Matt Montgomery - Music Education

Matt MontgomeryMatthew Montgomery has been interested in music and ministry since his middle school days, and it shows. A music education graduate in 2017 from New Castle, PA, Montgomery was involved in almost all of the Geneva music extracurriculars possible-- the Genevans choir, the New Song touring group, the Eight Bells men's barbershop double-quartet, marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, guitar ensemble, as well as participating in national competitions such as the National Association of Teachers Singing (NATS).  

Montgomery dearly loved all of his activities at Geneva which made it easy for him to balance them all, even the time-consuming ones. He admits that his hectic schedule can get a little overwhelming at times, but the end game is worth it.

He originally enrolled as a music education major to animate a passion to teach future musicians. In the process he has seen growth in his faith, and a great increase in his musical abilities due to the guidance of his incredibly gifted professors. The personal relationships he has formed with his professors and administrators is something Montgomery sees as a bonus blessing to his education.  “Geneva is unique,” Montgomery says with a grin. “I've not heard of any other colleges where it is commonplace to be invited into the President's home to enjoy fellowship and food with over forty students on a Sunday night.”

Since graduating, Montgomery has been able to put his love of music and of ministry to work as a church music pastor as he considers attending seminary. At Geneva, he was exposed to many ways to worship God through music. He looks forward to the day when he can share one of God’s most beautiful gifts with his own students and fellow believers.

-Jocelyn Englehart ‘18