Jocelyn - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Jocelyn in the Lab

Jocelyn started her college career at a branch campus of a large state university. She enjoyed her time there because of its small size. However, she desired to study chemical engineering, and for that she had to transfer to that school’s main campus. It took her less than a week to decide that the environment there wasn’t for her.

I thought, ‘This is not me.’ I was in classrooms with 700 people. ‘I can’t do this. This is not how I operate.

She consulted her parents, and they advised her to find a school that would make her happier and more comfortable. Jocelyn desired the ability to develop relationships with her professors and fellow classmates. However, she was afraid that the transfer process would be too difficult, especially since the semester had already begun.

“I told myself, ‘if this doesn’t go smoothly, then it’s not meant to be.’”

Geneva College caught her attention because it was close to home, offered her desired major and provided the close-knit academic community she was looking for. She was even more enthusiastic when she learned that it was possible to double major in chemical engineering and chemistry.

“It got a big two thumbs up from my parents, and I was like, ‘yes, that’s the place.’”

The transfer process surprised her by going very quickly. She says it took about two days to get everything settled, and so she knew that she was supposed to be at Geneva because of how quickly and smoothly everything fell into place. As a bonus, Geneva’s semester started a week later, so she didn’t miss any classes in the transition, and was able to land on her feet.

Now starting her final year at Geneva, Jocelyn reflects that she is very glad she ended up where she is.

It’s a small campus, and more personable. You know people here, and when you walk down the hallway you’re bound to see a familiar face.”
Jocelyn in Front of Old Main

“I think the faculty here care about you personally. They’ll say, ‘Jocelyn, this exam wasn’t your best,’ and ask if something is going on. At [my previous school] you were kind of just thrown a ‘who cares?’, and you’re just a number there. But here they care about you. I’ve had instances where I had things going on at home and I would talk to a professor and they would say to take extra time I need to take, or do what I need to do to get through it.”

Coming to a Christian College, Jocelyn didn’t have a lot of prior experience with the material in the Bible classes. She was nervous to start feeling like she didn’t know as much as some students, but as she worked through the core classes, she became more and more familiar.

“I was able to get all A’s in all my Bible classes, and it brought me a lot closer. I’ve never really had the experience or the exposure before, so it was wonderful.”

To anyone considering transferring, she mentions that she understands the process can seem daunting. “I think a lot of people are hesitant. It’s a lot to do. And I think people are hesitant about that or scared to experience something new like the small class sizes. But you’ll find that connection. You will meet that friend that you’ll need to get you through. So yeah, just do it! I was obviously afraid, but I did it and everything worked out.”


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