Camille Pelka - Marketing

Camille Pelka - MarketingCamille Pelka is a senior marketing student who plans to graduate in December. Although not an intentional decision, Camille is excited to graduate a semester early and venture out into whatever line of work God is calling her. As a freshman, she majored in Communications but did not feel like she was meant to stay in that major. Branching out to see what courses interested her the most, Camille decided to take a Business Communication class.

She decided that business was definitely something she was interested in, so she dove deeper into the concentrations surrounding business that Geneva provided. Camille decided to take a few classes in marketing and was intrigued with the course content and assignments that she was given. Growing up, she was always mesmerized with television commercials and the modes of advertisement that were used. Once declaring a marketing major, Camille began to enjoy her studies in an area that really accentuated the use of creativity in the marketplace.

As a commuter student, Camille had the opportunity to stay in the area for an internship with the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce this past summer. She was able to visit and closely work with businesses and their owners in Beaver County. Camille enjoyed this close work with local business owners and was able to meet with many people who could possibly provide working connections for the future.

Camille met with town officials who helped her put together a data base of local businesses. Other tasks she managed this summer included staff meetings, meeting scheduling, and office and events work. These jobs provided Camille with crucial and foundational knowledge in how actual businesses run, and it provided a way for her to learn meeting etiquette and proper implementation of her communication skills.

“I am grateful for my time at college. Geneva has really prepared me to be able to build both personal and business connections and has also taught me how to effectively communicate with people in various lines of work. Geneva incorporated both my desire to achieve my college education and passion to faithfully serve God in what I do,” she says.

After graduation in the fall, Camille plans to work in the spring and summer to gain some financial stability so that she can move on to acquire her MBA. Once her graduate work is completed, Camille hopes to begin her career in advertising. Camille is very thankful for her ability to commute to a college where so many people care about her educational and personal success and is excited to use the skills she has attained through her classes and internship opportunities for her future education and career.

-Abigail Forton ‘22