Kyle O'Keefe

Kyle O’Keefe is a first semester senior from Hookstown, PA, studying Chemistry. Geneva got on his radar because the football team recruited him. Upon looking into Geneva he was exhilarated by the accredited engineering program and the way Geneva integrates faith into all parts of the campus.

Kyle O'KeefeKyle’s love of Chemistry began early, in fact, it was in a seventh grade homeschool co-op class. His freshman year at Southside High School, Mrs. Satler, “made chemistry so much fun and inspired me towards learning more and more about chemistry.” Kyle was confident coming to Geneva, “I always knew I wanted to do science.”

Kyle is no stranger to the Humanities classes, though. He says, “I found that if I really put in the effort, pour myself into it, and invest in the class, I get a lot out of it.” He especially enjoyed Humanities 203 with Dr. Schmidt, and he sees the value in the Geneva Core Curriculum. He says, “It's important for us as college students, as Christians in the 21st century, to be able to engage in diverse topics and to back up what we're saying with biblical, logical reasoning. The humanities and Bible classes prepare you for that.”

When not in class, Kyle can usualy be found on the Geneva College stage. He loves acting and has been in nine shows at Geneva. His sophomore year, friends persuaded him to audition for The Genevans, the student choir, even though he had never been part of a choir. That next summer he joined a smaller a capella singing group on campus, New Song. After one and a half years of football, Kyle began focusing more on Chemistry and the performing arts. This year, he has embraced deep community by living in City House, a living space in the city of Beaver Falls meant to integrate students into the local community to learn and to be a blessing.

Kyle has learned much as a student at Geneva. “College is not just for sinking yourself into your homework, thinking that that's your only purpose for four years," he says. "College is for finding what you love.” Geneva focuses not only on helping students discover what they love, but also, how to love God and neighbor.

Kyle chose Geneva because he felt that he was drifting away from God and wanted to go somewhere that would encourage him to honor God. He has been pleasantly challenged and pushed in his faith at Geneva. This year in particular, experiences have deepened his understanding of the providence of God and the gift of receiving graces. While living in City House, he has learned how to allow housemates to help carry his burdens when they get to be too much. For an all-American, tough guy like Kyle, accepting help does not come naturally. However, seeing his housemates' care has reminded him, that “God gives you the greatest gift of all and you really can’t repay him. There's nothing you can give. That's just something you have to accept.”