Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia

Even though accounting major Daniela Garcia is the fifth generation of her family to attend Geneva College, she says the school’s strong business program convinced her to enroll. Originally from about 50 miles south of Washington D.C. in Maryland, Daniela earned an associate degree in business administration at the College of Southern Maryland before transferring to Geneva.

In addition to the accreditation quality of Geneva’s business program, Geneva’s hospitality drew Daniela to the school. During the transfer process, she says that her admissions counselor “would call and ask how I was doing, what classes I was currently taking, and how school was going,” which created a welcoming transfer environment.

Daniela is very passionate about obtaining real-world business experience. She participated in an internship with the Financial Manager for the Department of the Navy working with accounting programs and learning about the field. In addition, she says, “Working while in college is so important; it is very self-rewarding to be able to help pay for your tuition.”

There are many reasons why Daniela chose to major in accounting. She likes the organization and structure of the field. She also enjoys task-oriented work. And she loves the combination of advanced math and working with people.

Daniela’s time now mostly consists of school, school and more school. In any free time she finds, she likes to participate in 5ks and bike rides, or play Frisbee and badminton on campus with friends. Daniela is also a member of Geneva’s Accounting club.

Daniela says that the most important aspect of her Geneva education is the way faith has been integrated into the campus and classes. Daniela had always attended public school, so being in a Christian education environment is different—and she loves it! She says that the professors talk openly about their beliefs, pray freely and do not have to stray away from religious topics like they do at public institutions.

She particularly enjoys Business Ethics, and finds that examining the field with a Christian perspective is essential. “In this class, we learn about how Christian principles apply to business, and we are being trained how to handle real-world situations with a Christian worldview. People in business often get a bad reputation regarding their character, but learning about business in this way allows for us to be a light in this field. We are learning that business is good, and there is a biblical way to approach it.”

Daniela also really appreciates Geneva’s people. She finds both the students and staff to be nice and genuine. She says, “Faculty and staff always want to help. Students are also supportive, easy to get along with, and do not create an environment where there is a lot of peer pressure, making it easier to focus on both school and God.

Geneva has been a great fit for Daniela so far. She looks forward to the rest of her time at Geneva, saying, “I am definitely glad I transferred here!”

-Kelsey Robinson ’17

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