Tuition Costs


Geneva College is committed to student-centric pricing, helping every student receive a Christ-centered, quality education at an affordable cost.

In fact, Geneva College's tuition is less than most private colleges and universities in the United States. Importantly, nearly 100% of first-year Geneva students receive some kind of aid. Our Student Financial Services team will help explore the various types of assistance available to help make your education affordable.

Full-time tuition and fees include use of the library and the physical education facilities of the college; admission to all home sports events and a subscription to the student newspaper.

For undergraduates, a schedule of 12 to 20 credit hours is considered a full semester load and is subject to the regular per semester tuition and fees. Tuition charges for less than 12 hours or more than 20 hours, and for summer school students, are based on an hourly rate. Full tuition is charged for a repeated course.

Schedule of Costs for 2018-2019    
Traditional Undergraduates  

* Based on 21-meal plan




  Tuition and Fees*

$ 26,730

$ 13,365

  Room & Board




$ 36,900

$ 18,450

*Certain courses may have additional fees charged. The 1-2-1 Nursing Program has a reduced tuition rate of $22,720 for the 18-19 academic year.  During the first two weeks of the semester, the College will apply tuition charge adjustments that occur as a result of a major change.  After this time, the change in tuition charge will apply in the following term.

Tuition, per credit hour: $900

*Campus Services Fee: $250 per semester for students taking 8 credits or more. (Note: Aviation students who are residents will  be charged the fee regardless of the number of credits enrolled at Geneva. Aviation students who are commuters will notbe charged the fee is they are taking 7 credits or less per semester.)

Parking permits will be $80 for ALL students in the 2018-19 academic year, and your payment for the parking permit is due at the time you complete your online application at

Online Course Fee: $325 (except for CSC 454, CPE 454, CYB 554, CSC 252, CYB 525, CSC 311, CYB 511)

*Traditional Undergraduate bills are due on August 10th for the Fall semester and January 2nd for the Spring semester.

* The cost to audit a Fall/Spring course is $450/credit.


Summer Undergraduate Courses  
Tuition per credit hour $ 333
Online Course Fee $250
Summer Administrative Fee (one time, not per course) $95
Room & Board (for May@Geneva, after June 3 cost is $75/week) $415

*Summer Undergraduate bills are due on May 6th.

* The cost to audit a Summer course is $333/credit.

Early College  
Tuition per credit hour $150
Online Course Fee $100
In High School $100

Adult Degree Programs  

Effective March 16, 2018 - March 15, 2019

ADP Course
Tuition per credit hour $399
Administrative fee per credit hour $34
Classroom Adult Degree Programs
Tuition per credit hour $548
Administrative fee per credit hour $23

*Adult Degree Program bills are due 10 days before the start of the semester.

Course and administrative fees are not refundable.

Graduate Programs  
Master's in Leadership Studies
Tuition per credit hour $575
Administrative fee per credit hour $34
Master's of Higher Education

Tuition per credit hour  (includes book fee)

MBA Online
Tuition per credit hour $599
Administrative fee per credit hour $34
MBA Classroom

Tuition per credit hour 

Graduate Counseling
Tuition per credit hour   $675
Tuition per credit hour   $700

 Graduate tuition bills are due 10 days before the start of the semester, or for MBA students 10 days before the start of each course.

Teaching Certificate Courses  
Tuition per credit hour $640
Schedule 2018-19 Payment Due Dates  
Traditional & CUBM Undergraduate Students
May 6
August 10
January 2
Adult Degree Programs
10 days before start of semester
Graduate Programs
MBA Program
Before the start of each course