Nick Greenfield - Chemistry

Nick Greenfield
Chemistry is more than just a major to Nick Greenfield. “The basis of everything is chemistry. Studying it gives you the opportunity to see how all of creation fits together perfectly.” Nick and Geneva College is another match that seems to be a perfect fit. “I applied and was accepted to seven schools,” explains Nick. He made plans to visit all of these colleges, with Geneva being his second destination. “As soon as I stepped on Geneva’s campus I knew this was where I wanted to go.” Nick did not visit any of his other options after that.

From day one, Nick has been happy with his decision. He remembers freshmen orientation fondly. “I loved being able to make close friendships so quickly.” This is the theme of Nick’s time at Geneva. “It is great that Geneva is a tight-knit community,” Nick says. “I love being able to walk around and know all the students and professors personally.”

Nick has taken advantage of many opportunities during his time at Geneva. He serves as treasurer of the Chemistry Club, a teaching assistant, and he helps manage the chemistry stock room. On top of all of that, Nick just completed a year as a resident assistant in Young North. He enjoyed this position, but was also challenged in ways he had never been before. Nick says, “It was an awesome way for me to make new relationships, but that involved me getting out of my comfort zone.”

Other areas of Nick’s life have been challenged as well. He has seen his love for the Lord blossom. Nick says, “I have been challenged by my professors and friends to grow in my faith. At Geneva, I have realized that I my relationship with the Lord is an intentional choice I make every day.”

Entering his senior year at Geneva, Nick will be starting a new adventure. “I will be living off campus with a couple of my good friends,” he says. “It will be difficult to stay as connected on campus, but it will give me some good life experience like learning how to cook.”

As he finishes up his last year at Geneva, Nick hopes to one day work in medical research. His motivation is much deeper than a passing interest. “My grandfather passed away a few years ago from Alzheimer’s. I would love to be part of the process of finding a cure for diseases like that.”

- Jonathan Ingraham (MAHE ’13)

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