Jarrett Soon - History


Jarrett is currently a junior at Geneva and is studying History. He is an international student from Sunway University, which is located in Malaysia. Jarrett greatly appreciates the history program at Geneva College. In fact, he believes everyone should take at least one history class at Geneva. He explained, “People should pursue history. History is how you have come to be now; it’s the factors of our ancestors. Understanding history helps us to see how we have failed in the past.”

Jarret also appreciates how the history program has given him a handle on what the program sought to do. An example of this is how it has taught him to write more efficiently. He now knows, and continues to practice, how to properly write and cite according to historians’ standards. Along with this knowledge, Jarrett says the history professors adequately prepare students and explain what future employers will want.

History isn’t cut and dry; it’s the perspective of many people.” Jarrett Soon