Lauren Della Piazza - History


Lauren is a junior at Geneva and is a History major. She is currently studying in Glasgow, Scotland. She loves studying abroad and considers it to be one of the major highlights of her college experience. She believes studying abroad allows student to “experience history for themselves.” She explains, “You can only gather so much information from books. It’s another thing to see where the impactful events in history actually took place.” Lauren said she appreciated how she could actually see the places her professors talked about in class.

Another reason Lauren loves studying history at Geneva College is how the major provides a completely comprehensive view of every area in history. Yet she loves how the professors still indulge students’ particular interests. Within the program’s comprehensiveness the professors cultivate each student’s own interest. Lauren really appreciates this aspect of Geneva’s history program. She believes it provides a complete view of history while simultaneously encouraging her own interests.

Historical study for a Christian is about the paradox of loving one's neighbor through objectivity. The Geneva College History department has been instrumental in helping me learn to faithfully seek God's truth wherever it may be found.” Lauren Della Piazza