Nathanael Musselman - Independent: Graphic Design

Nathanael Musselman"My goal was to play professional soccer, but God had other plans.” Senior Nathanael Musselman joined the Geneva men’s soccer team in his freshman year, eyes set on the prize. Little did he know his plans for a professional soccer career were about to change.

Nathanael absolutely loves soccer. With a gift in the sport, his options for higher education were open. However, after visiting various colleges and universities, Geneva was the place he decided to build his career. “Geneva stuck out to me as the type of school I desired to attend,” says Nathanael. “I loved the coaches and the team, and after visiting multiple soccer clinics, I felt God’s call to come here.”

In the spring of his sophomore season, Nathanael tore his ACL, causing him to miss his junior year with the team. Returning for his senior year, he broke his toe, disabling him for two-thirds of the season. As an independent major in Graphic Design, Nathanael took advantage of his time off the field. He concentrated harder on studies as well as graphic design. Completing more art than ever before, he started using his gifts on campus, designing for Geneva’s Public Relations Department.

Nathanael also had time to think about his future and goals in life. “I realized that God may have something better for me, better than playing soccer,” says Nathanael. “By learning the hard way, I have realized that I need to live out my faith and wait to see where God takes me with my job. I’m just waiting on His next big move.” With a new energy for graphic design, Nathanael hopes to work for Pixar or a large sports corporation someday.

As a soccer player, teamwork is important to Nathanael. This team aspect is what he loves most about his major as he works with others to create designs to fit each custumer’s personal needs. Most importantly, Nathanael desires a team environment in the work field. “If I work at an agency, I want us all to get along and mesh well,” says Nathanael. “It will be difficult to find because the real world is extremely different, and I’ve had tastes of it while creating my own major. However, if it takes me awhile to find that job, I am willing to wait.” Besides his desire to excel in his field, Nathanael also hopes to teach graphic design someday.

Nathanael has learned much on and off the field. Through soccer, he has discovered the importance of listening, being patient and respecting the wisdom and knowledge of his coach. The values Nathanael has gained on the field have impacted every other area of his life, as well.  While at Geneva, he has learned to let God take control of everything from his meals to his career. Knowing that the Lord will provide what he needs when he needs it, Nathanael has surrendered his past, present and future to Christ.

He advises, “Letting God take control is the best thing that will ever happen in your life. He has a better plan for all of us than anything we could imagine. If I was in control, professional soccer would still be at the forefront of my mind, but with God in control, He has given me a passion for graphic design, and I can’t wait to get started.”

Although Nathanael’s future in soccer has changed forever, he still loves to compete. Before he graduates in December, Nathanael is playing hard for the Geneva team.  This last season on the field has been bittersweet for him as he has come to see his fellow teammates not only as friends but as brothers.

He may be an independent major, but he has realized that his life is completely dependent upon Christ. Nathanael cannot wait for what the Lord has in store for him next. His time at Geneva has prepared him for the world he is entering, trusting that Jesus is directing his life.

-Olivia Forton ‘19