Alex Johnson - Communication Disorders

Alex Johnson '18, Comm DisordersSenior communication disorders student Alex Johnson is an excellent example of a Geneva student working hard to make a difference in our world. Alex chose Geneva because Geneva allowed him to express his Christian faith and learn from a faith-based perspective. Alex also enjoys the fact that Geneva offers services like the Student Success Center, and Center for Student Activities in order to meet the needs of each and every student. Alex says that, “These accommodations are a great resource and gives every student the opportunity to succeed.”

Alex takes great pride in implementing his faith into his work, as well as working as hard as he can to succeed. He says, “God’s teachings have shown me how I should treat others and always being compassionate and empathic is important to me.” Alex notes that this is important in the field of communication disorders.

Alex is able to gain experience in his field through observational opportunities, as well as clinical experience upon completion of observational hours. Alex was appreciative of this opportunity, saying that, “This gave me the opportunity to have clients on my caseload and get real life experience within my field of study before graduate school.”

When asked about what it was like to be one of few male students in the field, Alex said that, “I was treated like every other student.” Alex also felt that being a male in his field would also allow him to better connect with male clients in his career as a speech pathologist.

Alex plans to attend Clarion University in Pennsylvania in order to obtain a master’s degree in speech-language pathology. He then plans to become a speech pathologist and see what God holds in store for his life.

- Jacob Yarnell '19