Collin Savidge - Student Ministry Grad

Collin Savidge
Turbo the Golden Tornado is Geneva’s lively mascot who pumps up the crowd during athletic events and other campus activities. The mystery man underneath the suit is Collin Savidge, a junior student ministry major at Geneva College. “I thoroughly enjoy being Turbo for sports events because I can be anonymously crazy and spontaneous. I also like ramping up the crowd and putting a smile on kids’ faces,” says Collin.

When it comes to life, Collin has big dreams, a wide spectrum of interests and multiple talents. His gift in music has led him to perform at MGN, Open Mic Night and other campus events since freshman year. He started playing the guitar and leading worship in his junior year of high school and is currently a part of Upper Room, a contemporary worship service led by students on campus. “In the future my hope is to live in another country, in an entirely different culture where I can live among the people and work with kids who are less fortunate.”

Collin decided to come to Geneva after visiting the campus because he realized that the students, faculty and staff showed a compassion and interest in him as a student as well as a disciple of Christ that he hadn't seen at other colleges. “I stayed with my friend who went here and ended up getting really sick the day of my visit,” says Collin. “Almost everyone in the hall checked in on me, people who didn't even know my name. Ever since that night, I knew there was something different about Geneva.”

During his years here, Collin has realized that Geneva’s education has provided him with not just an academic perspective, but also a Christian perspective of how his major actually plays a role in his life and future. “Geneva has given me a clear understanding as to my calling as a student and has also challenged me to become a better image of Christ,” says Collin. “And the education has not only challenged my faith but has also shed a light onto how I can live a life pleasing to God while pursuing a career.”

One memory of Geneva that Collin will never forget is walking into Pearce Hall his freshman year and seeing every door open with music or video games blasting. The community that he and his friends shared reminded him of God’s magnificent kingdom and the bond they had through Christ. “The thing at Geneva that, as a group, we struggle in our everyday lives but work together to grow through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” says Collin. “Not only is that powerful but also encouraging for students here on our campus.”

- Ji Yun Bae ’12


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