Emily Learn


Emily Learn is a Sophomore Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations. She has been to over 10 foreign countries, and is a member of the Boardwalk Chapel Band, a Christian band that is starting their first tour in December. Emily transferred to Geneva College from Northampton Community College in Bethlehem Township, PA, because she wanted to go to a Christian school where she could grow both academically and spiritually. She first heard about Geneva from a family friend who suggested she make a change that would support her faith. That started Emily on a journey that lead her to call Geneva home. 

Emily grew up in Bangor, PA near the Leigh Valley as the oldest of three children. After attending a community college for a year she decided she wanted to go to a Christ centered school that would integrate faith into the classroom. She chose to come to Geneva and study Communication because it promised a Christian atmosphere of academic rigor and deep thought. Geneva’s reformed doctrine and the fact that professors must sign a statement of faith were two of the biggest draws for Emily. She found that this statement of faith has a huge impact on the way faculty and staff support their students, saying, “The professors are really connected and invested in the students’ lives, not just in the classroom, but also in their walk with Christ.  They see students as a whole person not just another face in their class.”  The rigorous academics, affordable tuition, scholarship opportunities, and small class sizes were all contributing factors that led her to Geneva. 

After having spent a semester at Geneva, Emily knows this is the school for her. Geneva has presented Emily with excellent opportunities to face real world challenges from a Christian perspective and with Christian professors and mentors to help her understand how to approach these situations.  Geneva’s Christian perspective has also challenged Emily in ways that have cause her to examine why she believes what she does, which is strengthening her faith. 

The Communication department has proven to be a good fit for Emily. She says, “I love my major. A communication degree lets us grow and shift with organization’s needs. Geneva’s communication department makes me think about why we communicate and how to communicate effectively from a Christian standpoint.” This degree encourages students to pursue knowledge in a thoughtful way, which requires them to work through and understand the material, not simply memorize. Emily loves the small class sizes and the family atmosphere of the Communication department. Aside from her academics, Emily has become very involved in campus life by supporting and growing relationships with fellow students. She has also helped start and continues to be involved in a local Church’s youth group, and has invested herself in activities at College Hill Reformed Presbyterian Church. 

After Geneva, Emily hopes to work as a Communication Professional for a Christian organization.  She would love to travel for her job, but regardless of the specific organization or position, Emily is working toward a comprehensive education in how to best communicate the messages and values of an organization.    

~Jessica Wilson 2020