrice J. Daubenspeck
William R. & Lois N. Davie
E. J. Deal
S. J. Deal
S. M. Deal
Carolyn Edgecombe Deming
Charles W. & Joanne D. Denko
Douglas & Katharine McMillan Dennis
DeSanzo Family Foundation
Hattie Dodds DeVries
Blair I. & Ruthalene F. DeYarmin
Fred W. Dixon
Max & Marjorie M. Doriani
John A. & Ruth A. Douds
W. Leslie & Jean Douglas
Paul & Dollena K. Drane
Delos D. & W. Grace Duff
Cedric E. & Martha G. Dunn
Dorothy G. Dunn
James K. & Bessie I. Dunn
Duquesne Light Company
Elizabeth Shade Earney
J. D. & Lucile D. Edgar
John O. & Ida L. Edgar
John P. & Carol M. Edgar
William J. & Gretchen D. Edgar
David A. Edgecombe
Charles & Joanna Mae Edie
S. Gertrude Edwards
Dr. Thomas L. & Theresa Love-Edwards
Ellwood Group, Inc.
Telford F. & Mary Elizabeth Eppley
Ernst & Young Foundation
Robert J. Evans
Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
William E. Feisley
Fellowship Homes, Inc.
FirstEnergy Foundation
Frances E. Fischer
William R. Flinn II
Ira M. & Emma L. Flocker
Joan M. Florio
The Ford Foundation
Ford Motor Company
Foundation for Independent Colleges, Inc.
Olga D. Fowler
Charles F. & Charleen H. Franz
James L. Gardner, Sr.
Wesley M. & Lillian I. Gault
John M. & Gerline H. Gehr
General Electric Foundation
General Motors Foundation
The Geneva Foundaton
Geneva R. P. Church
Geneva Women
Robert W. & Mildred D. George
Larry W. Gettens
Rochester/Chippewa Giant Eagle
Louise Smart Gibson
Lawrence B. Gilmore
Paul H. Gilmore
J. Howard & Martha H. Gilroy
John W. Goe
The Goedeker Foundation
Jane E. Golden
Golden Tornado Organization
John H. & C. Sheila Goodworth
Florus W. & Esther B. Gordon
Margaret S. Graham
Paul R. & Phyllis Graham
Larry K. & Kimberly B. Griffith
Philip L. & Evelyn B. Griffiths
Gulf Oil Corporation Foundation
J. Jane Haggart
Elizabeth M. Hagman
Robert K. & May L. Hanson
The Harmony Society
Joseph W. & Marilyn Y. Harpster
Kenneth E. & Dee A. Hartman
John C. & Ruth Abbott Hecker
H. J. Heinz Company Foundation
Howard Heinz Endowment
Walter J. & Gay S. Helsing
Robert M. & Helen L. Hemphill
Willard E. & Jean L. Hemphill
William D. Hettenbaugh
John H. & Vivian D. Hewitt
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Helen Patterson Hill
The Hillman Foundation, Inc.
Wilbert G. & Louise R. Hoefling
Arthur C. & Dorothy Hoenstine
Joseph M. and Lisa B. Hogan
Wilson E. & Rhoda Holbein
W. Jerome & Elizabeth J. Holscher
David A. & Kelly E. Howell
The Hoyt Foundation
Margaret Bell Huddleston
Carl O. & Anna F. Hughes
Paul A. & Martha S. Hughes
Huntington National Bank
C. Harold Hutcheson
Chester T. & Ada M. Hutcheson
Martha L. Hutcheson
IBM International Foundation
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Fred A. Jackson Jr.
George W. Jackson
Eugene F. & Margaret M. Jannuzi
Jendoco Construction Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
Benjamin F. Jones III
Robert T. & Marie M. Jones
Sidney A. Kane
James S. & Debra Kappel
A. Karnavas Foundation
D. William & Pearl W. Kelso
J. Richard & Carole M. Kelso
James N. and Eleanor J. Kennedy
D. Scott & Diane H. Kerr
Helen M. Keys
Lester E. & Gertrude E. Kilpatrick
Elizabeth Slear King
King′s Medical Company
Robert D. & Dixie O. Klink
Agnes A. Knowles
Koppel Steel Corporation
KPMG Foundation
The Kresge Foundation, Inc.
William C. & Susan W. Kriner
Joseph & Beth R. Lamont
William J. & Amelia B. Lamont
James G. & Mary A. Larson
Guy J. & Ysleta R. Lateano
Lawnvue Acres
Adella T. Lawson
Gertrude Lee
Stewart M. & Ann G. Lee
Norman Lewis, M.D.
Eli Lilly & Company
The Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Lilly Fellows Program
Charles J. & Elizabeth Lindsay
Mary E. Linton
Elmer R. & Eleanore J. Lipp
Paul D. Liscomb
R. Gene & Virginia I. List
Hazel J. & Warren W. Littell
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
John A. and Susan S. Lockley
Los Angeles R. P. Church
Mary V. Louden
Wayne S. & Mary S. Luce
William & Blanche E. Lushear
Gaynelle R. Lyons
Jack R. Lyons
Robert G. & Agnes L. Lyons
Agnes E. Lytle
Ethel M. Lytle
Arthur E. & Rebecca S. Macartney
Clarence E. Macartney
John R. & Lucille E. Macartney
Ronald B. & Emily P. Mackall
Earle R. & Cecil S. MacLaughlin
Gene W. Manzetti
Andrew J. & Joan N. Marcinko
Victor I. & Dorothy I. Markson
Ruthellen Marshall
Carl W. & Jane S. Martin
William C. & Anna M. Martin
William O. & Elizabeth J. Martin
Donald M. & Janet Mayton
Donald R. & Sharyn E. McBurney
Frederick R. & Virginia B. McCammon
Phyllis A. McCaw
Foster & Muriel P. McCarl
McCarl Family Foundation
Robert K. & Elenore M. McConaughy
Donald C. & Margaret M. McCune
Wilbur J. & Margaret McElroy
William A. & Kathleen C. McIntyre
Robert Forbes McIsaac
David & Mary Elizabeth Gregg McKee
Wilburt S. & L. Verne McKee
Willard G. & Shirley Stewart McMillan
Theodore M. & Margaret Jane McMillion
Ray A. McQueen
R. K. Mellon Family Foundation
Debbie J. Melone
W. Clair & Melba Brown Merriman
William K. & Ruth D. Metcalfe
Richard T. & Pat Metheny
MidWest Athletic Coaches Association
Dale & Holly (Fowlow) Miller
Edith A. Miller
William H. & Illene R. Miller
John M. Mitchell
William N. & Setonia B. Mitchell
Samuel E. & Mary R. Mizener
Carolyn Metcalfe Mollenkopf
Earl A. Moore
Edward J. & Nellie B. Moore
P. M. Moore Foundation
Frank H. & Lillian N. Morrow
David Blair & Shelley Ann Murray
Mustard Seed Foundation
Earle F. Myers
The National Christian Foundation
National City Bank of PA
National Science Foundation
Charlotte W. Newcombe
The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
North Hills R. P. Church
James H. & Jean C. Nye
Charles N. & G. Marilyn O′Data
Beverly J. O′Leary
David C. & Roberta R. O Leary
Dennis E. & Karen L. Olson
Richard L. Ostrom
Bonna L. Oyer
D. Raymond & Ruth Park
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Parris
Peirce Family Foundation
Charles W. & Elda V. Perz
Howard M. & Sally A. Peters
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Pfizer Inc.
James W. Pinkerton
John E. & Janet C. Pinkerton
Pioneer College Caterers, Inc.
Pitcairn Crabbe Foundation
Pittsburgh Tool Steel
Pittsburgh Tube Company
PNC Charitable Trust Committee
John D. & Dorothy K. Preston
L. G. & Ethel M. Pritz
Procter & Gamble Fund
Paul A. & Barbara L. Pupi
J. Edwin & Edna C. Purdy
Louis J. Jr. & Shirley A. Radnothy
Eugene W. & Lucille P. Ramsey
Beverly J. Rapp
William E. & Evelyn P. Rapp
Clyde A. & Carabel D. Redpath
Robert W. & Margaret H. Redpath
William C. & Dorothy J. Reed
The John Reeves, Sr. Family
Harry F. & Victoria Reid
Republic Steel Corporation
Ridgefield R. P. Church
J. Merrill & Eleanor Cupp Robb
John M. & Caroline Robinson
Rohm & Haas Company
Ben G. & Susan P. Rooke
Rose Point R. P. Church
Marjory G. Knoll Ross
Russell S. & G. Betsey Rosenberger
Jay & Ruth Roy
Harold M. & Rachel H. Ruhl
John D. & Elsie Russell
Mary Louise Russell
William H. & Martha I. Russell
Edward A. & Helen P. Sahli
Marjorie Edith Sanderson
W. Kenneth & Marjorie E. Sanderson
John N. & Mary Louise Sawyer
Scaife Family Foundation
Sarah Scaife Foundation
Michael G. & Cheri Schneider
Seattle R. P. Church
Oscar & Augusta Seidel
Alfred & Blanche Seraphine
Shawnee R. P. Church
Robert & Edna E. Sheehan
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Hazel M. Shiring
Norma A. Shiring
Allen R. & Veronica Siedle
Samuel D. III & Donna L. Siple
Charles E. Slater
Dean R. & Nancy I. Smith
Douglas L. Smith
Elwin G. & Inez C. Smith
Gail P. & Martha Smith
Kenneth A. and Rebecca A. Smith
Kenneth G. and Floy M. Smith
Richard I. Smith
Vernon C. & Jane R. Smith
Walter L. Smith
Agnes M. & Ellen E. Smyth
Marie E. Snead
T. Richard & Phyllis L. Snedden
Charlotte A. & John R. Snowberger
Dr. R. Duane Sofia
Drs. William & Nancy Story Somers
Daniel R. South
Robert C. & Lois C. Springer
Standard Specialty Steel Company
Mike F. & Ruth V. Stasko
Staunton Farm Foundation
C. Ray & Barbara B. Steele
Raymond E. Stephens
Charles S. & Dorothy Bash Sterrett
Superior Drawn Steel Company
Synod of The Reformed Presbyterian Church, N.A, Synod Of The Trinity
Synodical Women's Missionary
Fellowship of RPCNA
Inez Taggart
Marie Taggart
George E. & Beverly Tannehill
Otis B. & Ruthanna S. Tannehill
The Teagle Foundation, Inc.
William G. & Elaine S. Thomas
Norman D. & Charlotte H. Thomashefsky
Raymon & Ladeine Thompson
3M Company
Time, Inc.
Thomas L. Tindall
M. John Tino
Topeka R. P. Church
Orville T. & Ada R. Torrence
E. John Truschel
Charles B. & Grace W. Turek
John D. & Sarah J. Turner
The UPS Foundation
Thomas J. & Sandra L. Usher
USX Foundation, Inc.
Marilyn C. Van Dyke
Donna J. Vohar
Edward C. & Muriel S. Wachter
Frances E. Waddle
Mary M. Wade
Dwight E. & Kae B. Wagner
J. Frank & B. Olive Walker
Wallace Genetic Foundation Inc.
James I. & Marjean W. Wallover
Walton R. P. Church
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Westinghouse Foundation
John & Ethel White
John H. & Norma D. White
Paul E. & Rachel W. White
Sophia Polovina White
Arthur V. & Janice T. Whittaker
Florence S. Wiant
Jeffrey & Kathleen Hayes Wildrick
Helen M. Willson
Matthew J. & Anne C. Wilson
Ruth W. Wilson
Roger Alan & Wilma Shaw Windham
Richard L. & Linda M. Witherite
Carl Wolfe
David H. & Ann L. Wollman
Wolves Club Den #7 Aliquippa
Thomas P. & Shirley Woolaway
Frank P. & Kathleen A. Worbs
Thomas M. & Susan Yancy
Duzel D. Yates
Elliott A. Young
Norman G. & Marjorie P. Young
Robert M. & Nell M. Young
Louis & Ruth Zeiden

The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes the valuable contributions of Alumni and Friends who include Geneva in their estate and/or financial plans by gifts made through annuities, charitable trusts, gifts of life estates, undivided partial interests in real estate, or life insurance, and gifts made through their will. Members of the Heritage Society recognize the history of the College, share the mission, and are committed to helping assure Geneva's future. For more information or to join the Heritage Society, contact Mr. Jeffrey A. Jones, Vice President for Advancement at 724-847-6880 or jajones@geneva.edu.

Members of the Heritage Society

Anonymous (24)
Patricia Albaugh '53
Marina Anania
Thomas M. Baldwin '33 (Dcsd)
Robert Barr
Marcia S. Behun
Babs L. Bengtson '84
Andrew M. Bernard ‘83
Jane A. Bernard ‘85
David M. Borland '76
James L. Bowers '48
Alice R. Bowes ′53 (Dcsd)
Richard C. Bowes '51
Helen L. Bradford '75
Philip E. Bradford Jr. '77
Robert I. Brandt '56
Dorothy Buck
Margaret S. Buck '69
Edward W. Butcher Jr. '67
Irving D. Caplan '54
Beverly M. Carson '70
Norman M. Carson '47
Raymond H. Cegelski ‘64
Fleming D. Charlton >64
John E. Charlton
Judith L. Charlton
G. Reynolds Clark '65
Robert T. Clarke '67
G. Ted Coene '52
Karen M. Coggins '67
Patricia A. Covert '62 (Dcsd)
David J. Crozier Sr. '48
Susan Cutri
William J. Cutri >71
Lois N. Davie '48
Benjamin P. Davies
David D. Dickey
Alan R. Dodds '73
Grace Marie Erath '49
W. Dean Esper Jr. '77
Clarence Farmer '36
David N. Fenchel '67
Erna G. Fenchel
George W. Fielding '53
Helen B. Flack
Kevin S. Flick '01
Joan Lamont Florio '50
John W. Foester '53
George C. Fugler
Anna B. Fulford '58
Matthew J. Galbraith '88
Paul E. Gallagher '49
Eleanor H. Gardner
William M. Gardner Sr.
Thomas R. Gault '79
Gerline Gehr
Evanelle I. Geldof '59
Clifford D. Glovier '76
Deborah L. Glovier '79
Thomas E. Grahek ‘61
Marjorie M. Griffin '45
John Gregory
Carol M. Hamilton
Dennis D. Hamilton
Joseph C. Hammond Jr. '61
Marilyn J. Hammond '59
Harry J. Hartley >58
Paul W. Haynie '70
Carol L. Hays '69
James H. Hays '71
Alan W. Hemphill '64
Jean E. Hemphill '43
Robert M. Hemphill '38
Vivian D. Hewitt '43
Robert B. Houser '77
Rose V. Hudak '39
C. Harold Hutcheson '51
Jeffrey S. Ingros '90
Eugene F. Jannuzi '36 (Dcsd)
James W. Kelbaugh '51
J. Richard Kelso '48
Harold E. Kemper ‘43
D. Scott Kerr >71
Diane H. Kerr >71
Charles Kershaw '98
Charlotte E. Kingen '58
Michael S. Krick ‘79
Nancy E. Krick ‘78
Beth R. Lamont '50
Joseph Lamont Jr.
Daniel R. LaRue '76
Gary K. Liebschner '62
Paul D. Liscomb '37 (Dcsd)
Cynthia N. Little >59
Vincent M. Macioge '70
Toni S. Manzetti >71
Andrew J. Marcinko
Joan N. Marcinko
Victor I. Markson '34
E. Gary Marshall
Linda R. Marshall >71
Anna Mae Martin
William O. Martin '40
Dimitra C. Mathews
Jeffrey C. Mathews '80
Donald R. McBurney '68
Frederick R. McCammon '44 (Dcsd)
Muriel J. McCarl
Donald C. McCune '38 (Dcsd)
Kathleen A. McDaniel '75
Constance P. McElroy '66
John M. McFarland '86
Maribel McKelvy '48
Lynn D. McMaster ‘59
Margaret J. McMillion '48 (Dcsd)
Ethel P. Metcalfe '37
John M. Mitchell '57
Samuel E. Mizener
Carolyn M. Mollenkopf ‘62
Madylon B. Moore
Ronald G. Morris '70
Margaret A. Moser '59
Charles E. Murphy '46 (Dcsd)
Richard B. Nehrich Jr. '51
Elizabeth E. Niklewicz ‘40
Dennis M. Norman >67
Rhonda M. Norman
V. Lucinda Norman >72
Marianne O'Neill >64
Michael A. Oravitz
Elsie M. Patterson
Louis J. Radnothy Jr. '53
Al Raniero '75
Shelly A. Raniero
Ruth A. Riethmuller
Shirley M. Rittenhouse '53
Melvin R. Roush '60
Harold M. Ruhl
Martha Irons Russell '44
Karen A. Sanders ‘68
Dominic P. Sciaretta '68
J. David Shaw
B. Jeanne Shelar
Arline R. Siegel '52
Donna Lee Siple '82
Samuel D. Siple '85
Andrew G. Slade '54
Helen Jean Smith
Jane B. Smith '49
John L. Smith Jr. '59
Robert P. Smith '65
Ellen E. Smyth
Nancy S. Somers '74
Ruth V. Stasko '42
James H. Sterrett
Lois K. Stewart
Marcia P. Summers '61
Beverly Tannehill
George E. Tannehill '46
John D. Turner
Thomas J. Usher
Marilyn C. VanDyke '54
Dwight E. Wagner >68
Raymond S. Walker
Richard B. Weir >47
John H. White '58
Norma D. White '59 (Dcsd)
Sophia P. White '39 (Dcsd)
John B. Wick >78
Laura Jannuzi Wilson '32 (Dcsd)
Paul A. Winder '54
Linda M. Witherite '62
Richard L. Witherite '62
L. Arthur Womer Jr. '59
Richard J. Yanessa '64
Duzel D. Yates '70
Elliott A. Young '43
Ralph E. Zinkham '58
R. David Zinkham (Dcsd)

President's Council

The President's Council distinguishes a core group of alumni and friends who provides critical resources to enhance the depth and breadth of Geneva College's academic and co-curricular offerings. These annual leadership gifts are instrumental in the advancement of the college.

Pro Christo Society

$25,000 and above
Mrs. Joan R. Chadwick '59 (Dcsd)
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cleis (Dcsd)
Lavada R. Schutte
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Conrady (Dcsd)
Rita L.
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Littell '15 (Dcsd)
Hazel J. Lance '29
Miss Phyllis A. McCaw '69 (Dcsd)
Mrs. Cecil Smith MacLaughlin '26 (Dcsd)
Mr. John M. Mitchell '57
Mrs. Evelyn P. Rapp (Dcsd)
Mr. Charles E. Slater '38 (Dcsd)
Mr. & Mrs. E. John Truschel
Laurie I.
Mrs. Sophia P. White '39 (Dcsd)



Huntington Foundation
Peirce Family Foundation
Pioneer College Caterers Inc
Synod of RP Church


Gold & White Society

Anonymous (2)
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Bender
Joyce A. Ciletti '75
Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Brown '59
Susan Jo Miller
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Buck
Margaret S. Spooner '69
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Clarke '67
Marylynn M.
Mrs. Katharine M. Dennis '72
Mr. John P. Edgar
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Howell '82
Kelly E. Dailey '80
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Kovacevic '74
Pamela A. Snedeker '82
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Lamont Jr.
Beth Robb '50
Mrs. Muriel J. McCarl (Dcsd)
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley T. Omland '79
Nanci J.
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Pinkerton
Judith K.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Riley
Lila Dale
Dr. & Mrs. Allen R. Siedle
Veronica E.
Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Wing '79
Claudia M. McBurney '78



Bender Consulting Services Inc
Ernst & Young Foundation
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Jendoco Construction Corporation
McCarl Foundation
Seattle RP Church - Seattle, WA

Click here for a printer-friendly version of the donor lists.

A Message from the Vice President of Advancement

Gifts of every size are crucial to Geneva College's mission of providing students a high quality, transformative Christian education. Whether from an individual donation of $5 or an estate gift of $320,000, each and every penny received last year supported the academic programs, faculty, technology and college-sponsored activities that prepare our students to do good work and serve the Lord in all they do.

With these funds, much has been accomplished over the past year to enhance the Geneva College educational experience. A new environmental science major was developed by the biology department, providing opportunities for students to approach this growing field from the perspective of Christian stewardship. The engineering department added an environmental engineering concentration, and the chemical engineering concentration is now fully accredited. Vital updates and repairs were made to many of the campus facilities, including classrooms, residence halls and the student center. And five new scholarships became available for deserving students in the fall 2011 semester.

All of this was made possible through your generosity, and I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you for such faithful giving at every level. You are a genuine blessing to the students of Geneva.

As we look ahead, I pray that you will experience God's grace. I pray, too, that you will continue to join Geneva in offering students academically rigorous, Christ-centered learning. May God be glorified and Christ's kingdom be advanced through our partnership.

In Christ,

Jeff Jones
Vice President of Advancement

Click here to print this message.