Abby Debenedittis

Abby Debenedittis
For transfer students, there are often as many reasons for switching schools as there were for choosing a college in the first place. For Abby Debenedittis, the decision to transfer to Geneva College boiled down to what was most important.

Abby comes from Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she first attended Pikes Peak Community College for two years. She graduated with an associate degree, and then decided to go on to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. After just one semester, however, she realized that it was not where she wanted to be.

“I didn’t like the University of Colorado because it was very secular, especially in the liberal arts,” she says. “And it wasn’t much more challenging than the community college.” She was also alienated by the lack of community. “It was pretty much a commuter school.”

Abby was familiar with Geneva through her older sister, Rachel, who graduated from Geneva in 2010 with a degree in English education. In addition, Abby had heard about Geneva often through her Reformed Presbyterian church. “My sister really enjoyed her time here. Friends from church also told me how much they liked it.”

Geneva truly seemed to be a place that embodied both her values and her career goals, so Abby made the decision to transfer. She is now a junior, majoring in writing. “I hope to get into editing and publishing,” she explains. “I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do, but I want to get a good foundation.”

One thing she particularly likes about Geneva is its solid liberal arts program: “I was really excited see a class just on editing! I’ve always really loved grammar.”

Even though she is a new student, Abby has already found several things she loves about Geneva, including the Christian influence and emphasis on community. “It’s different coming from a secular school, where God wasn’t talked about in any way. Here, the professors’ own faith is shown through the classes.”

She also appreciates the care that the instructors, and especially her advisor, English professor Dr. Dan Williams, show for students. “The instructors want to help you,” she notes. “If you have an idea, they’ll help you reach it. Dr. Williams will help students try to get wherever they want to go.”

Abby is transitioning well into life at Geneva. She is a staff writer for the student newspaper, The Geneva Cabinet, which she is very excited about. “I am glad that Geneva has The Cabinet as an opportunity to learn basic writing skills and get published,” she says.

She is also enthusiastic about the future. “I’m hoping to be a writing intern over the summer. I am eager to see what God has for me, and to follow wherever He leads!”

-Hannah Allman


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