Abigail Harper – Elementary Education

“Geneva College was not just a place for me to learn, but a place that I could call home and where I could experience true community,” Abigail Harper, Geneva student states. 

From the first time Abigail stepped foot on campus, she knew Geneva College was where she would pursue her higher education. Once integrated on campus, Abigail soon began to appreciate the learning opportunities and great sense of community that Geneva has to offer.

With her love for community, she started working with the Center of Student Engagement (CSE) at Geneva. Abigail’s work in the CSE has given her opportunities to take part in multiple community development projects on campus, as well as in the Beaver Falls community.

Abigail has always dreamed of being a teacher. With this dream as an inspiration, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, grades pre-k to fourth grade.  While growing up, she experienced flaws in how the school system dealt with students who struggled with ADHD and dyslexia.

Although many of Abigail’s peers had difficulty finding success academically with these disabilities, there were little to no accommodations to help them through their educational endeavors. Because of her drive to make a change in the current issues with educational disabilities, Abigail is focusing her major in pre-k to eighth grade special education, as well.

With the pursuit of finishing her education major at Geneva College, she is well on her way to making her dream of becoming a teacher a reality. 

-Abigail Forton ‘22