Jessica Mine - Physics Major

Jessica Mine
Jessica Mine has big dreams. But when it comes to following them, she only has to travel 10 minutes down the road.

A physics major from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Jessica plans to earn her doctorate and eventually become a professor at a private Christian college or university.

“My high school math teacher, Mr. Birchler, helped us see math as more than a class. He showed us that what we did mattered; it has life applications.”

Growing up in the same town as Geneva College, Jessica has been around the campus since she was in fourth grade. Over the years she has helped out with orientation, preview weekends, and other events held at the college. “I respect how they do things,” she says. “And that’s why I decided to come here for more education.”

Even though Jessica was familiar with campus when she came as a freshman, going from high school to college still had its challenges. “My mom was a huge help in my transition to college life,” says Jessica, “she put me in environments that helped me adjust well. The residence life and student activities offices have also been very helpful. They always know how to answer your questions. Geneva is such a friendly campus; you can find answers from anyone.”

Jessica decided to live on campus, but she says there are lots of advantages to being so close to home. “It’s nice to be able to go home, but not be there constantly.” She loves to go home when she wants to watch 24, see her family, or have a home-cooked meal. Jessica also loves being able to attend her home church every week.

Jessica is a member of the math club, won first place in a Sudoku competition, and often attends half.past.nine, a music and art series on campus. Over the next four years, Jessica hopes to get even more involved in the campus community. But most of all, she wants to study physics and discover how God wants her to serve in His kingdom.

 “I’m looking forward to learning more about my major, becoming proficient in it, and applying it to the real world around us,” she says.

By Sarah Phillips


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