Celia Harris

“I have such a passion for relating to people and using the gifts that God has given me to have compassion and to be an advocate for people from all walks of life.” Celia Harris is a Public Relations major at Geneva, which isn’t a surprise for anyone who has met her, as she has a love for conversation and a genuine investment in the lives of her friends.

And as a transfer student, Celia brings a unique perspective stemming from her distinctive experience. She started her college career at the University of Maine, where she majored in International Business. However, she didn’t feel college was where God was calling her to be at the time. “I really felt that I wasn’t getting fed spiritually and I wanted to take some time off from college before I made the switch to a new school.”

Celia Harris

Celia then spent a few months in Rome as an Au Pair nanny for a family while also tutoring their daughters. She was originally supposed to stay for a year, but God called her back to school sooner after she visited Geneva College.

I have spent nearly three amazing and impactful years at Geneva, and I have been able to experience opportunities that I would not have been able to if I had not made the decision to transfer to Geneva."

Celia says that Geneva helped her discover God’s true calling in life. “Public Relations suits me so well. I love understanding what makes people tick because everybody’s personality is so different.”

Plus, Celia loves the Geneva community. She says, “Geneva has been supportive of me emotionally, spiritually, financially and socially in ways that I didn’t even know were possible. The community on campus is welcoming, and I definitely feel at home here.”

And she appreciates the way that Geneva has supported her career development: “I am taken care of and provided the support to live out my desire to be a professional woman. I am prepared and confident that when I enter into a career I will already have the tools necessary that Geneva has given me to succeed.”

After her positive transfer experience, Celia took advantage of everything that Geneva has to offer. She is a member of the Geneva chapter of PRSSA, and currently works as an intern in the Public Relations office. You can read her contributions on the Geneva blog

–Brett Williams ’16