Isaac Baugh - Biblical Studies / Philosophy

Isaac Baugh '17From the west coast, Isaac Baugh left his home in California to attend Geneva College in Pennsylvania.  When he first visited Geneva he absolutely loved the campus.  Isaac says, “Since Grove City College and Geneva College were recommended to me, I decided to visit both, but Geneva stole my heart.”  Although Geneva is far from home, he knew the education he received and the friendships he made were worth the distance.

In May 2017, he graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Biblical Studies with the dream of becoming a pastor.  However, when Isaac was in high school, he really enjoyed playing videogames and desired to design them professionally.  He was soon to find out that this was not God’s calling for his life.  For years, his dad, an ordained minister, hinted at the ministry for his son, but Isaac had no desire to serve in a pastoral position.  Years later, he felt God’s call to be a pastor.  The more Isaac grew in his faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ, the more passionate he became about his calling.  Now, he is extremely excited to put his degrees into action as the shepherd of his own flock.

With a desire to serve Christ, Isaac admired the focus on faith in the classrooms at Geneva.  He noticed that many of his professors would pray before class, anchoring their time together in Scripture.  Discussion on faith-informed thinking has prepared Isaac to think critically about life from a Biblical perspective.  Isaac’s professors earnestly loved their material and desired to see their students grow and learn. Through their examples, Isaac developed an overflowing desire to teach others the Word of God.  Isaac says, “Though they may not have realized, these professors have taught me how to teach with grace, which is a gift I hope to carry throughout my life.”

Besides his activities at Geneva, Isaac carried his gift for teaching outside of campus.  He attended Fairview Church, where he served as a youth leader for two years and as the youth intern for a summer.  During his internship, he was able to put his classroom experience into practice, teaching lessons every week to the youth group, investing in the kids’ lives and caring for them as a brother in Christ.  After graduation, Isaac continued to diligently pursue his calling as a youth intern for a youth group in Georgia.

Isaac currently attends Westminster Seminary of California, where his dad teaches.  From California to Pennsylvania and back again, he is ready to get out in the field serving others, teaching the truths of Scripture and shepherding his own flock.  As Isaac continues his journey to become a minister of God’s Word, he realizes the integral role Geneva has filled to prepare him for the road ahead.  Remembering the godly examples of his professors, Isaac knows he wants to be a teacher and a servant whether he becomes a senior pastor, a professor at a seminary or even a missionary.  “I look forward to seeing where God will send me,” says Isaac.  “Whether it is Valley Center California, Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, or somewhere else, I’m excited to find out.”

-Olivia Forton ‘19