Micah Yarger - Communications Grad

Micah Yarger
“Originally I was a psychology major, but after taking Communications 101 with Richard Noble there was no doubt, speaking and writing were my passions.”

Micah Yarger has certainly been “seen and heard” around campus. He enjoys guiding tours for prospective students and hosting them overnight in the bed-and-breakfast program. “I love living in the freshman dorm to help disciple and build relationships with the young men. I think about how much I needed someone to come along side of me, and it pushes me to invest in them and help them become better disciples. They make me better too.”

Through much prayer, God showed Micah that His place for him was Geneva. “I was trying to decide between Geneva and a state school, and I decided that I would never again have the opportunity to grow and become as serious as I would at Geneva. So I took advantage of the opportunity and chose Geneva because of the Christian environment.”

Among his many duties at Geneva, Micah is utilizing his communication skills in the Public Relations office as an intern. Micah is also currently working as a founding member to start a Public Relations Student Society of America chapter at Geneva College. “There are so many opportunities to impact people’s lives in Public Relations by living out your faith, not only the people at your company or firm but the public you serve as well,” says Micah.

Since arriving at Geneva, God has molded Micah and taught him many things about himself and following Christ. “I am not the same person I was the summer before my freshman year. I entered Geneva unsure of my faith and direction. Not that I have it all figured out now, but I'm not sure where I would be without the counsel from my professors and friends that I made at Geneva.”

Micah’s list of duties and achievements also includes freshman Class President, freshman Homecoming Prince Class of 2012, Campus Ministries Program Coordinator 09-10, Center for Faith and Practice Discipleship Coordinator, and Student Ambassador 09-10. Micah also got down and dirty and played rugby for a season.

His sister graduated from Geneva in 2009 and his mother also attended Geneva. After college, Micah looks forward to a job in Public Relations and also hopes to raise a family for Christ one day.

-Adam Brown '12