Emily Keely - Communication Disorders

Emily '23 - Communication Disorders, Transfer StudentEmily Keely, sophomore Communication Disorders student, transferred to Geneva Collgee after attaining her associate degree in psychology from a community college in Maryland. Upon arriving at Geneva, Emily thought that she would receive her bachelor’s degree in psychology and then attain a minor in Communication Disorders. She decided, however, that her calling was not in psychology, so she switched majors and now focuses her studies in Communication Disorders.

Emily and her family live in Maryland where she attended her local community college right out of high school. Only ten minutes from her house, Emily was able to attend classes while living at home. The convenience was offset by the fact that the college only provided associate degrees, so she decided to look for another college to finish out her degree. Geneva College came to her mind.

When Emily was 16, she attended a summer camp where many Geneva students served as counselors. All of the Geneva students she met, including her counselor, were kind and energetic and expressed that they loved the college they attended. After camp, Emily kept Geneva in the back of her mind as a future college option. When the time to pursue her bachelor’s degree arrived, she applied to Geneva.

Emily had looked at other colleges but didn’t even have to visit Geneva to know it was the place where she wanted to continue her education. Emily decided she wanted an education that provided a Christ-centered, compassionate, and loving approach to her discipline and that edified God in the classroom.

After transferring to Geneva, Emily was immediately struck by the deep-rooted community found on campus. At community college, everyone commutes, and the majority of people show up for class and then immediately go home. At Geneva, there are both commuters and students on campus, a wider range of people to meet and with whom she could get to know. Emily also enjoys all of the events and activities coordinated by the college’s Center for Student Engagement that promote integration, involvement and a sense of rich community that she loves.

Aside from community, Emily also appreciates the Christ-centered classroom experience that Geneva’s professors offer. Emily feels incredibly blessed with the ability to openly pray before every class. It makes a huge difference in her day. When professors stop and pray, it brings the focus back to God, which is a constant reminder to Emily that she doesn’t need to stress or worry because God is in all things.

Emily says, “My experience has been wonderful. I love the Christ-centered education. I enjoy time with my new friends – and love my professors, who really care for my academic and spiritual growth.”

After attaining her bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders, Emily will move on to graduate school so that she can become a speech language pathologist. She wants to work with kids in schools and maybe even hospitals to help them with their speech and language. Along her path from psychology major to a career in speech pathology, Emily is excited to see where God will take her in the future.

-Abigail Forton ‘22