Logan Scavo - Computer Science Grad

Logan Scavo
Logan Scavo sees computer programming as the epitome of the creation mandate. “You’re taking the rules of logic,” he says, “basically the operating system that God has coded for creation, and creating software that affects and improves the real world.” The Genesis 1:28 command to subdue and enrich the Earth can be carried out superbly through the abstract language of computers.

Logan, an easy-going student at Geneva College, has one passion—his major, computer science. He wasn’t always a computer-savvy “techhead,” however. When Logan began college, and for his entire first year, he had no clue what he wanted to major in, or to what career he wanted to devote his life.

“I didn’t know what I was passionate about,” he says. Sociology, biblical studies and human services were among his exploratory classes. Although he burned through most of his electives in freshman year, Logan doesn’t regret his path, saying he’s very comfortable with his choice now that he has seen and passed on so many alternatives.

In his sophomore year, Logan tried out a computer programming class. “And I loved it,” he says. “Most fun I had ever had in a class.”

With his major decided, Logan was pleasantly surprised to get a confirmation of his career choice the very next semester, in the form of the Discrete Math course. Professor John Stein deftly tied the Christian faith into the math concepts he discussed with genuine emotion.

“I grew more in my faith than in any other class,” Logan says praising the course. It definitely confirmed that computer science was where God wanted him. He recommends Discrete Math, a 100-level course, as a fun and worthwhile elective for non-math-related majors who might find it to be a horizon-expanding class.

Logan’s time at as a computer science major has “been an incredibly positive experience.” The two main computer science professors, Janet Hines and Leila Wallace, Logan says, are the “most personable professors” he has ever met.

Logan’s hobbies include amateur photography and studying theology—his second choice for a major would have been biblical studies. Logan’s spare time, however, is limited. “I work a lot,” he understates with a wry smile.

Logan has served Geneva College as a discipleship coordinator (DC), and plans to continue in this position for the rest of his college career. His other jobs highlight his computer talents: he has been a teacher’s assistant for the Intro to Programming class and has worked as the web intern for Geneva’s website. In fact, he uploaded this very article. Clearly, Logan wastes no time when putting his God-given skills to work.

Although his post-college plans are not settled, Logan is sure that his career will fall within the field of computer programming. He enjoys scripting and loves the internet. In summary, he states, “Basically, as long as I’m coding, I’ll be happy.”

-Adam Rowe '14

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