Andrew Christian – Mechanical Engineering

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is a senior at Geneva College who is working towards his goal of becoming a mechanical engineer. Living in nearby Aliquippa, PA, Andrew has had the ability to commute to Geneva’s campus. Even though commuting means more travel time, Andrew likes the ability to complete coursework and visit friends on campus while also having the freedom to go home and see family.

Growing up homeschooled with his sister and brother, Andrew did not find his transition to college difficult. Like college, homeschooling encouraged him to learn how to self-monitor his time, complete homework and carry on a job. Andrew first experienced classes at Geneva by attending as a duel enrollment student, earning college credits while still in high school. This provided him both with an early look into the college experience while also giving him the ability to receive credits that would work towards his college degree.

Post high school graduation, Andrew knew he needed to find a college that not only provided a solid Christian Worldview but also offered a high quality and affordable engineering degree. Andrew found that Geneva fulfilled these requirements while also providing a campus environment that cultivated learning and spiritual growth.

Besides his evident drive to complete his degree, Andrew thoroughly enjoys art. Once stabilizing a career as an engineer, he hopes to eventually use his love and talent for art as a job opportunity, as well.

With dreams and aspirations, Andrew knows that sometimes plans fall through, whether concerning high school, college or plans for post-graduation, Andrew encourages others saying, “Always be prepared. If you have a goal that you want to accomplish then come in on it at different angles until something starts working.”

Andrew is grateful to be a student at Geneva and is excited to see how his degree and experiences will lead him closer to fulfilling his personal goals.

-Abigail Forton ‘22