Christina Phlegar

Christina Phlegar

Christina Phlegar is a Senior at Geneva College and is studying Political Science with a minor in Communication. One of the reasons she loves studying Political Science at a Christian institution is how often she can use and openly express her Christian perspective in class. Yet she appreciates that although Dr. Neikirk, one of the main political science professors on campus, explains the fundamental ideas of politics through a Christian lens he encourages students to form their own opinions.

Christina enjoys her classwork as well since many of the exercises are applicable to real life. A class she enjoys is Public Administration where students learn how to write grants and prepare budgets, and they learn approaches for municipal government such as collective bargaining and management, in addition to studying the foundational principles of Public Administration.

 Christina was able to identify and acquire an internship through her connections with Geneva and Geneva alumni. "I had the opportunity to experience a Public Administration first-hand this past summer after interning for the Borough of Ambridge through the Municipal Intern Program offered by the Local Government Academy," she explains.

Two Geneva alumni directed her to the LGA, which opened the door to the internship. "I learned so much from this great opportunity and from the Borough Manager of Ambridge. In addition I was able to take on a project of my own to develop and implement a business investment strategy plan for Ambridge's Downtown and Historic District. Needless to say, I was encouraged by my experience and very appreciative for the connection that Geneva offered."

Another reason Christina enjoys studying at Geneva College is the small community setting each class provides. Most students know one another in each class and are able to build relationships. This allows them to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which ultimately allows everyone to feel comfortable and speak their minds during class.

"As a political science major at Geneva, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow in my understanding of how to navigate the political realm and the pressing issues we are facing in society via a Christian worldview. The foundation that my professors have built for me has proven to be challenging, but it is a necessary tool in order to thrive in the real world and continuously work to further the Kingdom."

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