Jocelyn Englehart - Communication & Independent-Spanish

Jocelyn Englehart '18Jocelyn Englehart '18 is a recent graduate with a double major in Communication and an Independent major in Spanish. She came to Geneva from her hometown, Kutztown, PA, as an undecided major. "I originally came into Geneva as an undeclared freshman," she says. "I ended up taking a COM 101 class and it really piqued my interest. I didn’t really know what Public Relations was at the time, but I knew that God would be able to use me in any major, so I wasn't afraid."

Since being an exchange student in high school, Englehart had developed an interest in the Spanish language, a subject for which Geneva did not have a major, only a minor. Her advisor worked with her to develop an Independent major in Spanish to add to her Communication - Public Relations major. 

To indulge in her love of Spanish, Englehart studied for one semester abroad at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador during her junior year. She lived with an Ecuadorian host family there and took credit-earning classes in Advanced Spanish, Language & Literature, Language & Film, Ecuadorian Culture and Advanced Spanish Conversation. All her credits were applied to her degrees at Geneva. She'd been wanting to study abroad to continue to improve her Spanish, and Geneva offered the opportunity she was looking for. "The experience of living and studying in a different culture is not always easy, but my time in Ecuador was definitely an opportunity to grow in knowledge and in my trust in Jesus."

The community at Geneva meant the world to Englehart and helped create her fondest memories, including the camaraderie of her freshman year in Clarke Hall. She says, "The tight-knit community of students and faculty has served as a support system for me throughout my four years. I have seen them all bond together over loss, success, excitement and sadness. It really is beautiful and something we should do more with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ."

Englehart, who was a member of Spanish Club, Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honor Society, also played clarinet in the marching band for four years making numerous and wonderful memories. In her senior year, she tried out and was accepted into The Genevans, the college's student choir. "I loved the opportunity of being in the Genevans my senior year. Traveling with them to amazing places, and the feeling of belonging that I felt when I sang with them was unparalleled to anything I've ever experienced," she says. Englehart also toured for three weeks with the choir in Europe in the days following her graduation.

In addition to campus activities, study abroad and classroom learning, Englehart also worked in the Public Relations office of the college, earning valuable experience in the field in which she hopes to have a long career. With two Geneva bachelor's degrees, bilingual skills in English and Spanish, and plenty of practical experience, Englehart is well positioned for the future. She quips, "I feel more confident in my ability to look at the world with a Christian perspective. I see myself analyzing things more, not just believing everything, and taking things less at face value."

"All of the classes I have taken have always been centered around the gospel with the professors leading the way by exemplifying their own faith. I have learned so much about Jesus just by watching my professors," she says. Her Geneva experience is something she hopes other students will be able to enjoy as well.

"I would advise incoming students to work hard. I know that sounds like a given, but this is a crucial time to soak up as much knowledge and skills as you can," she suggests. "College is a great time to try your hand at new skills, hobbies, and interests. So go ahead and join that intramural team, go swing dancing, take that poetry class or run for class president. You never know what you’re going to love until you try it."