Brett Searcy '21 - Electrical Engineering

Brett Searcy - Electrical Engineering

Brett Searcy loves to cook chicken alfredo, pastas, cakes and more. Cooking requires a lot of measuring and mathematical conversions, which is one aspect of this hobby she loves.  Brett is a self-proclaimed “math girl,” which is one of the reasons she chose to study electrical engineering at Geneva.     

Studying engineering requires discipline and faith. Geneva College provided me with the environment to stay grounded and grow spiritually."

Brett, a 2021 Electrical Engineering graduate, grew up in Pittsburgh with her parents and younger sister.  She attended Barack Obama Academy 6-12 Middle and High School. Brett heard about Geneva through one of her Mom’s clients and The Promise scholarship program. She loved Geneva's friendly, Christ-centered environment, and it was one of the biggest aspects that stuck out to her when she visited campus. Faith integration greatly influenced her choice to come to Geneva. She came to value the Christian integration and small class sizes more than she expected. Individual attention from professors and the friendly atmosphere of the student body are reasons she says she knew Geneva was the right choice for her.

Brett says, “Studying engineering requires discipline as well as faith. Geneva provided me with the environment to stay grounded and grow spiritually.” 

For years, Brett wanted to work at a nonprofit preparing high school students, specifically those who are interested in engineering, for higher education.  She believes there is a lack of understanding in high school about what engineering really is, and she would like to help others in the discovery process.

Brett comments, “Understanding more about the field of engineering and being familiar with engineering classes would have been valuable for me prior to coming to college. I would like to help prospective engineering students prepare for the transition into higher education.”

The move from big city Pittsburgh to small city Beaver Falls was also an adjustment for Brett. She found pros and cons to both but came to love the familiar feel of a small community. With the hustle and bustle of the city being just 35 miles away, she was able to enjoy the charms of the little city of Beaver Falls, too. 

While at Geneva, Brett was involved with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), a group she credited for strong hospitality and support. She made many friends through this club and counts them as huge blessings. The experiences also helped her develop and define her aspirations for her career in engineering.

Whether she is mixing and measuring in the kitchen or the lab, Brett loves Geneva, which became her home away from home. It provided her with a Christ-centered education, caring community and rigorous academics. Brett is so thankful that God led her to Geneva and looks forward to finding out how He uses that education and experience. 

Upon graduation, Brett is exploring her options with various engineering firms. Before making a decision, she is working with the Neighborhood Learning Alliance to fulfill her dream of tutoring high schoolers in STEM classes –giving back to Pittsburgh students in a way that can make a difference. 

-Jessica Wilson ‘21