Katherine Yoder - English Education

Katherine Yoder - English EducationKatherine Yoder is an English Education major in her final year at Geneva. She first heard about Geneva from a family friend who had a graduated from the college. Since Katherine was interested in attending a Christian college within manageable distance from her home, she decided to take a look at Geneva.  

“When I visited, I was impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and the emphasis the students and professors placed on their faith. It was clearly an important part of education here,” says Katherine. “Geneva stood out among my choices because everyone I spoke to on campus mentioned the Christian atmosphere. At other schools, it was more of an afterthought – not so at Geneva!”

From the moment Katherine arrived at Geneva for her freshman year in the fall of 2014, she got involved on campus. She was awarded a position in the First-Year Honors Program based on her high school scholastic career. She also participated in Marching Band in the fall, Symphonic Band in the spring, and Flute Choir. Beyond her musical involvement, Katherine is also an active member of both the English and Education Clubs.

When asked about her favorite class, Katherine struggled to choose. “It is almost impossible to choose a favorite class – I have enjoyed all of them for different reasons.” However, she did enjoy her Humanities 103 experience under the instruction of Dr. Miller. “It was my first experience with college-level discussion. We talked about themes and asked questions I had never pondered before.”

Within the English Department, Katherine has found a mentor in Dr. Linda Szabo. “She is one of the most caring and involved professors I’ve had and has always taken an interest in my personal life,” Katherine says.

Dr. Szabo encouraged Katherine to pursue an opportunity to study abroad. In the spring of 2016, Katherine traveled to England to study at Oxford University. “It was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life, to travel alone, to see ancient and beautiful sights, to encounter new and wonderful people, and to live in a place that has valued education and deep thought for centuries,” she recalls.

Katherine is thankful for the teaching opportunity she has as a Bible Teaching Assistant (TA). She has served with the Bible department for two years and is excited about the valuable experience she’s gained. She says, “Being a Bible TA has given me excellent teaching experience. I love working with the Bible professors.”

Katherine believes that at the heart of Geneva’s excellence is faith and the care that the professors show to students. “They get to know us and care about us personally," she explains. "They have incredible knowledge but also humility – they are willing to listen to what we have to say. Each of the professors models their faith in the classroom in unique ways. Every subject is studied through the lens of Christianity, and every student is encouraged to pursue excellence.”

After graduation, Katherine hopes to teach English in either middle or high school. She also has aspirations of writing a book someday.

- Jenny Gleim ‘19