Andrew Butterworth


When visitors step onto the Geneva College campus for the first time, they are greeted by the beauty and atmosphere of the campus, architecture and College Hill setting. But while the attractiveness of the campus grounds may catch visitors’ eyes first, the sense of community that lies within the buildings truly encompasses the heart of Geneva.

Andrew Butterworth, a Business Management major with concentrations in Human Resources and Management and Entrepreneurship, was first attracted to Geneva because of the rigorous academics of the Business Department. However, the personal interactions convinced him that Geneva was the right fit.  “It wasn’t just the classes that I would take that initially brought me here, but it was the relationships that I formed with my professors in the Business Department when I came to visit.”

And he travelled quite a distance for that visit. Andrew grew up in Binghamton, NY, but moved to Fort Worth, TX, after his dad accepted a job working in logistics for Lockheed Martin. “We moved around a lot after my dad started working for Lockheed Martin, so it was easy for my mom to continue homeschooling me.  I wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way. I was able to be involved in sports, clubs and focus on academics.”

This helped Andrew develop the work ethic and determination that are beneficial attributes for any business person. “God’s plan is always good, and He’s led me to Geneva where I can use my gifts to have a career. I have had some really incredible opportunities at Geneva that I wouldn’t have had the chance to be a part of anywhere outside of here.”

After completing the Quantitative Analysis course series and Strategic Staffing, Andrew’s professors helped him coordinate two valuable internships. The first was a human resources internship with the Tarrent Regional Water District for Tarrent County in Texas. The second was a business management internship with Walgreens Company.

“Dr. Gordon Richards came alongside me and has guided me to achieve goals with internships in college that I never thought were possible. That really is what makes the Business Department so unique compared to the other schools. At Geneva, professors care about my future.”

Dr. Gordon Richards is the chair of the Business Department and acts as a mentor for many students. “He’s a lot like my dad away from home. Sometimes Dr. Richards will have students from the Business Department over for a bonfire with his family. He not only cares about my academic career, but he also invests his time to nurture my spiritual growth. And that’s really why I love Geneva so much.”

Outside of business classes and internships, Andrew is an active member of the Human Resources Club, the Business Club, various intramural sports and is the senior class president for the Geneva College Student Union. “College really is more than just the classes you take. It is about the relationships that are made through being involved outside of the classroom. I am so glad that Geneva encourages its students to be involved in the community because that’s also what makes Geneva so great.”

Andrew plans to move back home to Texas after he graduates and find a job in Human Resources or in Business Management. “I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunities that God has presented so far that I am excited to start a new chapter where He places me next, and I wouldn’t be the man I am today without my experience at Geneva.”

-Celia Harris ’16