Nate Sneller

Nate Sneller

From Oaklyn, New Jersey, Nathan Sneller trekked his way across Pennsylvania to reach the colorful hills of Geneva College.  Desiring a Christian atmosphere in learning, Nathan states, “I chose Geneva because of the wonderful emphasis on integrating Christianity with education.  Also, the faculty and staff are so genuine.”  Once on campus, Nathan personally experienced the caring nature of the faculty through his beloved teacher, Dr. Daryl Sas.  Through many of their meetings, Nathan witnessed Dr. Sas pouring into him over and over as he gave wise advice for Nathan’s future.

Although Nathan is a senior, his academic mission continues on.  As a Biology Major, he plans to move forward into medical school with hopes of becoming a dentist.  Ever since high school, Nathan knew this profession was God’s calling on his life.  In addition to his love of science and health care, he looks forward to the flexible, family-friendly hours as well as the opportunity to interact and build relationships with patients on a regular basis.

With dental school around the bend, Nathan reflects on the Biblical foundation and worldview he received while at Geneva that has shaped the way he views his profession and studies.  “Geneva has shown me that I can serve others through what I learn,” Nathan states.  “Ultimately, serving the Lord through health care is how I want to spend my time.  Therefore, my occupation is fully interconnected with my faith and should be used to serve Christ wholeheartedly.”

Passionate to serve others, Nathan realizes his potential to serve the Lord outside the realm of dentistry.  Every week, he volunteers at a high school ministry club called Young Life.  While at club, volunteers build interpersonal relationships with the kids through music and conversation, spreading the gospel by word and deed.  In addition to Young Life, Nathan is a youth leader at Fairview Church and enjoys spending time ministering there.  On campus, he is actively involved in the Student Government and serves as Campus Service Representative, working with finances, helping organize events, and arranging the budget.

While at Geneva, Nathan has learned many important truths about his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  One prevailing truth that has impacted his life and faith is the reality that God is sovereign.  Through studying the intricacies of creation and the complexity of the human body, God’s controlling power and directing hand has been ever revealed to him.  As Nathan moves onward from Geneva to dental school, he trusts in God’s directing hand to lead him every step of the way.

-Olivia Forton ‘19

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