Andrew Monteiro

Andrew Monteiro

When asked about his journey back to college, Reverend Andrew Monteiro will give his listeners a lesson in perseverance. Andrew’s wife, a Geneva College graduate, had been encouraging him for many years to return to school, so he asked Geneva College Adult Degree Completion Program for information.  The ADCP continued to send Andrew information after his first inquiry in hopes that they might help him achieve a college degree. Andrew, although interested, admits that earning a college degree seemed unattainable and did not investigate the ADCP further.

The persistence of the ADCP came to fruition when Andrew’s church, the Greater Faith Family Worship Center, moved from Ohio to Industry, Pa., and he was in Beaver Falls visiting parishioners.  During his trip he saw the ADCP office on Route 18 in Beaver Falls and said to his wife, “I should go in there and see if what they are offering is for real.”  He reports that everyone in the office was “happy, helpful, and smiling”.  That same day he was in the financial aid office discussing the various ways the cost of the program could be covered.

A month from that visit, Andrew found himself enrolled in the Bridge program.  The Bridge program is a program that is offered to help potential students meet the credit requirements to enter the ADCP or to fulfill graduation requirements after the 17-month program.  Because Andrew demonstrated perseverance as he worked through classes in the Bridge program, he is now attending the ADCP human services class offered at the Beaver Falls location.

Andrew’s initial attraction to the ADCP was because Geneva is a Christian college. His earlier college experience lacked the integration of faith and education. Geneva offered what he desired in a college. “I’ve never experienced greater biblical teaching than here at Geneva. It has been extraordinary. The professors are amazing and their knowledge is unparalleled.” As a pastor, Andrew was looking for a major that would help him in his field. After considering the human resources major, he decided on human services because of its focus on psychology and counseling. 

The Geneva College ADCP is preparing Andrew for his future plans. The persistent efforts of the ADCP and his wife have paid off. He says, “They gave me exactly what I needed academically and spiritually to succeed in my chosen field.” Now Andrew encourages all in a similar manner, “don’t stop, don’t quit and hang in there.  The rewards are clearly greater than the obstacles. Remember the words of Paul, ‘I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.’” 

 - by Abby Cruse

Andrew graduated May 16, 2009 and is currently attending Duquesne University. He will soon complete a Masters in Counseling degree in the discipline of marriage and family therapy.

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