Andrew Domencic - Communication Public Relations

Andrew Domencic - CommunicationSenior Andrew Domencic joined the Geneva community in 2015. Growing up in Emsworth, Pennsylvania, he remembers spending time with his younger brother, mother, father and over a dozen cousins on many family vacations to Pymatuning State Park and Virginia Beach. His childhood has shaped him into who he is today. With a passion for running, he ran his first 5K, called the Jingle Bell Run, with his dad when he was five years old. He started running and never looked back.  One of his first goals was to run a mile in under six minutes, which he accomplished in seventh grade. During middle school, he trained with the high school cross country team, continuing in high school where he competed in cross country and track until he graduated. When Andrew was 16, his parents bought a cabin near Ohiopyle State Park, where he would often run for further training.All his hard work paid off when he was accepted to Geneva College. While visiting Geneva, he met with the heads of the cross country and track teams and found coaches who cared for him, seeing him as an individual rather than a statistic or a record. As a freshman, Andrew joined the track and cross country teams and still competes to this day.

Although running was definitely a part of the reason why Andrew chose Geneva, he was also struck by the beautiful campus as well as the personal interactions of the staff and professors with their students. These personal interactions have continued to impact Andrew through his time at Geneva. “Humanities 103 with Dr. Miller – that was my favorite,” Andrew says. “I absolutely loved that class.  It felt as though we were all having a conversation where we really cared about what we were talking about; it was so personal and felt like more than just another class.”

As a student who values communication and firsthand interactions, it is no surprise that Andrew’s major is Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and Writing. With an equal love for sports, Andrew dreams of one day becoming an NFL analyst and commentator.  Although his focus is in one general field, his spectrum of opportunity is broad. Besides sports commentating, he could see himself in journalism, public relations and marketing. At Geneva, Andrew has written for the campus newspaper, called The Cabinet, and he also works for the Geneva College Public Relations Office.

The professors in the Communication Department are the most impactful part of Andrew’s major. “There are so many professors at Geneva that I’ve had really good conversations with. They really care deeply about you and your future,” he says.

Throughout his time at Geneva, Andrew has learned many truths.  During college, life’s plans are very uncertain, and the Lord has used this time to draw Andrew closer to Him.  God has taught Andrew that even when the path is not clear, He always has a plan. Trusting in the Lord’s perfect plan has been a growing and fulfilling experience for Andrew during his years at Geneva.

Andrew looks forward to the years ahead. No matter what field he finds himself working in, he knows God has a plan. With his final year of college approaching, Andrew is excited to see what the Lord has in store.

-Olivia Forton ‘19